Sridevi on the cover of L'Officiel magazine

Gorgeous Diva chic-ed it up for the January 2013 issue of L'Officiel magazine.

The iconic actress is seen wearing a Burberry trench coat, and belt along with jewellery by Allure Jewels & Gems.


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Too much of photoshop ruined it!

wow.she looks super hot.

Is it me or do I smell a Photoshop Disaster?

PPl who talk about the age are J since there family member cant show off ! or they are very bad in there dressing sence. Stay young and be happy !

Ewww.. WTF is this?? She's such a wannabe. She really should dress as per her age


her bust area is bigger than the rest of her body

I love how she doesnt give a damn about what people think about her....its her life her body and she can dress and look the way she likes. This woman ROCKS! Love you Sri!


ah! come on...who are you fooling now? that picture screams 'PHOTOSHOP OVERKILL'

although she looks nice, its always a bad idea to try and make someone look younger when the entire world knows their age (although it doesn't show in her case) , Sri in saree's and age appropriate indian clothes is stunning.

Thumbs down for me too!!

Her face looks sucked out of all its charm...Where has the Sri from Chandni gone ??? She could have chosen to age gracefully....! She was never this skinny even in her hay days...!, say WHAT ????? What is she trying to do ??????????

She looks amazing, and love that jacket, but why did they photoshop her face to make her look like Urmila Matondkar?

there are so many magazine covers posted just recently on PV and all of them might as well have CG characters on them cus the celebrities have been photoshopped so much that they're virtually unrecognizable.

Too thin! Is she anorexic? What message does this send to her teenaged daughters?

This is such a funny picture!! ROFL... What IS she trying to do??? lol

LOVE IT! WHAT A COMEBACK, love you sridevi

why are you crying aunty ji ?


She looks amazing!

her multiple nose jobs r DISASTER....

tryin too hard to look young...she should dress her age n not her daughter age.

Love the outfit on the cover and the new look they've given her in the spread! I do prefer her more classic makeup, as in the cine blitz cover she recently did, but this is a cool change and the look is fresh for her, very chic.


GH (A) STLY.........

WTF is this? She's trying way too hard! Thumbs down!

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