Lakshmi Menon - Vogue India cover war

Magazine Covers,Lakshmi Menon,vogue india
Magazine Covers,Lakshmi Menon,vogue india

The gorgeous Bangalore model lakhsmi menon featured on Vogue India april 2008 and now on Vogue india May 2009.

Which of these two covers you liked the best?

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ppl from india who cant appreciate her beauty are just dippers who dont knw any better she is exotic and has natural tan skin that ppl would kill for>> ppl hating on her skin tone is just racist even if they are indian(if you dont knw anything about that check out aryian and dravidian in wikkipedia)>>i can say that iam indian too but iam glad to say i live in northamerica where diversty is accepted way more..any women who looked like that would be apreciated for her true beauty

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Anonymous on Wed, 2009-04-29 09:22: so true about your observation of her! some ppl are so immature in their views. but get ready for the admin cries of 'targetting people'.

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mgurlgurl your idea of beauty is so narrow its sad.
this lady is so breathtakingly stunning, she puts your aishwarya to shame.
what a hot bod, bone structure, skin and facial symmetry to match.
LOOOOVE her eyebrows

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Anonymous on Tue, 2009-04-28 02:30.

ur soo right!!

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Anonymous on Tue, 2009-04-28 07:51: I agree. I didn't say anything about penciling eyebrows in or looking like a chola. Gosh. What is wrong with you people?? Don't make up stuff and write it. I meant eyebrows like Priyanka or Preity or Aishwarya. Not thick or thin. Medium sized. This lady is hideous.

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once thin eyebrows were bushy eyebrows! some people will accept anything in the name of trend. Eyebrows should not be thin or thick, it should be like priyanka's or sonam's or any other actress in bollywood. This supermodel is just too masculine to be called pretty.

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wow!!is she Indian?looks like a latin babe.

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lol yeah i agree with you! (StyleQueen on Tue, 2009-04-28 02:02.)

thin eyebrows are eww for me
i hate those pointy , pencil thing eyebrowz!
thick eyebrow is much much better

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Thicker, natural eyebrows have been a trend for quite awhile now. Some people are so used to seeing overplucked eyebrows that they can't digest the natural look when they see it.

Definitely gives more definition!

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she's stunning. Brooke Shields used to have thick eyebrows and a very 'mascline' type structure-- but she was very feminine. IT's a natural shape. she's very feminine.

Some women, conversely, have 'feminine' features- but they give off a masculine look and air (no telling who in Bollywood). and some have masculine features and a masculine air/look.

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I dont know if you guys know this but bushy eyebrowz are 'in' now
it makes you look more natural and you face looks more defined!

i guess some girls in here doesn't know anything about fashion & trends

red_apple_cigarette's picture

bushy eyebrows??
i guess you prefer the penciled-in, 'crazy' look! lol
this is a natural shape for her face!
SHE is lovely!

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omg, first Freida now her. THis lady is hideous. She is not a lady, she is a male. Look at those bushy eyebrows. I mean he is hideous. Freida atleast is a lady!! LOL!

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pink one. much more fierce. she has this goddess look to her.

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The yellow, she looks beautiful......

-Samaira-'s picture


so huz bollywood's style icons?

red_apple_cigarette's picture

i like the yellow one!
i want that bag!!!!

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The pink one is definitely better. She looks way more FIERCE!


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