Zayed Khan's F1 Formula Style For HI! Living Magazine

Hi! LIVING* is a high-end design & luxury experience magazine, covering topics on space design, architecture, spas & resorts, exotic food & wine, trends in technology & the emerging concept of ownership of second homes &art. It keeps you well informed of trends in the luxury experience.*Hi! LIVING* bridges the gap between being a mere spectator of a beautiful existence & experiencing “hi-living”.

This month the country is zipping and bursting with excitement with the F1 being held in India for the very first time, and with Diwali festivities around the corner.

Keeping with the theme, HI! LIVING has done an exclusive 10 page shoot in this October's issue celebrating the frenzy, excitement and glamour of F1 racing with none other than the latest youth icon Zayed Khan.

Fresh from the success of Love BreakUps Zindagi, Zayed Khan is back with a bang. He is cool, sporty and stylish. For the latest issue of HI!LIVING magazine he brings the 'sophisticated grunge' look to life. Zayed Khan was styled by Daena Sethna with designer Manav Gangwani. the Force India F1 car gives the shoot a cutting edge, sport look and feel that goes perfectly with Zayeds image.

The concept behind it was to bring out the 'sophisticated' side of Zayed through tail coats and jackets and the grungy speed loving side through textures like leather and quilt.
Zayed is seen sporting Labels like Dior, Georgio Armani, Ermenegildo Zegna, Sanchita, Manav Gangwani with Force India as the theme of the shoot. Make up and hair by Slash. Photography by Haider Khan.

Keeping in theme with the F1 excitement, HI! LIVING presents a feature on Dreams and New Beginnings. They speak with Mohit Lalvani who recounts the anticipation felt before the nations inaugral Grand Prix.

Also with Diwali right around the corner HI! LIVING has focused on ' Diwali Luxury Gifting Ideas,' featuring Gold, Bling, Classics, Exotic, Elegant, Traditional, Floral and Eclectic gifts to name a few.

If you want to feel the pulse of F1 excitement, grab your issue today!

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