Madhuri, Rani & Vidya on Jhalak Dikhla Jaa (Full Episode)

Madhuri, Rani & Vidya on Jhalak Dikhla Jaa. Rani has always said that she's a huge fan of Madhuri's. Rani and Vidya first appear at about 8.30 on part 1. Madhuri and Rani dance to Dola Re from Devdas.

Credits: www.facebook.com

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Rani is great,I hope she starts making films again.Im tired of seeing talentless actresses in bollywood lately.

Once upon a time.....I loved Rani. Really sad to see her acting so desparate and attention seeker.

what's the song that rani and malikka arora dance together? i luv that song and very entertain..can somebody state here

Aishwarya Preity and Kajol dont like Rani cause she's a better actress than all of them put together. Jealousy.

Rani is never ashamed of praising the star around her even if they are not seniors.....she is one of the biggest stars of Bollywood but still she is very down to earth...she has always loving words for her seniors,junoirs and for her co stars...she was so nice with vidya on the sets of big boss and it was pretty obvious from her was that she wasn't portraying.

@Wed, 2010-12-29 06:47 — Anonymous aishwarya, preity, and kajol dont like her ...bcoz they are jealous and they are so full of themselves...and even if she is sucking up to big stars why does these three have a problem with this how does it effects them????? and wat abt preity she is not only a good friend of shahrukh salam and amir...but she gets along well with bachans, kran johar madhuri etc etc aswell...than why dont you say the same for her and she doesnt hate herself but Rani???

@Thu, 2010-12-30 06:11 — Anonymous...totally agree with you.

No one in bollywood has guts like Rani. She is a complete entertainer. Whether she is real or fake, it takes guts to do this when you r not any simple person but one of the most popular actresses in the country! No other actress @ the present league can beat Rani in acting. She nails all her roles to perfection. Can you think of 1 scene she screwed up or did not perform well? one emotion which was inappropriate? And after being criticized by the media for years, she still holds her head up high and can still take a chance and be funny. I find alot of substance in this woman!

Rani is NOT worried about Vidya taking the fame from her. Rani is in a different league from Vidya. Rani has been doing this for years and surpasses Vidyas acting BY MILES.

Why do yuou guys think RANI sucks upto everyone? Have you never noticed that the big starts SUCK UPTO HER. She is great friends with Aamir and Shahrukh. NOT because she sucks up to them. Because she is a friendly girl who is talented and not into all this superstar flaunting. She's a seriosu actress which is why she gets on with the bigger stars as they arte more into their movies. She doesn't really get on with the Priyanka/Deepika/Katrinas as much as they are younger than her. She is obviously going to gel with the people she started movies with.

As for Madhuri, Rani has known her for a while, they were on Koffee with Karan together, they went to Dilip Kumars birthday together too. Its not like she's just randomnly started liking her.

Remember, her early movies were with Shahrukh and Aamir, so she isnt sucking up them. She has known them for a long long time, and the respect and friendship is mutual.

A star sucking up, is Priyanka sucking upto Shahrukh. Im pretty sure he doesnt regard her as a close friend, yet she still goes around licking his bum.

Learn what sucking up actually means before you accuse someone of doing it with A FRIEND.

rani is annoying..

rani always sucks up to important people...thats why aishwarya, preity, and kajol dont like her. those three get along but rani has some enemies. she is worried about her fame and that vidya balan is doing well. imaging, she gave 3 or 4 flops in the last 3 yrs. she is depending on this film. that said...she is a wonderful actress and dancer and hope she comes back with a bang!

hypocritical.. rani is just doing this for the cameras and to make news again.. desperate woman..

rani is the best, very spontan, i love her

Rani isnt fake OR sucking upto big stars. Her and Madhuri have met plenty of times before, and are friends. They even did Koffee with Karan together, and both attented Dilip Kumars birthday together etc.

Rani is hilarious, not afraid to look silly, she's just so natural and down to earth!

Rani is actually a really good dancer. She imitates steps really quickly and creates them on the spot so simply! :D Amazing!

rani is awesome..

rani sucks up too much to big stars and directors and it really shows. vidya and madhuri are breath of fresh air to watch though.

Ridiculous Rani, I think she carried it too far. Madhuri herself is composed, but the participant who got the comment form Madhuri that she reminded her of herself, was another obsequious chamcha. I do think madhuri established her footing and place in bollywood. However, there are others who are far more interesting. No matter what, no one should cheapen themselves for anyone like this. Where is the selfrespect?

Vidya is so boring. So stiff. Rani knows how to enjoy herself and be entertaining. To say she is being fake is to not know what fake is.
Some people need to get over being envious of Rani's popularity. Just because she is fun does not mean she is sucking up. Just because you may not like her does not mean you have to say mean things about her. Can you imagine if she was like Vidya, how boring the show would have been.
Rani is not side-lining Vidya. She has said some very nice things about her. It is Vidya who has a problem. Is it Rani's fault that the media choose to focus on her. Vidya is not as innocent as she makes out. She is a good actress but she is not Rani!

rani is just being herself..i'm not finding any probs wiz her doin this

Whats wrong she gave her the ultimate respect in ur country. Why are u ppl saying she's fake? Maybe u havent admired someone like that ...the way Rani does to Madhuri. Growup ppl.

even rakhi sawant's drama is nothing in front of rani 's drama.

rani making fool of herself by doing dola re with madhuri. she dont have grace like ash to be with madhuri. only ash is only best dancer we have after madhuri


vidya is simply gorgeous!

Rani is crazy. Vidya looks beautiful. Madhuri's outfit is great.

this was the best episode ever
LOVE RANI and MADHURI! so graceful, so genuine really

OMG this sight is soo rare to see in bollywood!! I wish everyone could just get along yaar!:P

Saw the show. Rani was ridiculous.


wow madhuri lookin so ravlishing :D

Rani is so fake for sure always sucking up for no reason!! Vidya is so much better than her!! Madhuri in her 40 looks better than fake Rani. Sorry for her fans. But Rani need to stop sucking up to big stars, very annoying. Poor Vidya she is getting sidelined by Rani.

LMAO!! THIS is why Rani is so amazing. She is just so funny and completley herself. Can you imagine Mrs Rai Bachchan doing this? Or even Kareena? Rani is just so down to earth!!

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