"Yes I Am Doing Sooraj Barjatya’s Film,” Sonam Kapoor

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Sonam Kapoor’s career has never before been in a better space. Proof of her escalating equity lies in her latest acquisition.

Yes, Sonam Kapoor is doing Sooraj Barjatya’s next film, thereby bringing to an end months of speculation regarding who would play the lead opposite Salman in the latest Barjatya saga.

Says Sonam, “I was in negotiations with Soorajji for the last four months. We’ve finally worked out all the modalities.And, yes I am doing the film.I’ll be getting into the film as soon as I finish shooting Arbaaz Khan’s Dolly Ki Doli.”

The actress who went into the next level of her career last year with her career-making performance in Aanand Rai’s Raanjhanaa says she is really excited about the challenge. “I’ve grown up watching Soorajji’s films.To be actually working in his film is a very exciting prospect for me.It’s doubly exciting as I’ll get to star with Salman Khan for the second time.”

Sonam started her career with Salman Khan in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Saawariya. She recalls the association with much fondness. “People seem to remember that I was paired with Ranbir Kapoor in Saawariya. They forget my character was actually in love with Salman .In fact my character chose in the end to go with Salman rather than Ranbir.Salman and I had shot together for Saawariya for thirty days.”

With Sonam Kapoor stepping into Sooraj’s film the project finally seems to have found its bearings. One hears Sonam would be presented in the film as consummate susheel, sanskari, chulbuli and chatpatti Barjatya heroine, a la Bhagyshree in Maine Pyar Kiya, Madhuri Dixit in Hum Aapke Hain...Koun, Karisma Kapoor in Hum Saath Saath Hain, Kareena Kapoor in Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon and Amrita Rao in Vivaah


People are really believing KRK's tweet about Deepika asking for 18 crores? Lmao, that's not true.

I wonder how many picnic and sagaai scenes they'd do for this movie.

thats the real indian family thingy.....not ur karan johar fake things.......

Interesting, I think I can guess why she was considered. She has that typical Rajshri girl vibe.

Sonam is not really talented, when she started she had no bearing at all just got caught with the fame and now reality has set in the girl has no acting chops,she should quietly find some thing else and do. I don't bother watching any of her movies, the only one I have seen is Mausam which was pure washout and damp squid, it is about time all these talentless star kids should leave the movie business.

PV please post.

I have this feeling that Deepika is gonna regret losing this film big time in Nov 2015. She may be on top right now, but who knows who will take over then. This film could have been a guaranteed blockbuster for her in 2015. Anyways Sonam is a brilliant choice.

Sporaj confirmed that he was in advanced talks with Deepika for this one. If Deepika didn't want to do this movie then she must've not liked what was being offered because she wants to work with Salman. I rather have Deepika do risky films and challenge herself as an actor then just do 'big' films, so that's why I'm glad she's doing Piku with Big B and Irfan. It should be good- a father-daughter drama co-written by Juhi Trivedi who wrote Vicky Donor. Sonam needs the blockbusters more than her. Wise bhi HNY and Window Seat are sure-shot blockbusters. :P

I would watch Surja barjatya movie than watching Karan Johar movies
Congrats Sonam.

me too......:)

oh thank you god!!!! yessssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!! :D

So excited!!!!!

NO we did not forget Sonam


Sonam looks matured than her age. Good choice. Deepika is asking 18 crores per movie. Who'll sign her? I don't blame Deepika because an actress's life in Bollywood is very short.

sonam does not look "matured" she does not have crow's feet unlike deepika who claims to be younger. in fact, deepika's face and harsh features make her look really old. sonam has a lot of innocence in herface.

I love sk but seriously i have doubts about this movie cos of sonam. She's too loud, can't act, can't emote, and to some she's pretty but i don't see anything other than an urban mumbai chick - with no real acting credibility! Who knows she might, just might, surprise us with an award winning performance but i highly doubt it. Her film with anshuman trailers don't showcase any histronics...its an urban mumbai girl! But who knows maybe barjatya might even surprise us!

Thank god ..you are more deserving than deepika :)

1st choice must be : karishma>preity>kareena>rani
For the 2nd choice :sonam=sonakshi > priyanka>deepika>katrina
i'm not indian but a big fan of bollywood ! i think sonam is a perfect choice for this type of movie,she looks really like a Desi girl

Good luck to Sonam :) I don't think this one will be Deepika's loss because she's doing other great work and if she chose another projects over this then they must be more well-suited for her!

play your cards right, now, Sonam! You don't have much time to waste. Godspeed!

As long as she works on her acting and Sooraj sir works on her to fit in the character well then all is good! I just hope she lives up to the Barjatiya movie standards and there's no disappointment at the box office

I don't see any point harping on about the age difference. This will never change. Most of the forty + heroes look great anyway so it's not like they'll look awkward on screen. If people can love SRK-Deepika, Akshay-Sonakshi, what's wrong with this pairing? When the Khans start working with Alia Bhatt, Parineeti Chopra, then we should start getting worried.

These two look good together so I'm looking forward to their pairing. A little unsure about Barjatiya as a director and the horrendous names coming up as supporting actors but we'll just have to see.

Sonam kapoor looks like a princess. I hope the role is on princess diaries lines. Salman and sonam will have awsome chemistry

they had amazing chemistry in saawariya. looking forward to this movie, hope it does not disappoint.

if she could act I would not have been so annoyed with this news. just because she has a few 100 crore male oriented movies under her belt, it does not mean she is capable of doing a sooraj barjatya movie! she can hardly act and she seems like she plays the same character in every movie with her screechy voice, lack of screen presence and the fact that she cannot emote! hopefully fingers crossed she will be replaced by a better actress!

buddy, r u confusing her with sonakshi?

Do u evn understand what you are saying??? Sonam has only one 100 crore movie which is BMB!! And no person in person in proper senses will say she's doing similar roles..Compare her roles like bittoo, sakina, Zoya,Aisha,Simran,AAyat,Sanjana,Naina,Biro all were totally different!!!! Seems like you just copied the comment from some other actresses post who was probably approached for this role before

Why Sonam for this one ? Sorry, But she doesn't know anything about acting..!!!

Hey, you're back :) I think Sonam's improving, she's no where near as terrible as she used to be. And there is time for this film to go on floors and in between she's doing a lot of other films. Maybe she'll improve further in that time. She just needs to sort out her voice. Everything from her tone, modulation to delivery lets her down.

Bad choice

Thank the Lord! Deepika is not in the movie or else it would have been painful to watch.

Congrats Sonam! Looking forward to seeing her with Salman again, they really did have an amazing chemistry in Saawariya despite the age difference.

Love u sona u go girl.

Wow shona!! u just made my day :* sooo excited..!!!!

Can we stop with the age thing cause i really don't care how old is the heroine or the hero. As long as the movie is good, it doesn't matter to me. I'm fine with Salman with Sonam... they have great chemistry... i can't wait to watch this film. I'm a big fan of Sooraj Barjatya, Salman N Sonam. Lol. It's like this film was made for me. Thanks Sooraj for picking Sonam.

So many jealous people here lol.... Congrats Sonam! She'd suit being a Rajshri heroine best out of current lot for sure

Deepika fans are so insecure just like there idol. Now are you guys trying to make sonam kapoor fans your enemies post anushka fans and kareena fans . Sonam is perfect for barjatiyas princess role .

wow that's awesome! all the best sonam :)

Salman is almost Anil's age, doesn't that freak anyone out? Apart from being talentless in acting, the pairing just puts me off! Y not get an age appropriate actress like Juhi, Sonali or Karisma? It's so strange, anyone of these actresses will bring so much more life n depth to the movie!

Sonam-Salman have been paired together before too... In Saawariya. And they looked good!

you go gal

But you forgot salmans audience, ignorant much?

Dude it's a joke. Have a sense of humor.


LOL but I'm only 19 though :P


You're all furious because Sooraj didn't pick Deepika. Deepika just doesn't look like a sweet girl. The reason Sooraj picked Sonam is because she fits the role. She has great smile n can act sweet n she's superb in desi attires. Only Sonam can be Barjatya's heroine n Sonakshi. Mark my word she's is going to be the best Barjatya's heroine ever after Amrita Rao in Vivah.

sooraj have written flop by taking sonam

oh god pls no sonam

why sonam???

DP has no pairing with salman that's why she didn't get the role besides Sonam fits the bill as a Bharjatia heroine. Most of the previous ones were average performers so is she but she has the innocence to pull it off and also the heavy indian accent ( more north though). I think she will be fine considering all she would require to do is touch feet, cry , be coy and laugh for no reason...SK

doubt its gonna work. peoples tastes have changed, sooraj barjatya is too old school for this generation!


So according to Rajeev Masand's Open magazine column, DP turned this down because the script wasn't that great. I hope Sonam's treading carefully. From the promos, Bewakoofian is already looking like a debacle, and her next two are with relatively new actors (DKD was rejected by Sona, so idk about that one either).

Anupam Kher wrote on his twitter that Sooraj's script is Brilliant and that the man is a Genius. I would any day trust Anupam kher's script sense than Deepika padukone's.

Considering Sooraj Barjatya HIMSELF confirmed to the media that he was in 'advance talks' with Deepika for his film, it's not crazy to assume that she declined his film. He was even at her party last year, when's the last time he's been at social gatherings?

LOL! Since when you started believing in Rajeev's BS articles? Yaa she likes Race & CE type of scripts more. Well, that has worked for her. So many many congratulations. The other news say that she was only considered, never offered.

Rajeev works as PR for some celebs, including Deepika. Anupam Kher said it was a fantastic script. I guess, we will find out soon enough

lol BS, he only writes articles and blind items..

Nope, not BS at all. He does do PR work. Journalists in India aren't exactly clean either

I agree with anon below - she's lucky to have survived Bollywood after countless flops. It helps being Anil Kapoor's daughter. Anyone else would have been working on their alternative career now. Or perhaps Sonam has no other talents except for acting like a princess 24/7? Besides I believe this was Deepika's film but because of dates Sonam is getting this. Sooraj is already loosing expectations for his film with a beauty with no acting capability - shell without the soul.

Actually it was rejected by Deepika, she's now doing Piku.

That isn't confirmed by the makers yet

Salaman KKhan please WAKE UP you just have one flop with Daisy Shah
Nobody liked Sawariya your chemistry wih Sonam She has a very bad voice she cannot be a prem( girl heroine loke bahgiya maduhri )
Please her voice is very bad only if you want a fashion piece

salman khan is not lyk ur srk or any other actor who stick to just 2-3 top heroines to get there movie work........he works with unknown as well known faces......he gives chances to so many heroines......n btw......if movies lyk jai ho who has collected 200 crore worldwide is a flop...then i dunno what is a hit film then......u dont need to worry abt salman....

Like Bebos Mein Prem Ki Deewani Hoon it will be another Dizaster if SB, every new Girl in Rajshree films are not Amrita Rao, no one can beat her but she beat all SB heroins.. pv post it tanx :)

Good for her! Hope the movie is worth staring in for sonam. Like sonam salman pair!!!

Its not that people are forgetting Sawaariya they simply never watched it LOL

LOL I did :D and that too on the day of the release. It was SLB's film after Black and the music was good. I really like book white nights. SLB screwed up the movie big time.

she's lucky she was offered movies for 6 years despite being talentless. Being Anil Kapoor's daughter is awesome, isn't it- movies were served to her on a platter.

Daddys buying a few projects for her I hear-Piku is next.You could be right.

If that was the case, actors like Tusshar Kapoor, Esha Deol and Uday Chopra would still be relavent ;)

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