Sushant Singh Rajput's almost unrecognizable Byomkesh Bakshi look

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Sushant Singh Rajput was snapped on the sets of his upcoming film, Detective Byomkesh Bakshi. He was seen with Neeraj Kabi and director Dibakar Banerjee shooting a factory scene at a mill in Byculla yesterday.

It's almost difficult to recognize Sushant in this avatar, must say! He seems to have gone a complete change in look to play detective Byomkesh Bakshi, sporting that unibrow et al. The earlier stills of the film showed him in a different look. We're guessing the actor is going to be doning a series of different looks in the film. Looks interesting, doesn't it?

The film is directed by Dibakar Banerjee. It is based with the backdrop of a war torn Calcutta during the 1940's and is about the adventures of detective Byomkesh Bakshi. It is expected to release on 13th February 2015.


all the best sushant i love u very much u r such a fantastic actor and very good man

Detective kum peon jada lag raha hai

ushant is taking risky steps roles and film genres for his young age as opposit to others i really wonder will people go and watch his film. he does not have the same fanbase as varun or sidharth and now arjun joined the 100 club crore
i believe sushant is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar better than these but never trust indian audience who once rejected a film like lootera but ranveer could save himself with ramleela but sushant has another more risky film paani i really hope people go and support this boy

This is some dedication. I miss the good looking Sushant though. Hope he does an out and out commercial film too.

sushant the day will come when those who are bashing u willl regret doing so and laugh at themselves u look different u r dedicated and honest u r soooooooo intelligent and not a show off yet i want u to show off all ur amazing skills in a classy commercial film since majority of audience are not willing to develop their sense for sophisticated films so that u can be called star of masses and classes
and it is ur personality and mind that make many respect u i mean those who are smart enough to appreciate someone like you
i hope u go very faaaaaaaaaar and be in tha same league like ranbir and ranveer very soon

ur loyal fan from Morocco

wow he looks different. very much like the typical Indian/ or Bengali workers I see everywhere here in Kuwait.

Definitely on my must-watch list...

كل التوقيق لسوشانت راجبوت ممثل رائع و شخصية اروع
all the best sushant such a fabulous actor and great human u have many fans in the Arab world especially in egypt

Very recognizable.

Isn't this phenomenon that Sonam kapoor was talking about - He is just an ok actor just like Sonam, but because he doesnt look that good, everyone is assuming he must be really great!

I think it will be a fantastic film, at least not like the overrated chennai express and ram leela

He is looking bongali

I know it's a disguise in the film, but Sushant looks terrible here! But anyways, I'm excited for this movie!

me can give everyone run for their money in the competion 'ugliest actor in the world'.. Post it.... (but he is ok actor)


Dibaker Banerjee will get the best out of him.

Hahahah lol when I saw this on thumbnail and thought who is this rikshaw wala? And got totally dumbstruck when I saw his name!

One of THE best actors we have.

Woah. Now this is an "actor". Also he has a part in PK, can't wait for that :))

not a hero material, looks ekdum chillar party types :-)

SS is as good looking as any of the other young actors. With the right lighting, camera angle , clothes and accessories he can look glamorous and cool. It's just that he's not the shallow vapid type. He is passionate about his craft and cinema and is not focussed on looking "hero type" and thank goodness for that.

Woah! He actually went from being a hunk to this! At a time when all newbies are keen on showing off their six packs to the fullest or looking picture perfect or sexy to capture the frenzy of the female audience and the best of endorsements, he's taking the less travelled path. Respect man! Hope it works out for him.

Sushant is the best thing to have happened to Indian cinema. Antithesis of Karan Johar and his chela Ayan Mukarjee CRAP.

His commitment to character and his work, and more importantly he doesn't crave the stardom which is what I love about the guy. Now with international project like panni, he will possibly be the biggest star/actor in india. I must say bigger than ranbir who is himself obviously the biggest of the young lot right now!

Right now everyone is going crazy about SId and varun and arjun etc. But this man will quietly reach the top. We haven't seen his dancing skills also yet. Anyway according to me Ranveer, Ranbir and Sushant will rule for the nect 10 20 years.

Uhm Ayushman too he's doing a very local middle class family guy type film and he is good too. I can now see shahid too! Just wait for haider and also doing kaminey sequel with vishal bhardwaj. Two upcoming vishal projects will give him a new look as an actor..apperantly he has got slimmer and maybe thats for shaandar with alia. Ranbir is also getting thinner to look like a 17 years old...basically everyone is doing good

This guy man, he will be the next Aamir Khan.

Nowadays they call all the actors and actresses (like Sushant, Rajkumar Rao, Ranbir Kapoor, Vidya and Kangana) who act flawlessly well and can deliver back-to-back fantastic performances, as the "new or next Aamir Khan". LOL. I know it's a compliment but it's unfair to call him the next SRK or Aaimir Khan because I strongly believe he will go way beyond that. He's been in the industry for only 1-2 years and he's already working with the biggest names and best directors in the industry like Rajkumar Hirani, Shekhar Kapur and Dibaakar Banerjee. So he has a very bright future.

There is still some hope in Bollywood. we like!

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