Do previously married men make better husbands?

It recently dawned on me how many actresses are dating or are married to previously married men. The term "second wife" has a lot of stigma attached to it in India. Second wives are often seen as greedy home wreckers, evil step-mothers, and they often inherit the blame for the end of the 1st marriage.

It also got me thinking about why such talented and beautiful actresses, many of whom could have their pick of men would choose divorced men (especially those who already have children). It seems to me like it would be easier to be with a man with a simpler history- who doesn't have any baby mama drama in his life.

Is is possible that men who've already been through a marriage tend to be more mature and perhaps better at relationships? What do you think?

The Dating List:

Kareena Kapoor's dating Saif Ali Khan who was previously married to Amrita Singh for 13 years. They have two children (Sara and Ibrahim) together. When Kareena and Saif get married, she'll be a real life step mom.

Vidya Balan's dating Siddharth Roy Kapus who has apparently been married twice before. He is also the CEO of UTV Motion Pictures. Rumor has it that they're planning to get married soon.

Rani Mukherji has been dating Aditya Chopra for awhile now (rumored to be engaged already). He's been married once before.

Shruti Hassan was rumored to be dating Siddharth (of Rang De Basanti fame) who was also been married before.
The Married List:

Kalki Koechlin is married to Anurag Kashyap who divorced his first wife with whom he has a daughter.

Amrita Arora married Shakeel Ladakh who is a divorcee as well.

Shilpa Shetty's husband Raj Kundra was married before. His ex-wife claimed that Shilpa Shetty broke up their marriage.

Kiran Rao married Aamir Khan who was previously married to Reena Dutta and with whom he had 2 children.

Lara Dutta married tennis champ Mahesh Bhupathi who was married to model Shvetha Jaishankar. Lara has made it very clear in interviews that she was not even the picture until after the divorce.

Karishma Kapoor married Delhi-based businessman Sanjay Kapur who was married to Nandita Mahtani earlier.

Shabana Azmi married Javed Akhtar who was married to Honey Irani. Farhan Akhtar and Zoya Akhtar are Javed's kids from his first marriage.

Sangeeta Bijlani (former Miss India) married former Indian cricketer Mohammed Azharuddin who divorced his first wife Naureen to marry her. Sangeeta and Mohammed's marriage ended in divorce as well. Sangeeta dated Salman Khan briefly in the 90's and rumor has it that they're maybe dating again.

Mahima Chaudhary married an architect Bobby Mukherjee who has two kids from his previous marriage.

Manyata Dutt is Sanjay Dutt's third wife. He was previously married to Risha Sharma and Rhea Pillai.

Raveena Tandon is married to distributor Anil Thadani who was previously married to Natasha Sippy.

Sania Mirza married Shoaib Malik amidst a lot controversy that he hadn't yet divorced his first wife Ayesha Siddiqui.

Sarika Thakur married actor Kamal Hassan after his divorce from Vani Ganapathy. Sarika and Kamal had two children (Shruti and Akshara Hassan) out of wedlock and only married after both children were born. Sadly, they ended up divorcing as well.

Madhubala married playback singer Kishore Kumar who divorced his first wife actress Ruma Guha Thakurta for her. Prior to her marriage to Kishore Kumar, Madhubala had a 5 year long relationship with actor Dilip Kumar.
The Infamous List:

Jayaprada married producer Srikanth Nahata who was already married to Chandra and with whom he had 3 children. Srikanth did not divorce his first wife and continued to have children with her after marrying Jayaprada. Apparently, Jayaprada and Chandra cordially agreed to share a husband.

Hema Malini married actor Dharmendra who was already married to Prakash Kaur and with whom he had four children. Since his first wife refused to divorce him, Hema Malini and Dharmendra converted to Islam in order to be able to get legally married.

Helen married Salman Khan's father Salim Khan in 1980 and became his 2nd wife. Salim stayed married to his first wife Salma with whom he has 4 children (Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan and Alvira Khan). Helen and Salim adopted daughter is Arpita Khan.

Sridevi married film producer Boney Kapoor who was previously married to Mona and with whom he had 2 kids. Boney left Mona Kapoor for Sri Devi. Mona continued to live her in-laws for 10 years after he married Sridevi. Sridevi was pregnant with her first daughter even before her marriage to Boney Kapoor.

Smita Patil married Raj Babbar who left his first wife Nadira Zaheer for her. Raj Babbar had 2 children from his 1st marriage. Smita and Raj had one son together, Prateik Babbar.

Although Parveen Babi never got married, I believe she deserves a special mention. She was rumored to have been in relationships with many married men including director Mahesh Bhatt, actors Kabir Bedi, Danny Denzongpa and even Amitabh Bachchan.


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Its not as if these women wake up one day and go,' let me wreck this married man's home today'. Married men surely are experienced in seducing a younger single woman and these women fall for the fake promises that these men make. Even if a married man falls for a younger single woman, his marital bond should be so strong that it should resist such advances. Now thats what i call a strong marriage...otherwise it means nothing.

Bollywood is only a sample of the real world. This is what really happens in life! Single women falling for married men and married men cheating is a part of the real world of which bollywood is just a representation. The patterns seen here are a part and parcel of life... Just accept it.

@Kitty, why r u starting rumours about Salman Khan's here??? This is not a one off comment, u have been doing it on a lot of pages. Do u have any proof to back up ur statements?

Wasn' t Ash with Salman at one point?? Are u suggesting that Ash is not 'female?'

Lol BW actresses...shame on themselves...including the men! Betrayal...

Admire - Ash+Kajol for finding good men.

Ajay and good man? lol

and hadn't abhishek dumped his gf for Aish? he is not that good good man either.

Rani wants Adi's power/position. He has no looks. Betraying her friend Payal Chopra meant nothing to her.

Once a cheater always a cheater - so true - the other women does get her Just Deserts.

Admire - Ash+Kajol for finding good men.

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Every long term relationships will have their ups and downs but the key to scescus is Communication (Key)Compromise (Both will have to be equal)Keep it interesting (Keep date nights or together time to keep you two in touch and give your relationship a fresh boost, it is very easy to slip in to mundane especially after kids come along.I know late 20 s seem natural to think marriage but if he is only 25, don't rush into things. Take your time and enjoy your relationship as it is now. Live together for 2 years then see if your still as sure as you are now. I didn't listen to my parents and I had to learn the hard way the first time round that marriage isn't always what it is cracked up to be. At least that was my first time round. Second one is much happier but still a learning and growing process.My husband and I are both on our second marriages and we both came into our relationship with emotional baggage because both our exes were cheaters. But it gave us valuable insight that it does take two to make a relationship work and we had to learn to communicate. We continue to learn and grow but it takes effort,understanding and compromise to make it a happy marriage. We have been through alot in 13 years but we have learned not to throw in the towel at the drop of a hat and to work things through. We have had to learn to watch what we say because it can't be taken back. Pick your battles, let him have his buddy nights and you need your own hang time. Good luck

Thank you so much Candi for an unforgettable expineerce. Capturing these images at places so close to our hearts reminded me why i am so excited to be Mrs. Arthur over and over again!

the day we start blaming the married person will be the beginning of the end of all these extra marital crap.And flirts are more attractive to human eyes,so dont fall for them.

This is one thing about men - they put one woman against the other and he escapes the scene.How true!!

Even if its d mom in law and daughter in law fight,if a man wishes he can sort that out BUT he doesnt cos thats how he keep the wife engaged and disturbed.

very intriguing post!!...Its sad but truth...

i would almost kill my hubby if he would think to cheat me and go for someone else.eew.these second ladies makes me angry and more of that i am mad on men who are married and cheat.Shame on cheaters.

It annoys me to no end when a woman is just labelled as a home wrecker, I mean think about it people, the man has a brain too, he's cheating, he's knowlngly being unfaithful...why doesn't anyone blame him? I was unfortunate enough to get caught up with a married man, who promised me the world but delivered very little, said he'd leave his wife and all that. His entire family blamed me fr it all... I know I wasn't an angel but honestly, was he completely innocent? I wasn't the one cheating, or lying...he was...I just fell into his trap and believed his lies. Anyway, I was smart enough to stop it all when I realised this man is just a spineless moron, have the guts to leave your unhappy marriage before you cheat.

This post has made me lose a lot of respect for a lot of people.

The reasons why most of these actresses marry married men is because they themselves aren't fresh (virgins) either, and find more acceptance with men who are already married/divorced . Bollywood is a dirty place, many of those actresses have to sleep with producers/directors/actors to get roles, have multiple affairs, break-ups Which virgin Indian man would like to marry a lady who is not virgin?

Also, they are surrounded by high profile Page 3 celebrities .Sleeping around is common norm with these page3 people. Once a women is in showbiz, the thing that matters to them is :getting fame, maintaining a certain lifestyle, showing off stylish clothes, designer handbags, stylish cars. And single , struggling men cannot afford the lifestyle of a high profile girlfriend/wife.

The shelf life of women in bollywood is so less, once you are past 30-35, you will be struggling to get roles . Also, once you have seen stardom and a certain lifestyle , it is very painful to see it all go away (after you are 40). For many celebs , it is okay to marry a rich divorcee, and live in luxury then to marry a poor new fresh guy and struggle for money. So showbiz women look for successful, rich men who can provide for them

Biggest example of this is Shahid Kapoor. He is young, sexy, handsome,dashing, but how many successful actresses are ready to settle down with him? None. Although women love to date him, and he has had his fair share of gf's ( Kareena/ Priyanka/, and rumored with Bipasha/Anushka) , but why did none of these women agree to marry him? Simple, he just doesn't earn that well, and isn't very successful (in top 5) till now . Kareena/Priyanka left him to be with buddha Khans. Why? Khans have the power, money, influence.
Since Kareena is with Saif, you will hear 4 times every year that they are going for annual vacation in foreign places (London, Switzerland), etc. Did you ever hear Kareena and Shahid going for a foreign vacation when they were together?

What a question! Of course they don't make better husbands if they have failed the first time. Especially those who have kids and go looking after a younger woman for sex... ugh.

Mon, 2012-06-25 11:22 — Anonymous... now now, no need to lash out at Aishwarya on every page just because your hero is still alone after being dumped over a decade ago. It's his choice not to have a female "partner" in his life, but at least he has 2 mommies to love him up! Time to get over it already, if he's not into ladies don't blame her!

hema and dharmendra are seperated?? WHAT?! somebody please tell me the who what when of that

all these stories make me feel very sad :(

Azhar and Sangeeta are divorced? It's funny how almost NONE of the top actresses married an unmarried guy... Props to Madhuri for being one of the only big stars on that list :)

ok i guess i will be looking for a divorced man then..
What if I get divorced too? Would that make any difference?

i got really important Conclusion from this post
that most of the actresses married for money....
except Aishwarya ...
Abhi (the whole family) wanted her for money and fame and he is lucky she is stunning (that why Amitabh always wants to hold her hand/go to every where with her even Cannes to stay in the lime light )even now use the baby to get lame publicity ..........

To Mon 2012-6-25 09 :18
Correction. Jai Mehta, Juhi's husband was married earlier & Juhi is his 2nd wife. He was a widower & his late wife was from the Birla family - Yash Birla 's late sister who lost her life in an aircrash.
Amitabh Bachchan & his buddy Anil Ambani have been unfaithful to their spouses. Rishi Kapoor (when drunk) & Harish Mysore were abusive husbands.

well if u want someone unmarried then it becomes a case like Ash n abhi....husband is known because of father n wife....without them he is has to settle for that or else marry someone who is already married but has made a name for him....

you confused between who cause of the divorce Rani Shilpa Kiran Sridevi.....
and who came after the man divorce his wife in a long time Kareena

Married men and successful, independent women = bad for the woman (hema, sridevi, smita) At least sridevi got boney a divorce, poor Hema, gave up too much.

Married men Rich bakra types + nearly old C grade stars spells success for the women. Mayata dutt, Shilpa shetty.
The worst predator is shilpa becos she wrested the insecure, fame-ho bakra from his newly birthed daughter. Now she has the bakra in her family's tight clutches, has created a secure fort for herself from further infidelities.

Oh, so amitab took advantage of praveen bobby , had an affair with her.
No wonder he approved ash as a dil who despite being older than abhi, and many affairs before marriage.
I guess he got tired looking around . I guess jaya is used to looking the other way, and abhi doing the same with ash.

actress dont get single guy, unless ash and kajol

First of all both actresses married these guys, who were nothing comare to them.
I think in kajol case, it is genuine, cause kajol is genuine, though she married a guy with a lot less caliber, but eventually, ajay has come a long way in his career and supposedely getting twnty five crores for a movie and has produced few movies, He has proved himself to be a man and a husband who could support a family on his shoulders alone.
Ash on the other hand married a offensive looking, lazy, dumb, floppp with triple p, actor, she only married him for his name bachan and eyeing on his dads hard earned money. And she is not even going to get that.
So the end result will be, she married a spoiled son of a superstar, who has no motivation, sense of success and lack any intelligence. In his mind marrying ash is his success. He is happy to live in a shadow of parents, wife and daughter(in few years)
But greedy ash got what she deserved - nothing.

does it really matter if they are heroines are not? it has nothing to do with money, fame, ETC. i mean, do these people not deserve to find love ever again. people date/marry, sometimes the relationship doesn't work out. i don't think that they should give up on love and spend the rest of your life alone just because of a broken relationship. people move on and they find love with other people. it's really not that big deal if it's the first time around or second. the only thing i dislike is the whole second wife. if the relationship is over and dissolved then i understand you moving on... but how can you have two wives? how can you share your man with another?

Here is the voice of reason.

indian men are faggots.

thank you.

It's the money factor. Young men just don't have the kind of money autonomy these married men have. Actresses get used to a certain lifestyle and the only way to maintain after retirement is to go after someone wealthier.


well i think it becoming more n more common in India to divorce....second wife hasn't remained a taboo as it was even in normal middle class m seeing people getting divorce n marrying again....modernization i think...first wife divorces to get her share....second wife marries to get her

it's not that divorcees/widowers make better husbands, it's that heroines mostly go for married men. heroines know they have a short shelf life so they do anything to secure their future, such as find a financially secure husband who is somewhat influential as well.


The answer is YES.

By the time, the actresses are finally ready to get married(after reaping the benefits of a filmy career) they are well into their mid or late 30s. All the young, unattached eligible bachelors are by then, taken. So they settle for the second hand, married guys. Its as simple as that.

Very interesting post

Mon, 2012-06-25 00:18 — Anonymous
How exactly are these husbands better?

Shriram Nene, Abhishek Bachchan, Amitabh Bachchan, Jay mehta ( Juhi's Husband), Harish Mysore ( meenakshi's husband), Anil Ambani, Rishi Kapoor. All of these married only one and are better husbands!!

Kamal Hassan and Sarika are separated.
Hema Malini and Dharmendra - separated.
Jaya Prada & Srikant- seprated ( they are never seen together at any event, proves they are separated)
Kishore Kumar married twice after and once before Madhubala!!!
Sanjay Dutt is very sexist, he likes a wife who stays home and not work ( he said madhuri should stay in US and take care of her Kids instead of working)
Karishma and her Husband are rarely seen together, they live separate lives fore sure.
Shruti Hassan and Siddharth have broken up!

So no, married men do not make better husbands, Unmarried men do!

i think juhi's husband jay mehta was married once before marrying juhi (i m not sure but his first wife died in a plane accident)

Most of the actresses are home wreckers but to save face claim that they were not even in the picture when the guy had an affair with them. e.g of such liars shilpa shetty, Lara dutta, amala nagarjuna, smita patil, sangeeta bijlani etc. only shabana azmi accepted she had an affair with a married man.

Most actresses dont get suitable men, thats why settle for married men and i dont think such men make great husbands.

Actress don't get single men unless they are like Kajol or Aish
Or else u have to settle for some non-famous non-worthy.. Nene
others slip into bikinis & do nude scenes in every alternate movie...
what u expect after that...

Great post! I've noticed this in bollywood as well! I'm not sure, however, if Sangeeta has divorced her husband. There were rumors that they were having trouble but I don't think it went as far as divorce

they fall in love with thier money
cause their not only divorced men but also rich, very rich

Such an interesting post.

Out of all popular actresses Aishwarya Rai got the best catch! A man who loves her, respects her, is wealthy and has never been married before.
Madhuri also got herself a successful and pretty handsome husband.

Married men are not better husband but they get insecure after first fail marriage and try their best to keep second marriage working,i think.
Its sad that only few actresses were not home wreckers like karisma kapoor,kareena kapoor,amrita arora,maniyata,mahima and vidya ,raveena, i think.all others were reason reason of first marriage failure.

Its easy to pick a successfull married man and make him to marry you but difficult to marry a strugglin man and be with him all years and be his support (AND once he is famous,successful glamour doll comes and snacth him.its sad)
PS;not any personal experience.its just what i noticed around.

I believe marriages are made in heaven... Previously married or not these men deserve a second chance or third...why do you guys care? It's the actresses' choice. If two people are in love and compatible they should definitely get married, the rest should go to hell, people shouldn't judge

I don't think that previously married men make better husbands per say but yes, it seems to last somehow in bollywood when that happens. May be because, they are more mature at this stage of their life as well as, not committing the same mistakes as they did in their earlier marriage.

Its all about money in bollywood!

kareena - saif
these two married?dating already married men

but KARISHMA now not even settled with sanjay..

no wonder priyanka is targeting srk after askay a married man rejected her

Mon, 2012-06-25 02:15 — Pinkvilla_boy

Well nice article :)
BUT i don t believe that married men are good husbands yes
most of the heroines are dating or married to already married men
but this does n t say anything, this is partially in the hands of fate and partially in yours
hands how you goona take you marriage further!!!


Now that is going to impress a lot girls here in Pinkvilla! Well done my bwoy...

money talks honey

To think such strong and powerful women have to seek love from already married men. Pathetic.




Well nice article :)
BUT i don t believe that married men are good husbands yes
most of the heroines are dating or married to already married men
but this does n t say anything, this is partially in the hands of fate and partially in yours
hands how you goona take you marriage further!!!

First things first.....A married person owes his partner fidelity & respect more than the actress. Some of these chaps are publicity hungry ,especially Raj Kundra who loves the lime light. Lots of these men will never make good husband material regardless of whom they marry -Sanjay Kapur , Kamal Hassan & Sanjay Dutt. Some chaps had arranged marriages when they were too young- Dharmendra & Boney Kapoor. Lastly,it's better for everyone to divorce rather than stay in an unhappy marriage. The real heartless home breaker in all this is Amrita Arora who ripped Shakeel Ladakhs marriage to her best friend & took away her jewellery. It's just that she's too insignificant to talk about.
PinkVilla ,why not do a post of married male actors who fool around instead of getting divorced?

It also got me thinking about why such talented and beautiful actresses, many of whom could have their pick of men would choose divorced men (especially those who already have children).
isnt it obvious? all these men are either one or more of the following:
loaded moneybags
influential /powerful

most are a combination of all three.
looks or past or current wives does not enter into the equation when the factors of huge $$$$$ and power are there

Well said filmychica! Love is blind!!

This is the most educational post on pinkvilla right now.

in ordinary lives ,like ours,we might be able to control our minds inorder to NOT to fall for married men.BUT when u r an actor , u r hugging,kissing,rubbing nose into ur neck ,romancing and playing wive or gf all the tym.And to top it all these men are older and girls younger.Its hard not to fall for these things.Like they say its hard to remain single in d industry IF u r not from the industry itself, evryone will come knocking ur door or hitting on you.Thats also a reason why these women keep commititng to some1 powerful than remaining sinngle.

Its sad if one has to create ahome by destroying another womn's dreams and hopes.But once a cheater always a cheater,men or women.Because these ppl are practised thieves who can do anything behind thier family's back.

OMG! so many of them! Am sure its the money and the fact that these actresse can never get a decent regular husband. Madhuri is very blessed in that case. Anyways, hate the home-wreakers.

There's a clear difference between dating and marrying a guy who's divorced vs seeing /marrying someone who's still in a relationship. I think you should separate the two. While the second one is unethical, there's nothing wrong with the first option.

Many of these actresses marrying a guy who was married before, were also in relationships themselves with others prior to meeting mr right. So it's fine.

And how about a similar post for guys?? Why the double standards?

I think married or previously married men definitely make more seasoned and mature people be it friend, boyfriend, husband etc. I think they have better capacity to understand a woman. And women find solace in that kinda comfort not intentionally but unknowingly. Love is strong and blind and who falls for who and who pursues who..some people can control that and others can't or don't want to despite the complications. I believe all our film personalities are hardcore romantics at heart... and when one is a romantic, one simply follows their heart.

How exactly are these husbands better?

Shriram Nene, Abhishek Bachchan, Amitabh Bachchan, Jay mehta ( Juhi's Husband), Harish Mysore ( meenakshi's husband), Anil Ambani, Rishi Kapoor. All of these married only one and are better husbands!!

Kamal Hassan and Sarika are separated.
Hema Malini and Dharmendra - separated.
Jaya Prada & Srikant- seprated ( they are never seen together at any event, proves they are separated)
Kishore Kumar married twice after and once before Madhubala!!!
Sanjay Dutt is very sexist, he likes a wife who stays home and not work ( he said madhuri should stay in US and take care of her Kids instead of working)
Karishma and her Husband are rarely seen together, they live separate lives fore sure.
Shruti Hassan and Siddharth have broken up!

So no, married men do not make better husbands, Unmarried men do!

I agree with the fact that all actresses are controlling, have no morals. They don't care if they are making someone sad, with money and fame comes such thinking.. it might not be their fault since 90% actresses have done this, its just how their character develops in the film industry..

the other common thing about all these once married men is that they are ALL from the industry. (except for the one cricketer, but to be fair Sania is not from BW, Kundra is in the ent industry now,Kapur isn't but that marriage is always in tatters)

I think the point may be that these women/stars cannot make it work with non Bollywood men (variety of reasons for this: maybe they can't meet in normal circumstances, maybe there are preconcieved notions, maybe the men can't get over the egos of having a more successful wife (see Tehzeeb etc) maybe 'ordinary' men don't understand the long hours their wives would have to work, long outdoor schedules, the constant rumours, the touchey-feely photoshoots, maybe the in law family don't agree)

Obviously there are some exceptions. ie) Madhuri

And because many of these BW get married really young, once they have some big BW star hitting on them they leave their wives.

Sometimes when the female BW stars take a break and start thinking of marriage, they are already over 35, and most men of the appropriate age group are married. ie) Urmila, Mahima.

Maybe they don't have a choice?

not to say that there is anything wrong in 'second marriage' or marrying a divorcee. But wrecking someone's marriage in order to get your own share, is a little sad and wrong. IMO.

must say an entertaining post pop-cultured. Some of t he people's stories, I wasn't aware like Jayaprada or Raveena.

I applaud the heroines that did get married in a "natural" manner and has continued to lead a successful married life. I specially cheer for heroines who married non-actors and are damn proud of it.

three things discovered!

1. MONEY TALKS!!!!!!!!!!
2. IDIOT LADIES and 3. then again, ''LOVE IS BLIND'' (in case of Sri and Boney, LOL jks) but really.

It saddens me to say in most cases THE MAN gets away with it. I am not saying most of these ladies are victims cause some of them certainly aren't but still. It's the mentality of men and society that often pushes them to do or act in certain ways.

The one with the two wives and the women allowing it always disturbs me :S

is there any bollywood actress who got married with a bachelor except madhuri????

I think society has a lot to do with it, just because a woman is in a relationship with a person who is previously married she is labelled a shrew. People need to understand that some people just fall out of love. Its not for us to judge, everybody has thier own karma.

A list not many would like to be a part of...but here are some of the big stars of Bollywood who are part of Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan, who now preaches us to be good at his good was he to his first wife and the children he had with her?

Why do people keeep saying dharmender converted to Islam?
that story of his isnt even true. Hema was the one who said she is willing to live separately but just wants dharmender to get married with her. So even after their daughters were born, He never went to live with them for a long term. He's been staying with his family for the whole time..

previously married men do make better husbands as they have experienced marriage before getting married in this case, it would be the wife who's inexperienced..whereas with a new husband, a wife experiences everything at the same time with her first-time husband...

Better husbands? Definitely not...they have already proved their commitment level. Specially with kids,it must be difficult for second wifes to accept that her husband has been through all levels of intimacy with her predecessor. But then as actresses, it might difficult be difficult for real bachelors to accept them. So second hand hi sahi...need someone in your life.

I believe it is very difficult for these actresses to get what most of us Indian girls would consider a great catch, that is a single, never married man who is well educated, comes from a respectable family, handsome, healthy, sophisticated, financially wealthy, has a good professional career, is loving, thoughtful, romantic, faithful, and a good lover.

Because such a man would never ever want to marry the type of woman majority of these actresses are.

Most actresses are users, they're fake, demanding, controlling, backstabbing, sleep around with anyone and everyone, unfaithful, and always greedy for money and fame.

Hema looks like Esha in that black & white pic, for the first time I see a resemblance between mother and daughter.

Sadly these women are all gorgeous and intelligent and could have had any guy. Surprisingly most of the husbands arent that good looking but have big bucks !

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