Blast from the past. Hrithik and Suzzane on Simi Garewal

Blast from the past. Hrithik and Suzzane on Simi Garewal 0
Blast from the past. Hrithik and Suzzane on Simi Garewal 0

Here's a look at Hirthik & Suzanne's interview with Simi Garewal just around the time they got married and Hrithik was deemed a superstar.

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Anonymous's picture

Both need to start daily meditation
This is the only way to save their marriage and life, life itself

Anonymous's picture

enough!! stop hurting dem again n again... let them live their life!!

Anonymous's picture

sussane has droopy eyes

Anonymous's picture

Had forgotten how in love and genuine they both seemed...he really looks smitten with her and she in love with him so deeply...sad they have separated must have been something drastic indeed to make them part since they seem so compatible and were in love before all this fame etc...

Anonymous's picture

Seriously people! Leave them alone .. Enough of these blasts from the past! They are human too .. Dont you have anything useful to do?!

Anonymous's picture

Please stop this, they are mature people they decided to separate,why do you guys go on digging their past.....its very sad ,like aiswarya and salman even now people talk about that, just let go when they don't want to be together accept it,its their life,

Anonymous's picture

I used to find her hideous, but now I think that she is drop-dead gorgeous! Her eyes are so unique and intriguing. She can really stand out in a crowd.

Anonymous's picture

she has droppy eyes.

sharon_diva's picture

aww... now i feel really sad..sussanne is so cute in this..Hritik completely in love

TresJolie's picture

Ab sab kuch blast from the past hi hoga -.-...repect their space all i can say

Anonymous's picture

Aww i am so going to miss seeing these together :(

BelgianChocolate's picture

Sigh. Maybe its true what they say. All good things do come to an end.


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