Blast from past: Vivek calls press conference about Salman

Vivek Oberoi addresses a press conference on April 1, 2003 to announce that Salman Khan had threatened him over phone besides abusing him and many other co-stars in Bollywood

I am sure Vivek oberoi regrets this till date.

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Credits: youtube

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plz i wanna watch this video but it keeps saying it's private plz help me ppl:(

vivek ke saath saath uske career ka bhi band baj gaya...

poor wasnt was Aish who told him to do that and when he did it...aish broke up with him by saying " ur immature"...that's why Aish is fake! and salman khan have problems with everyone till now ! get a life salman and aish !!


IN MA ASS !!!!!!

hi guys

All guys,

if you guys watch two different videos of vivek in whcih he talked about this issue, one will clearly know that vivek is lying. There was a big contradiction in his claim. In this interview, he was saying that he is not seeing or having affair with Ash and then in another interview after this press conference which was given to anchor karan johar, he clearly stated that he was dating Ash and that time and he did the press conference in order to protect his lady love. As rightly salman had said recently that people has different ways to get fame. But sadly for vvek, it has proved to be his biggest blunder.

salman khan is innocent in this whole thing, salman khan was in london shooting for BHAGGAN, so how and where did he get time to call vivek, omg, Aishwariya was confused over salman khan and vivek, she wasn't sure of herself and vivek peobably was despite to get with her full time, so he called a quick press conference to show the world that he is better than sallu bhai... omg, vivek karma will deal with you. so is AISH... for all the ppl who are agaisnt salman khan in this whole thing are just plain backwas. if you have been reading and following the story closely you will realised that salman khan is innocent in his whole tamasaha...

he should not turn off his phone...salman should stop calling him....and who r these people saying he should have turned off his phone..he should have turned of his phone...rubbish

why should he turn off his own phone?and be a chicken...he did good...salman sucks

turn the phone off and the dude drives over.. (he did that to Aish on her sets)...

victim turns villian-- typical desi mentality.

yes, Salman was/is a 'hunk' but he clearly hounded Aish. he did wrong.
Viviek tried to impress Aish by doing this for her-- but yes, he did not realize the entire Bollywood including Aish would desert him. He learned this the hard way-- the world works based on looks & $ only.

Yes, he could have turned the phone off-- but that would have meant that Salman would have just driven to their door (he did that to Aish on her sets and her home). Salman's hounding was endless - and Aish just took and took and took.



People who are Aish fans should be THANKFUL to Viveik that Aish escaped the terrible abuse by Salman finally due to this 'foolish press thing'... but alas no.

What the hell was wrong with Vivek, could have just turned the damn phone off. This kind of behavior is unacceptable, bashing people infront of public. Salman was hurt and drunk. Vivek wanted to make the most of it by using media unfortunately it back fired. Ash left him, bollywood ditched him and he is a nobody today. I would have never forgiven him as well. But Ash I think you should apologise to Vivek for making him do this.

these indian actors are bunch of big jokes! can some1 say LOSER?@...there should a clear line between personal and private life....unfortunately these ppl cant keep it separate....and NEXT TIME SHUT OFF THE DAMN PHONE DOUCHE BAG!

Ash needed Abhi's surname so bad. And Abhi needed Ash's money. He ditched Rani cos she was not as rich as Ash.

These 2 men are fake and phony. Using SRK or Ash's name for publicity all the time.

Ash found the right guy in the end. You have to kiss a lot of frogs unfortunately before you find him. Abhi was her destiny planned by God.

Both these guys are at fault and are pathetic for hiding behind a woman. They r not men enough to say their egos caused this drama. Think Ash and Sallu were way over a long time before this incident but Sallu is obsessive and controlling. In a weird way vivek did kick him by outing him and then his own crimes against the sleeping poor people and animals sealed the case too along with his fights with costars and directors.

Sallu does not have the guts to admit he was abusive although his many girlfriends have said he did it. Therefore the cycle never ends. He thinks he's done no wrong and covers it by trying to be friends again. He needs to admit it and face it to be free because no one in Bollywood believs him as he's faught with so many people. He's the most hated guy in bollywood.

Don't tell me Ash became a DIVA without someone pushing the envelope for her!?

Ash is a DIVA!!! these sorry losers need to get over it. its like this issue with ash is one of their main publicity strategies to bring the m in the news. their flop films cant bring them into the news so they try to bring in aishwarya name to promte themselves. even on dus ka dum, aishwarya's name opos up a lot.
she is quiet about it all and overcame the whole fiasco AND rose to become a bigger star then both of them. Aish truly rules. Men may come and go in Aish's life... who cares. as long as she is around thats all that matters.

How can Salman forgive Vivek? It's beyond my understanding!? Vivek just lost the plot by calling the press. He embarrased Salman no end, I understand Salman was drunk, he should have turned his phone off that's it.

I sometimes feel sorry for him,he did the wrong thing calling press, but I believe in every little thing what he said. Salman is a Bas***** He is really cheap and abusive man. but this was a bad move for Vivek.. HE did this for Ash and she left him.. Thats so sad.. I think he was so much in to her, he was kind of proud that ash is dating her and he just did so many things for publicity.. and when Ash realized that this getting too much she just dumped him.. feel sorry for him, but he probably deserve it..

Actually I was thinking the same. He called the press and now he wants Salman to forgive him. Is he out of his mind!!! Indeed lost his dignity!!!. This goes to show that after all Salman wasn't wrong and Vivek feels guilty about it till today. I guess that's his punishment. He stood up for Ash and she dumped him like a hot potato. Infact finally Salman admitted that he was never violent towards Ash and he doesn't understand where it came from but he also said let it go. He's got a good heart and when people use and abuse him, he gets hurts.

ok vivek confronted the press...then why did he became so stupid to ask for salman's forgiveness during the awards function..which is cheap..he shouldn't have asked sallu to forgive him which at least would have kept his dignity...

Salman's threatened to get Vivek killed..Vivek's only way out was to get the media that case if he did get killed by "accident", everyone would know why..Sallu bhai has big connections..and he uses this to threaten the small fish in bollywood

i wish he talked more in english...can sum1 please translate interview for me? thanks! :-)

Men r so pathetic. Always blame the women. When Sallu had his 6 long term relationships how did he dump them? Did he tell the old girl friend he had a new one each time? What about his numerous on the side affairs while he was with these women then? He is no sweet angel. Great Point beow - If he was a dark short fat balding man would you still protect his behaviour like u do now that you think he is cute.

These 2 men have such double standards and are so pathetic - So did vivek tell gulpreet he was dating Ash or did Sallu tell Ash he was dating Katrina.

Both these boys have no integrity are spolt star children.

Rubbish - once you have broken up why should you inform your ex who u r dating or will marry one day.

Sallu is INSECURE and has a controll issue. He's still in denial about his drink driving over poor people, killing animals and abusive behaviour towards ladies. Also agree he is obsessed with white skinned girls hence Kat who is white not indian.

that is what Vivek said in his latest Interview to Filmfare/Stardust

He said "Of course I was sad when the relationship was over but what hurt me the most is that she didn't tell me about it.It was all of a sudden when I started hearing about Abhishek and Ash.And I even met Abhishek at a party and he hugged me and said that "Don't believe it,it's all rumours".I would have expected her to be honest with me.That is why today I understand what Salman went through.He was at the same position as me"

The article, said that Ash never informed Vivek about Abhishek.The same way she didn't inform Sallu about Vivek.
Vivek thought everything was okay and he was giving TV/press interviews saying they will one day get married

if salman was drunk as he claims and called him 40 so times....then vivek was on drugs to take his calls........he can easily go to salman's family the next day as he claims were their family friends and calm him down....why this big drama....the truth is aish plan was to make herself innocent in media and make sallu look like drunken and bad guy......who in the right brain can call pc over friend calling him and saying some bad things because he took his gf.....vivek is total idiot want to impress his love over friendship and he lost everything at the end.

all r same whether its SRK, Salman, Vivek or Aish..all r cheap n money hungry

And after all this, Aish left these two behind in the dust to become India's #1 star!
Woman Power!!!

such a publicity stunt!!! not disagreeing that the sallu thing didnt happen but he was nuts to call a press conference about it and mention all the names. oh i know, he wasnt nuts but he was thinking with his nuts., hehe
it got me to wonder where ash would have been today if she'd married vivek. i can bet she wouldnt have changed her name to oberoi as she readily changed it to bachchan. guess last names do matter!!

Vivek should have kept this whole thing under wraps..unnecessary got into this s***.

If a person violates women, it is not hating the person to call a spade a spade!!

Salman should learn that whether drunk or not, he should behave in a manner where he cannot control or own people. He is a star... but no better or worse than any other. He needs SERIOUS HELP for his drinking and abusive ways. SERIOUS HELP.

As for Viveik, it seems evident that he did this to 'catch & trap Salman', perhaps to please Aish. Well.. it did hurt him to do that. However, Viveik should learn that abuse is a silent epidemic millions of desi women face worldwide- - and whether Aish and Viveik remained together or broke up (as they did), they should have used their stardom to fight this epidemic rather than quietly concentrating on their wallet or exposing abuse to 'please someone'.

If this had been Hollywood, Salman would have been a Chris Brown/Tom Cruise-- Hollywood would have shunned him.

But Salman is till the toast of Bollywood, with fawning female fans defending him left-right-center.. and all who cry a spade a spade are haters... AND THAT FOLKS, IS THE WAY BOLLYWOOD WORKS: WHAT YOU ARE OUTSIDE IS WHAT YOU ARE INSIDE.

Salman's image was also tarnished after this-- his career is in TV right now...
Ok, Viveik's went down-- but Salman had to take a hit too (rightly so). Salman seems like a true brat.. and success did not go to his head.. it was always there.

Salman should learn that love is freedom, not ownership. The dude Salman seems obsessed by fair women and wants to cage them- he indicated his dream his a woman gives up her stardom and throws it all alway and marry him. well.. it's kind of silly but it's fair enough. however, to harass women who did not want to give that to him was just too much. Aish kept silent-- but she should have hit out at him big time. Why do abused women like Rhianna and Aish just 'let it go'. They can use their stardom to help women out there with that 'desi male ego' mentality of controlling their women-- which has just GOT TO GO!!!

whether Viveik did right or wrong, it's sad that Bollywood will upkeep abusive males like Salman .. where women have openly stated he physically abused them.

yes, Viveik lost this one as Bollywood would rather keep their STAR than take down anyone who is going out of control with drinks and abuse. Salman is the 'STAR' but due to low-self-esteem, females galore are there to defend this 'cute one'.

shutup haters..sallu rocks

Sallu is the creap. Proud of SRK taking him on and winning!!!

go to hell are crazy !!!!!!!!!!

I agree Vivek is drama queen, he certainly was enjoying all these. Salman was drunk and what about this idiot. Seems like he was numb in the head.

I know what Viv did was stupid. He himself has admitted in one of the magazines that after the sucess of comapany and saathiya, success went to his head and he couldn't think straight. He thought he is the next best thing happened to Bollywood. So, with the support of bahurani he called the press to his house to rip Sallu apart but guess what he underestimated Salman's power. Bollywood culture in NOT to wash dirty linen in public. He says Sallu was drunk and what about him. He could have just turned his phone off but Viv had other motives, he let Salman have it so that he had enough proof to call the press and expose him. Viv did not benefit anything from this. I guess he wanted to proof Ash's family that he is ideal for Ash and his there to protect her. But guess what happened Bahurani ditched him. If I was Salman I too would have never forgiven him. He is an idiot. It was there personal prob so should have been resolved behind the doors. Viv did it only for publicity and Ash. Sucked it!!!

oh my gosh salman is sooooooo scary
he rang vivek 41 times!!!
and he swore to viveks dad and his own dad???
salman has got issues he needs 2 sort out

Aish 'dumped' Viveik-- but apparently, she had made it clear to the press that she could not give all the romantic interest that he wanted from her FROM THE START. If Viveik did all-this-and-that for her and wanted strings attached to it, then it's his own fault. If he did this Salman press for his lady-love, he should have known better that this would not bring Aish to agree to marry him--- when she had resisted from the start.

However, by Viveik going against Salman-- the biggest ego-- he did right. Abuse is wrong;; even if drunk, it's wrong. Any star in NYC would have called the police if Salman had done that to them.


Really shocked by some of the defense of Salman comments coming from females themselves.

IF this had been HOllywood, those folks would not have just gone of the press-- but in fact, called the police immediately. Salman would have been a Chris Brown.


Pround of you Vivek. I believe every word vivek said.

I think Salman is capable of swearing at his own father. Disapointed fame went to salman's head so badly.

Love his honesty and realness. So does that mean Salman also had relationships with Rani and Dia Mirza?

Unfortunately in India it's totally wrong but slapping or verbaly abusing a women is not considered abuse. Rural areas in some cultures women are still considered property.

Vivek and Sallu are both FLOP actors they only have themselves to blame for wrong career choices.


Awesome Interview - Stop blaming the women. Vivek clearly spoke the truth and his MOTIVATION was sallu swearing/threatening against his Father (Suresh Obroi).

Well what goes around comes around...If Aish hadn't dumped Vivek in the way that she did he would probably still be as gulable and as fame-stuck as he was before it happened !! ...I believe he dumped his fiancee after he came into the limelight and ppl started praising his work...Post Saathiya, Rani didnt wanna work with him cuz of their tiff (Reasons still unknown) and then Ash came into the picture and he left everything for her!... Its hard enough making a name for yourself but what he did just goes to show that if a small actor goes against the primary actors of our industry they'll be SHUNNED for the most part!...Why do you think Aishwarya hasnt till this day spoke about what actually happend between her and salman? If she has been physically abused as she hinted to, for her movie provoked she could have raised her voice over it...I mean she is such an icon but nobody wants to go against the tide and be shunned or looked "down" upon in a industry that is all about hiding such stuff ....
Vivek did it but as much as I think Ash encouraged him to it I also think he is not a 3 yr old whose brain wasnt developed !! He's a moron if he's a jaru ka gulam to THAT limit! lol ...I mean its one thing to share someones pain but if she was looking out for her own benefits but being HUSH about it, he should have looked out for his by HUSHING up too ...
He even went on to for her 30th bday making a scrapbook which had a pic of her from her each yr that she has lived ....from age 1 to age 30...Now if some dude did that for me, it would be nothing but love! But then I heard she dumped him via text msg? lol...i dunno how true that is but I know it wasnt long after that that she got with abhi..and the rest is history !!

Abusers need to take responsiblity for themselves and stop blaming others or covering up bad behaviour. Hope Sallu has learnt this.

I wonder how the media will handle KatSallu breakup. Even if they marry I can't see it lasting long since Sallu already plays up on her.

Vivek admits he did this himself alone. He alone is responsible for his bad choice of films. This episode certainly showed Sallu's true nature. Even Somy Ali admitted he was abusing her. Agree Sallu=Chris Brown! Mabe this was a reality check and made Sallu see he needs to stop misbehaving with women if he is drunk or high. I hope Salma Khan slapped her own son into line after this!!

thats his real truth
vivek is not doing this to get attention..he is speaking the truth
its NOT a lie because if it was, he wouldnt be still living by now, you cant just make up shit about huge stars like salman khan, aamir khan or shahrukh khan and hold a press conference, i am sure vivek did it for a reason..and it shows in everything he said..
now all that srk-salman fight makes sense too..all along i was thinking it was srk's fault. now i know,

i hope vivek gets good movies in the future, hes a BRIGHT star! and i am so proud of him to be brave enough and speak against these "NOT SO HUMAN" people like salman khan..who goes around promoting "being human" MY ASS!!

i LOVE him in saathiya. when ashwarya started dating him, he was the most hottest and happening thing in the industry. abishek was still making duds like naach and some other horrible movies. i wonder if she has a conscience about what she did to him.

ash ruined his career, she stepped on him n went ahead, very sad poor guy

Poor thing, got payed by would be ok if both were still togather but this just ruined his career. feel sorry for him, hes nt bad as a actor.

Yes, it ruined Viveik's career.. bad for him.
but you know what?? This may have somehow prompted Salman to stop his abusive ways with women..just even a little.. and if somehow some woman in the future faced less abuse..... then it was worth it. Viveik did the right thing-- and am shocked that the supporting comments of Salman is coming from women themselves !!!!! Desi women do suffer from low-self esteem-- had these been non-desi women, Salman would have had his career go down to 0 after learning that women suffered in his hands.

Used to be a BIG SALMAN fan. (( Am NOT a Viveik or an Aish fan, by the way!)). But if he treats women like they are objects, Salman is in the same book as Chris Brown. Sorry folks.. that's the real truth.

Salman is blessed with beauty and talent and a good family. He has a GOOD heart too. but he cannot let drinks and his controlling ways destroy all he has created. He cannot abuse and think his other 'right ways' make up for it. hopefully he has reformed now-- because Salman is a GREAT STAR!! We are all waiting for the day when Salman's good heart will shine again (and surely it is).

if he disclosed it to the press, so be it.
his girlfriend was suffering abuse by a guy who had hounded her.. if Salman is a STAR-- is he better to get less press??

Chris Brown was TOASTED in the press and public (and rightly so).. but in desi-land, we adore a 'big star' who should have publicly apologized for his wrong ways-- and that star was Salman. But in this case, we blame the victims. So very desi...

this is oen of the sickest thing about this industry, vivek gets punished for speaking the truth. while salman harasses women(even it is his girl friend she has rights too, a no is a no), runs over innocent public and then when speaks about it, he is the bad guy.

shame on you guys and the indstustry wallahs who think vivek did wrong!

vivek is lying about someone encouraging him. vivek at this time in 2003 had a few hits and was touted as the next big actor in bollywood. vivek fell head over tea kettle in love with ash while she only viewed him as a friend with benefits. ash always made it clear that she was not serious about vivek and would never marry him. vivek was young, dumb, brash, cocky,and thought nobody could touch him. he wanted to impress ash and her family. so he got macho and made a lame move to publically air his dirty laundry with sallu. vivek should have kept his damn mouth shut. its a known rule in bollywood that all troubles between actors and directors, etc are resolved behind closed doors. vivek broke the code and paid for it by having sallu's friends in the industry ban him. plus he chose some terrible movies to act in. vivek ruined his own career and will never be able to be an A list actor again. vivek will remain a D list actor for the rest of his days because of his dumb actions and limited talent..

wow aishwarya rai is pretty smart, to make a grown man act like a complete kid and do complaining act as if he's in kindergarten! What did he expect, that the media will do a save viveik oberoi campaign after this conference...poor guy!

ROFL: the guy got played by ash. i'm not doubting that all of this didnt happen but to call a press conference and talk about it, he was "encouraged" by someone.

wat was the point of this??

wow, I wasn't into the industry at all at this time...

that's a really shocking video. what happened after this? how did salman respond? did this event actually occur?

what s wrong if he speaks d truth? salman s deroggatory person as he said.

Lol vivik shouldn't make this public. Like he self said Salman was drunk. It should be private. I'm suprised that even Salman says he is a bad man like Vivik. What a drama.

biggest career-breaking move ever

he totally underestimated how powerful sallu is in the industry

I heard about this, but had never seen it!! No wonder Salman khan hates him! Even if it did happen, you dont wash dirty laundry in public. Salman khan was probably drunk and upset.

100% lies . he understood the game of the b**ch aishwarya when she ditched him he came to the same boat as salman .

wow I feel bad abt Vivek now. His career got spoiled for Salman n Aishwarya. They both r famous n rich now.poor guy


GUTSY guy! Well Done. Certainly it woke up bully boy sallu at that point in time of misbehaving .

But didn't he just say that Salman was drunk??? So what else you would expect from a dunky.. roses?? Kisses? Love letters?

Why did Vivek let him abuse that much?? How long does it take to turn your phone off? I bet he was enjoying it too.. salman had an excuse because he was drunk what was Vivek's excuse of being a drama queen.

i love vivek hes so good ,salman i am ashamed of you!

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