Tina Ambani on the cover of HELLO! (April 2012)

ina Ambani is on the cover of Hello! India's 5th Anniversary Issue. In what is one of thier most exclusive interviews, Mrs Ambani has opened up for the very first time in almost 10 years, about her life as an Ambani bahu and wife to one of the most influential men in India, Anil Ambani.

Now this came as a complete surprise to me i.e to see Tina Ambani on the cover of a magazine.

How do you like the cover?

Credits: fb

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She had an affair with her gym instructorl..



She looks nice as a wife of Bilioner, what else do you need

wow the ambanis are hilarious...just such time wasters and posers. We all get it, you have lots of money and you lead glamorous and luxurious lifestyles, now can you please shut up and continue to give to the poor?

Tina Munim doesn't look good anymore.She is much older than Nita Ambani.Nita Ambani is very pretty too.

nita ambani has a botoxed face and no emotions - her eye brows are so arched
tina ambani is pretty natural and healthy chubby gujrati housewife - this is a poorly photoshopped image
i pick tina anyday over nita

Sat, 2012-03-31 12:03 — Anonymous
You can see her nipples :S What the hell.
Hahaha true, you can totally see both her nipples. Also, her waist has absolutely no shape. Not a great figure.

You can see her nipples :S What the hell.

What happened to her face? Has she had some sort of surgery?

beautiful....lara dutta looks kinda like Tina (in her days)

Nita Ambani looks better than her any day.

Don't have to share space with a woman? Watch out...another mental mother in law in the making!!

Looks like she wants to be taken seriously like sis in law Nita Ambani & not just be a pretty face. Also looks like she has undergone the surgeon's knife. Was famous for her affair with Sanjay Dutt during his debut.Dumped him for the much married Rajesh Khanna & finally landed with Mr Money Bags Ambani .Anil had a thing with Sushmita Sen & bought her a penthouse & fabulous jewellery.

i thought she was fat how come she lost all that weight all of a sudden? but i must say she was very pretty in her younger days i can remember her from SOUTEN AND KARZ she was well hot she starred mostly with rishi kapoor how can i forget YEH VADA RAHA she looked awsome in that film

She looks like the old Tina Munim! Fierce and stunning she was back then. How did she manage to look like that again? Well done to the photoshop team or she has had dramatic weight loss.

ohh....for a moment i mistook her to be nita(who's lost a lot of weight) because she's looking so slim here! when i remembered nita's botoxed arched eyebrows i realised it isn't her but her enemy..sorry sister in law

she lost weight.. in recent events, her tonned legs and arms were noticeable

Only a few weeks ago, you guys posted some pics of her at a party and she looked like a fat cow. Who is this mag kidding? Puhleeeeeeez!

Uh oh Photoshop strikes again. Pity they did this to another pretty woman and worse that she let it pass.

I can see one half of Tina Ambani - where is the other half?

oh my god....are these the outcomes of bad photoshop?

I hope she starts her own IPL team now.It'll be fun to watch.

probably everyone's gonna compare here with nita.So here goes...I think she looks far more graceful.Atleast she knows how to dress.

her face looks aged and big...and her body looks young.

Is this a joke?

very beautiful, and looks younger than her friend Ash...

not only are her arms 3 times bigger, her face, her stomach and her whole frame is atleast 2 to 3 times bigger

Is she talking about Rajesh Khanna, who is the third one????

She was one of the most beautiful ladies in her day!

Can anyone tell me what is photoshopped here? What if she has really lost weight? Used to find Tina one of the prettiest actresses of her times.

She looks beautiful!!! Is this not how she looks in real life?

Nice makeup and hair but too much photoshop

Now every tom dick and harry who has some rich husband gets to tell their boring story to the world - tired of all these house wives

Her arms are atleast thrice the size as what's shown here....

For a woman her age she should not be striking that kind of pose. It doesn't look good.

I think she is competeing with her sister in law...she might have gone for a lipo...

I cannot understand how a pretty woman like Tina Munim turns into this!!

this is not even her, it is just some freakazoid photoshopped image. sick. she is twice that size and her face looks much older

and even if not photoshopped.... whom is she competing... nita ambani.... how lame are both ladies !!!! i pity their men !!!!

she could be much prettier if she only wanted, but she let herself go and in no way she looks like this, this is photo shopped

tina aunty - kitna photoshop karegi?
why dont you just put a picture of KARZ days

No way on earth does she look like this. Stupid cover!

wow ...she looks so stunning for her age...
She seems to lost a lot of weight...

"This is what I call - Super-photoshopped and the magic of technology!"

Exactly. Why cant they show the woman the way she is? Who are they fooling with such fake photos?

The photoshop guys should atleast know wen to stop... kuch bhi..

wow dis is soooo funny she is sooooooooooo fat how can dey photoshop her sooo much

scary. she used to be very pretty. that nosejob that she got took away her charm.

This is what I call - Super-photoshopped and the magic of technology!

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