Vidya, Farhan promote Shaadi Ke Side Effects

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Vidya Balan and Farhan Akhtar promoted their film 'Shaadi Ke Side Effects' in Mumbai today. The movie directed by Saket Chaudhary and produced by Balaji Motion Pictures is scheduled for release on 28 February.

Credits: viral bhayani

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Oh dear that dress is such a disaster! And Vidya, you look fine, the comment is for the designer. And guys Vidya is in love with maxis/ hobo look for now, so let her be. But that dress should not have been conceptualised!

The woman has totally lost it!!! Her dressing sense has taken a turn for the worse.......911 Help this woman someone!!

so funny!

Vidya looks awesome!

Her dressing is unconventional just like her acting and personality. Her outfits suit her very much and I think its cool. She's very comfortable in her skin and that's all that matters. Do people really expect her to dress like Sonam, Deepika, of PC? Just imagine the stuff they wear and think of her wearing similar stuff. Those type of clothes are not her and it's just fine. She is not into trends and fashion, which she has said herself. I think she looks very carefree and bohemian. She's fab!

Farhan - socks with loafers?? Seriously? Who styles him?

socks can be worn with loafers , u self proclaimed style guru!!!!

Too many prints going on - black, geometric and then some odd pattern all in one dress. Can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually miss looking at her in sarees! She's beautiful though, and I do enjoy seeing her pulling off these dresses for SKSE. Farhan and Vidya complement each other very well. P.S. Totally digging those spiders on Farhan's tshirt!

i think she's trying to make a statement that she is "above fashion". unfortunately, looking good is kinda the point in this industry, especially for women..

I think Vidya is wearing these kind of clothes on purpose as I refuse to believe that any sensible woman can be this clueless! May be she is telling us off?

Vidya Balan looks stunning her!! This dress is complimenting her so well.. I love this look.. And I give her 8/10.. This black & white combo suits her and the dress compliments her curvaceous figure!! She is indeed a beauty with the brains!!

Vidya is crazy!

What da hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The top is begging for plain black palazzo pants and the skirt wants to be reunited with her family at the drapery store.

farhan you are a good actor no doubt, but you will not be able to be a star


usko pagalkhana me vejo or mujko, please please

Eeeeeks do not like this woman any particularly, and farahn doesn't seem too fond of her either.

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