Zarine Khan at The Grand Bhagwat Calendar Launch

Zarine Khan at The Grand Bhagwat Calendar Launch 0
Zarine Khan at The Grand Bhagwat Calendar Launch 0

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Anonymous's picture

I love her hair

starving4attention's picture

Needs a stylist. Pronto.

Anonymous's picture

there is certain uncomfortably looking at Zarine, she is so desperate to show her big cleavage, just looks like moti Sunny Leone, forget about Katrina

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Zarine is extremely big boned

Anonymous's picture

she has shed a lot of weight . she becomes really beautiful

Anonymous's picture

I think Zarine is gorgeous and she does not look like Katrina.

Anonymous's picture

wooow she really did a good job to lose some weight. she looks nice, but i wish if she can change her hair style and make up

Anonymous's picture

She is clearly trying to act, look and behave like Katrina... If she only loses more weight (slim, not skinny), and changes her hairstyle, she might have a better chance.. but to be honest no one wants China Ka Duplicate Maal...

Anonymous's picture

Thu, 2012-04-12 17:48 — Anonymous

Why would Zareen change her style? and who told you that Katrina has rich hairs? she uses extensions to make her thin hair look rich but Zareen is a Pathan and she has naturally black and rich hair as well as big bones!

Anonymous's picture

Everything about this is sooooo garish and terrifying...

Anonymous's picture

she looks gorgouseee

Anonymous's picture

i dont know why and it might be a bit rude to say this but i dont find zarine attractive.

Anonymous's picture

She looks way too much like Katrina here. She should change up her hair style I think. Not alot of actresses have long dark hair except Katrina (I think). I think Zarine should cut her hair or colour it to make herself look a bit different. I think it would work well for her and a change is always good!

serendipity01's picture

Zarine is always so extra cautious of the way she is looking...trying hard to strike a pose, adjusting her hair, cautious of how much to smile...I actually feel uncomfortable looking at her...

DailyMail's picture

spandex alert


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