Vivek Oberoi & Priyanka Alva's Wedding Photos

Congratulations to Vivek & Priyanka! Both of them were wearing Tarun Tahiliani creations. Spotted at the wedding were Sushmita Sen & Poonam Dhillon.
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OHHHH NO this is too too much!!! both outfits, accessories, makeup just too much

the ever so gracious Priyanka

I have seen both of them in person...she is not beautiful but decent looking. However, she seems to be a nice girl, well-educated and from a good family. I think Vivek has made a good choice and both share common interests like social work.


she is too good for him..

She looks like an Indian Princess!! And he a prince

for once the groom looks better than the bride...sadly...

i donte like i wife he can go for good


People are filling these pages about Aishwarya, but what about his first love, the girl he was engaged to.. Gurpreet Gill? there's been a long heartbreak for all involved.. but it's time to join hands to see that all paths broken to lead to new ones.

hope they're all happy. best wishes.

Vivek looks like a true romantic who will woo his wife all the time, make her feel special ... and never take her for granted. This is despite dating a model (Gurpreet) and Miss World. he seems to really have eyes for his lovely Priyanka now. He seems to really like all women for themselves.. and it must come from the very chic Mrs. Sr. Oberoi to make him see so. No wonder Vivek was always so confident (even to the point that people called him silly)- his cute family might have made him always feel that no Bollywood star could be that high and mighty.

best wishes to them.

Believe it or not, very good match.
they both are 50% South Indian and 50% Punjabi in fact.

while he is known to be Punjabi and she's known to be South Indian.... they are both.

so it seems family ties and heritages match too.. not that it matters.

she looks gorgeous, he looks good

well, maybe she's not 6 feet.. but she LOOKS like she's 6 feet.
so thin.. !

the way he looks at her is romantic.. it looks like they mean a lot to each other.


some of you have warped minds, good luck and please don't teach your kids these thought processes

Vivek's situation proves that there is light in the end of the tunnel.

everyone is happy now. his ex-es are happy, and he's happy.
all is happy.

Happy Ending and New Beginning ! ):):):)

Viva la arranged matches. !!
sometimes elders wisdom is better than the attraction wisdom.

Vivek learned this the hard way, but hey, all's well that ends well.
Priyanka is the right choice !

Good to know Vivek found happiness in someone who believes in him.

after all that, he deserves it !!!

Sun, 2010-10-31 16:42 — Anonymous-->. ummm., how can someone be a 'true South Indian beauty', but 'not beautiful'? these are your words.

you must have a very low opinion of South Indian females, and that's strange.
a beauty is a beauty. period. North or South.

Priyanka is really smashing.. she doesn't wear pancakes, etc... but she has the natural oval face and smile and near 6 feet tall.. and slender... now that's something elegant. but guess she's not really 'beautiful' cause she's South Indian and they have their 'limits'???

can you pls explain this to us? we're a bit lost on your comments....

Priyanka looks lovely.. at near 6 feet tall and so lithe, she is very elegant!

they look good together.. he handsome, she elegant-sophisticated pretty.

congrats to them. :)

she has a great smile! she is beautiful.

They both look absolutely gorgeous !! Love their outfits...May God bless them with a happily married life !

priyanka is above average!! but not beautiful!! but shez a true south indian beauty!!! like her

rocking affair.. CONGRATS guys !

wait a minute???!!!!!
is this a joke? is this twilight-zone????

someone called Priyanka a weirdo..and the color and average comments have landed on her WEDDDING POST??!!!

TAKE A GOOD LOOK at her: she's got long shiny lush hair, long neck, fabulous model-white teeth, long lithe slender tall frame and nearly perfect model-type figure, fabulous posture... nice nose, nice eyes, nice lips, high cheekbones, oval long face... in most places in the world, people would call her elegant-lovely.

and yet, the 'average average' group of rowdy weirdos have started their chants to rain on someone's parade.
geez.. some of you need your taste-boxes checked and needed for immediate repair!!! no joke.

what you people want as 'above-average', a roly-poly snow-white-woman with large pudgy un-even features who walks around all like she's high and mighty and too good for everyone...??? it's scary to know what some of you might think is 'good looking'. oh well, you ppl have your tastes. Priyanka is a PRIVATE citizen, so luckily, she will stay away from some of your sick mind's domains.

good for him- but I dont see the big deal the wedding doesent excite me but all the best to him

Vivek seems like a nice guy who will treat Priyanka like a precious princess...
he seems like a true romantic to the core... whose heart has been broken, but will never break his true love's heart after the hard lessons.

Best wishes.

Sun, 2010-10-31 04:55 — Anonymous--> good points. glad you appreciate beauties of all colors.... and don't have blocks.

thankfully, not all desis think in the box. there's a whole lot of desis who have preference for good facial features and figure, in ANY COLOR.

Priyanka is a winner:
she is said to be extremely bright, attractive, articulate and very anti-fame and publicity.
She comes from a lot of wealth --but her family is VERY WELL RESPECTED in Bangalore. We have friends from there and they said the family's plush Bangalore mansion was always open to everyone for a visit. They are heavily into charity, which attracted Viveik:

Priyanka Alva is a 28 year old business management graduate from London-- minister family background. She was born and brought up in Bangalore. She studied at the Mallya Aditi International School. Her mother Nandini Alva is a social worker and Indian dancer. She likes doing charity, and helps her mother with social work at the Artistes Foundation for Arts in Bangalore.

Vivek Oberoi met Priyanka Alva on the recommendation of his parents. The Alvas have been family friends of the Oberoi's, since Vivek’s childhood years. Theirs is an arranged marriage.


@ Sun, 2010-10-31 01:14 — Anonymous
no compaireing with vivek priyanka is not so beauty i think vivek should be searched still beauty girl they dont have good math

OMG....Sorry to say, but my 5 yr old speaks better english than you...Before 'seeing their MATH' you should learn some English yourself...How can people like you even act as a critic, when you yourself lack in soo many department...
At least comment in the Language you know!!



"We've discovered a whole universe in each other's life. I've found the love of my life. It was an arranged-cum-love-'zyada' marriage. Every day with her is a blessing. In a world full of storms, she's my anchor. I live in a world of masks. I needed someone as real as she is. She is my home. She's the one I can come home to me. She has changed my life.”

I know nothing about the bride, but just looking at her eyes and her smile, I can tell she is a kind person. She's got a great body too. I feel very happy for Vivek for finding such a nice girl.

They look sooo lovely together.. Sweet couple :) Congratulations on the wedding Vivek and Priyanka!

I think they both look great, and so happy!

To 'Sun, 2010-10-31 01:14 — Anonymous'..
Did you go to school at all?. You can't even frame a simple sentence in English.

it is a shame that indians make bad comments about dusky color of indians. the majority of your population is dusky, get it. i am not indian and not dusky but i love dusky faces like freida pinto, bibasha basu etc. they have beautiful facec compared to anushka sharma and others who are not beautiful but all they can offer is a fair skin and indians go crazy over them.

no compaireing with vivek priyanka is not so beauty i think vivek should be searched still beauty girl they dont have good math

some of you people have a problem with color, obviously reporting on a fetching bride Priyanka (i.e.. someone said she may be dark but has a good heart, etc. etc.)

well, news for you: this is the 21st century and beauty does come in all colors.
so go on with this 'average' nonsense to someone who has a perfect oval face and a near 10 tall figure.
goodness. she looks like a model, but some of you will never come out of your frog in the well mode of seeing only the notions media and society inforced upon you as the 'truth'. please get help .

Viveik said he liked beauties in all colors (his first gf, Gurpreet , was dusky too).
Priyanka is dusky and GORGEOUS !!

one of the reasons Viveik fell in love with Priyanka is that she works so much for non-profit charity causes -- and her education and intelligence is used for that. She is very very pretty (these photos do not do her justice-- they were taken in the dark via someone's cell with no flash).

the comments below are plain immature. Priyanka , with her nearly perfectly oval long face-- is a lovely swan.. but geez.. people want to rain on their parade still !!

wow i love thier dresses. n they both look so happy... any girl wud be happy to hav a handsome guy like vivek.. n he wud be happy to have a woman like priyanka with a strong and poilshed personality... she looks so beautiful n sweet... congrats t0 them.. always stay happy... :) lots of love anita

they make a beautiful pair...wishing dem a gr8 life ahead......dey really look soooo royal n traditional in d pics....only wished if priyanka had kundan jewellry instead of d round gold neclace....

Yes, it looks like a fairy tale wedding. He looks like prince charming. First time seeing a bridegroom dressed like that. What wonderful memories they have made and their children and grandchildren will look at these pics and cool!
And to all those superficial people commenting on her looks it's better to marry an intelligent attractive woman than a doll like beautiful bimbo.

congrats...she looks pretty..and vivek looks good....hope to see more pic.

I agree Aishwarya is a jinx for sure. an infertile one at that..

Both are looking royal....god bless them!!!!!!

both look like prince and princess, richlooking outfits. they look great

They look like a Prince and Princess from a different era. Like they stepped out of an Amar Chitra Katha comic, lol. Is his outfit Punjabi or Rajputish ? whatever it is, it's pretty hot. Nice to see the groom also dolled up and excited for a change.

he had no choice

Fri, 2010-10-29 21:58 — Anonymous
she is average looking and why should viviek get huge attention like biggies?
ye she is so average looking what? as u r miss world n no one marry n average looking girl..did she claim tht she is d most beautiful woman or vivek said?? vivek was with one so called beautiful woman n she actualy know how dark n fake her heart was .n now he is with n average looking girl..settled down n happy. beauty isnt everything in life.

awww they look good together. Congratulations!!

They look adorable together :) May they have many years of joy and happiness.

This girl seems quite normal like the rest of us. Unlike all the other actors wives gauri susanne etc who just live for the media attention etc. You can tell she's educated from abroad by the way she's acted so far. Sofisticated and down to earth. Hope she remains like that.
As for abhi-ash wedding. That was overhyped and they had no decency to even come out and show themselves to the media and their fans that gathered for days outside to see glimpse of them. If they wanted such private affair should have considered diff careers. Then when their films are releasing they come out and become approachable. All they care about is getting a hit and use their fans yo their advantage

and you know what, Priyanka has BANNED any photos of her wedding.. s
so you guys are commenting on PRIVATE photos of a private person.

Fri, 2010-10-29 21:58 — Anonymous--> they are not posting their wedding online, someone took a cell photo. why do you bother clicking on a post to diss such a sacred ocassion? move on.

Priyanka's family mansion in Bangalore is said to be the height of luxury-- very beautiful place where the wedding took place... .. and their family are considered to be very generous and charity oriented. she is very pretty and elegant, and smart too.

Fri, 2010-10-29 21:58 — Anonymous -->>> you seem like you landed from sterotype land, and live in a box. get over it.. there's a whole world beyond the 'biggies' and Priyanka is hardly average. she's said to be the height of lithe elegance and polished intelligence..

Priyanka seems like a calm swan and will be good for Viveik, who is a bit turbulent and impulsive.. and needs her coolness. it's easy to see why they are so attracted to each other.
they are cool classy and look fantastic together.


she's not that good looking to be honest....neither is they match!

they say Priyanka rarely ever smiles. .(she's said to be calm as a swan)..
but here she's smiling and thrilled. she looks amazing.

Viveik and Priyanka are glowing!!
Congratulations guys....

Fri, 2010-10-29 21:58 -> grow up. move on if you don't like them.. you have your taste, they're just your tastes, not facts.

Fri, 2010-10-29 20:31 -> no one should diss anyone , including your star.

Congrats to them both.
they both finally look happy and gr8 !
best wishes.

they are both very happy and good looking.. and have the world ahead of them together.

people who have met Priyanka knows she's a very classy, cool calm and lovely gal. leave her alone.
if she's your version of 'average', so be it. she's his bride and she's very lovely to him.. she has an amazing smile and her calm composure and those features are said to be amazing in person.. to those who have met her.

stop the 'diss and hiss' people. this is a sacred wedding.
if you cannot give them some blessings, then move on, ok???

They seem happy. all the best to the couple


ok i dont know how she looks in her day to day life but from that first pic she made a much more beautiful bride than rai did on her wedding day

OH Vivek... bringing up Aishwarya's name to get attention. I THINK HE GETS WHAT HE DESERVES , PRIYANKA IS WEIRDOO.....

When Aishwarya came into his life, he struck bad luck, he hit rock bottom, and when Priyanka came into his life, he struck good luck, his movie is a hit!! NOW HE WILL HAVE SERIES OF GUD LUCK, SHE IS GUD LUCK FOR HIM. AISHWARYA IS A JINX INTO ANYBODY'S LIFE, POOR ABHISHEK, all movies are FLOP!! :-P

congrats, wish them the best, priyanka comes across as shy, educated, confident person.

why vivek wears everything like a bride n compare to him priyanka looks so simple

vivek is dressed up like a bride

Woow Vivek looks very handsome, so glad he shaved off the mustache. Priyanka is not bad looking. Congrats to them and hope they have a very happy life together!! :)

wow this couple is so cute.... love the way they r holding hands in the first pic.. priyanka ia average looking but as a bride she is lookin beautifulllllll better than aish being a bride anyday... and vivek is a handsome prince n he is looking like one.. i wish them all the luck from the bottom of my heart..he is a strong and a gud looking actor... too bad he doesnt give out many movies but atleast his movies r hits... vivek always keep smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!congrats for Rc too!!!

she is average looking and why should viviek get huge attention like biggies?


He looks like a hot punjab-da-sher! And he seems like a really romantic person too. I wish them the best. Glad he finally found happiness! :)

I realy wish him all this best.. he gone through hell.. Hope this new life makes him happpy...

Hey "Anonymous" @ Fri, 2010-10-29 18:35 :

Vivek marrying Aishwarya was not an option, she is already happily married. You're just like Vivek... bringing up Aishwarya's name to get attention. Poor Priyanka... I guess people will never stop comparing her.

Priyanka is very tall, lithe and classy, beautiful, low-key, humble.. and cool.
Viveik and Pri are lucky together..


Wishing them the best ahead.. congratulations guys !:)

yes, Priyanka is a winner.. she's very smart, pretty , classy and London educated.. into charity, etc.
she adores and respects Viveik, and yet still maintains her strong identity.
Viveik finally found his oasis in her !

she may not be a big movie star.. but please, she's the bride.
keep your respects clean or don't say anything...

both deserve some happinesss...

both went through a lot and came out strong.

the negative comments below are sad.
if you don't like them, fine.. leave them alone.

this post is to give Congrats to the newly wedded couple.. so pls be classy.
this is a RELIGIOUS and sacred occasion.


Priyanka is gorgeous and he's handome.

they have everything front of them.. :):)
Congratulations guys.....

Always hold your head high and keep your path true .. no matter what !!!
you guys r gr88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888

Did vivek get mehendi on his hand?? see first pic, weird! And that turban looks ill fitting for some reason, those feathers on top, eeks...Nevertheless hope they have happy married life.

Congrats !!!
they look gr88888888888888888888888888 :)

what the hell is vivek wearing.....

WOW looking gorgeous. Love Vivek's look! It's above and beyond what we normally see guys wear at weddings. Priyanka looks gorgeous! WIsh them a happy married life always!!!

he king of bollywood

Let's hope she doesn't becomes another useless actor's wife wearing designer outfits and walking ramps etc. Hopefully she stays normal!

Priyanka looks really pretty! Congrats to them.

for some reason i dont like her. i dont even know why.

Congrats to the happy couple! Sometimes parents do knowbest..

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