Sanjay Khan, Zeenat Aman: What really happened?

I came across these images recently and was reminded of all of the drama surrounding the Sanjay Khan - Zeenat Aman love affair back in the day. I've only seen snippets from TV interviews, magazine articles and heard from my mom who remembers when all of this went down in the 80's.

Rumor has it that Sanjay Khan, who was married with three children, fell in love (lust?) with Zeenat when they met on the met on the sets of Abdulla in Jaisalmer in 1980. Apparently the two actually got married and starting living together. Obviously it didn't take long for Sanjay's wife Zarine to find out. People say she was furious and wasn't going to silently watch it all happen. Supposedly she confronted Zeenat at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai and beat her up! Some say it was with a chair. To this day, one of Zeenat's eyes looks scarred.

What have you all heard? I'm intrigued to hear more about this!

Sanjay Khan actually explained a little bit of what happened on Simi Garewal's talk show some years back, but of course he and his wife Zarine downplayed the whole thing. It's been removed from YouTube, but if anyone has it please upload!

FYI Sanjay and Zarine's children are Farah Khan Ali, Simone Khan Arora, Sussanne Khan Roshan (married to Hrithik Roshan) and actor Zayed Khan.

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Dates as given below are misleading. They are supposed to have fallen in love during the sets of Abdullah in 1980, whereas they were married from 1978 to 1979. Therefore, what is the truth?

"Rumor has it that Sanjay Khan, who was married with three children, fell in love (lust?) with Zeenat when they met on the met on the sets of Abdulla in Jaisalmer in 1980. Apparently the two actually got married and starting living together."

Ajj kis ke pass Time ha Pade ne ke leye Jo Chala gaya so Bet Gaya Likhna Bhut Kch Chata hu Par Koi Phada Nhi Gindgi Rahi To

LOg Sochte ha ke Filmi Dunyai Ke logo Ke jeeven me bhot khusi ha par mara ye khna Bhot se Acter ko Dekho To duniya kub Hassya Per Jevn Me Bhot Gam Aur Sirff Apne Jeven Sathi ( Rajesh khanna,Nargis,Asha parik, Nanda, Latamangeskar Sanjeev Kumar Aur Jasi App maff Karna Mane Jeven Me Kisi Bhi acter ko Najdeek Nahi Dekha Bhut Sochta hu Serff Ak Bar Who Bhi Old Acter Se Ginka Dor Nikal Chuka ha

I will like to know what actually happen. I am sure there is more to this story.

Does anybody know the history between the two?The newspapers of the time probably have written a lot more.

it was sanjay who slapped zeenat so hard that one of her eyes became permanently damaged.

Neither zeenat , nor sanjay...they both were irritating..

she had done almost every thing to show body parts...and at the same time silk smitha was doing the same what she was.. and as we know**industry** calls her a b grade star..tell me why we call her a b grade star, , just because she acted in a bold way..and if yes so y we do not call zeenat a b grade actress....comon guys if she was avaliable at this time in industry,, she would been on place of sunny leone...

I feel sorry for Sanjay's kids it's not their fault their dad is a horrible man! I can't imagine how they live with such a man. To be honest I don't think he gives a shit about his kids I mean take his son for example he never tried to help his son not even once to make it big in Bollywood other dads from the industry try everything for their sons to be a success!
Sanjay Khan is such a horrible pathetic person that should rot in hell in my opinion!

Zeenat ji is all time favrite of mine, there was a time when our great poet use to say poetry on her eyes.But when today we look at her it clicks in our mind that there is a person still alive in this world who should be behind the bar or should sentenced death planty.

Tue, 2013-04-23 12:04 — Anonymous
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and people they were all muslims,they thought 4 marriages were its cheating asper that religion .
NO baby ,go read about Islam then come and comment like this,
multiple marriage in Islam is restricted with knowing of the previous wife(ves)
by the meaning of if they agree it is okay you can do it and if they don't agree you have either two choices ;-divorce her(them) or keep on (her)them and forget about the new one and if you read Qura'n ,you will find that The god prefer one wife for each man and this order is obvious and explained in it and the God allow this for men because some men have wives are sick ,have infectious diseases or become handicapped or something and aren't able to do their marriage duties,
instead of divorcing this woman and may be there is no one can spend or take care of her ,so the man can keep on her and get married from another woman give him this and Islam recommend this to protect muslim men from falling for acheat and hurting their wives with lying and cheat on them because Islam respect women and at the same time it know well human needs ,so it treat the problem by practical way and without hurting any one)
And please stop hating on Islam because of people aren't related to it , because you have bad relationship with some muslims , you believe just what you hear , through bad acts of some muslims {Islam didn't recommend this} or because you don't have the enough knowledge about this religion
And as a continiuation;
cheat isn't allowed in Islam or any other religion ,it is a SIN
and this is why it is happening in secret and without knowing of the wife(husband) and who is doing this, he(she) hides it because he(she) knows that this is wrong ,harmful ,hurtful and destructive
OR if this is ok why they are hiding ,they shouldn't hide .....

and people they were all muslims,they thought 4 marriages were its cheating asper that religion.

and even after getting beaten up like a dog,she didnt file a complaint,she thought probabaly he would go back to her.I mean come on you are a strong woman,earning more than that douche,why were you so needy?

I read the story somewhere else ,an excerpt from an old newspaper,zeenat was warned by peple around her abuout sajnay,people told her that he was in for her success and name,he wanted ,money and a popular actress,but she said no' its true love!!! like wt* how stupid can you be? also his wife knew of their relationship but then she kept silent becoz she knew her husband needed her.
later on in the hotel she(wife) asked sanay to beat her up also did it herslef and said"kut**a ko iski auqat dekha do"I think he found out that his wife was pregnant ,his film was done too.

Well, I learn that it was Sanjay who beat Zeenat and not Sanjay's wife. I note that the scarry look in the eye of Zeenat is the result of Sanjay Khan's beating in Hotel Taj in Mumbai when she tried to prove that she had married Sajnay Khan.
I really felt sorry for Zeenat recently when she showed up herself in a function somewhere. She looked so poor and woebegone. Reading about the low that she went through after Mazhar's death and her custody and disowning by her own sons and that she had to date some business man for supporting herself, it is shocking.

Zeenat is at the same time a good person. Very charming and sweet, no doubt. She was ready to go any level for getting stardom and she did get what she wanted.

I am saddened by her present status.

Rocky D'Souza in Brahmavar, Udupi, Karnataka State.

Thanks for the contact info. Jotted it down. Watch out for my email ;)

Lol. Tell me what what was the email about?

The report here above says that Sanjay's legal wife Zarine Khan bashed Zeenat in Taj Hotel in Mumbai over the alleged marriage of Sanjay Khan & Zeenat subsequent to their pairing in Abudlla which flopped miserably. I had heard, read then in Mumbai that Sanjay had slapped Zeenat for which all the women orgnaizations in Mumbai including Dolly Thakore, news reader in DD 1 then were all upto punishing Sanjay Khan over his alleged slapping Zeenat Aman.
Zeenat lived like a western girl (she welcomed old man like Raj Kapoor to have fun with her during the shooting of Do Jasoos and the making of Satyam, Shivam and Sexum). She had Dev with her for long, who promoted her in films. She ditched Dev for role in Satyam Shivam Sundaram. God only knows how many love affairs she had had ! They were legions.
Finally her marriage with some Khan also flopped for whatever reasons. That fellow died or commits suicide not clear.
Today Zeenath is a lonely lady with her children and she is getting married to somebody new as heard in the news.
Let her get married again, what's there !

Ok guys ...They say it's karma ...what so bad Zene do to have such a terrible abusive life ...anyone.

Tart Zeenat had her Just deserts - when u play with fire u get burnt. She dated men old enough to be her grandfather and father and her own age and now her Son's age.

does zeenat had any daughter with sanjay khan..?

does zeenat has any daughter with sanjay khan...???
i heard that but not confirmed is it true..?

good for zarine!! go girl!

The actors live in the moment...thats the reason why their lives are finished all in a few moments...!

you knw what guys these lot drink sharab and all that and party at clubs and i am a full on sunni muslim and i can say that sanjay khans family are muslims for the name of it only they bring shame to our religion islam as they dring and then they state that they hv read the quran. i can say officialy that the prohet peace be upon him said that drinking was prohibited and not allowed. they just thick and pathetic

I am a fan of the Khan family (Feroz Khan, Abbas Khan and their sons Fardeen Khan and Zayed Khan), becuase Feroz was really a brilliant actor and in addition, they are my compatriots (They are originally from Afghanistan). But I still don't know which sect in Islam do they follow, Shiite or Sunni?
If somebody knows about them, please let me know too.
Best wishes
Hafiz from Afghanistan


Sanjay khan got burnt. His first daughter is married to an alcoholic abuser. His son is a failure. God knows how to mete out justice. Whatever more remains for Sanjay Khan, God only knows.
Mazhar khan Zeenat's husband suffered terribly.

for everyone who says that zeenat aman was trying to break a marriage ..
guys are you serious ??? you actually think that thats the fault of the woman ? no trust me its the guy's fault !

if he hadnt an affair with zeenat than he would probably have an affair with someone else !
if he wanted to save his family he wouldnt go after a woman no matter what ! dont come up with '' she was seducing him '' come on what was he a 15 year old ???

@Wed, 2011-12-28 15:10 — Anonymous

Wed, 2011-12-28 08:53 — Anonymous
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sombody needs to beat that sanjay khan!
I agree 100%


From links at wiki-

Sanjay Khan-Zeenat Aman:
Zeenat Aman was already married to Sanjay Khan, via an impulsive romance on the sets of ‘Abdullah’. On returning to Bombay, he refused to accept this. So one night, Zeenat Aman in rebellion ended up visiting a party that Sanjay Khan and his wife Zarine had thrown as a ‘couple’ at the Taj. Enraged at this, Sanjay Khan bashed up Zeenat Aman so badly that she permanently damaged her eye; this in view of the who’s who of Bollywood. The incident is so sordid that it even finds mention in Shobhaa De’s celebrated memoir Selective Memory.

My heart is breaking after reading what abuse Zeenat went through at the hands of Sanjay Khan. I hate him with a passion of a thousand suns ! grr

I agree with :

sombody needs to beat that sanjay khan!
What goes around comes around? God gave it to Sanjay when he was burnt while his movie set was on fire! He was totally burnt! Look what happened to him as he is the one who beat up the beautiful lady Zeenat jee's eye!


So there IS a God afterall ! Hallelujah!

no doubt
she is indian queen

@ moimeme
Very aptly said about the larger than life bollywood heroes. And ANY MAN who abuses women will surely rot in hell - even the so called "on screen heroes" ! Pathetic!

Zeenat looked sooo lovely in this vid:

There was an interview where Zeenat admitted that she has not made any good choices when it came to the men in her life...she wanted a father figure, but sadly never got one... I like the fact that she's very honest in her interviews and sooo well-mannered...

That incident that happened, a lot of people saw it but no one came forward to help..our Bollywood heroes pretend to be larger than life on the big screen, but off screen they won't lift a finger to protect the dignity of a woman..such cowards...and yes, men who abuse women are bigger cowards and will rot in hell!

Zeenat also went to UCLA in California.

Thanks Anon for that excerpt!

this is what shoba de wrote in her book:

Recollecting the ‘Stardust’ days, she narrates her meeting with the
beautiful heroine Zeenat Aman. De comments that Zeenat entered the
film industry with an intention of making money and enjoy success. She
entered the industry as a teenager and for five years her magic spell
bound India. By that time stardust had become number one film
magazine. She preferred to remain on the right side of the publication’s
proprietor. So far as her off-screen performances with various married
men are concerned ‘Stardust’ spared her by soft-peddling.
Sanjay Khan gave her a false sense of respectability and security
by considering her wife number two.’ The most humiliating experience of
Zeenat Aman with the star Sanjay Khan has been fearlessly and candidly
narrated by Shobha De. De comments that their relationship ended in the
lobby of the Taj Mahal Hotel. There battered and bruised Zeenat was
publicly humiliated by Abbas Khan and his socialite friends. De
considers it as one of the most shocking incidents in the history of
Bollywood. Had it happened today, Abbas (Sanjay) Khan would have
been jailed for abuse and assault.

Problem was,still is in Bollywood there is one code of conduct for the 'heros' & another boring one for the 'heroines'. People are blaming Zeenat for the men in her life. I mean,Dev Anand and Raj Kapoor were both old enough to be her grandfather. She married a young Sanjay Khan who attacked her so badly that it ruined her looks. For an actress nothing can be worse than that.I'm sure he'd have been arrested had it happened today.Having a son finally after 3 daughters may have counted,it's mentioned that Sanjay had sent home cooked biryani to the offices of the movie mags of the time. Married actors had affairs & wives were expected to put up with it.
To answer the question below ,Feroz Khan had divorced his wife Sundari because she was simply unable to tolerate his constant infidelity. Sundari had stated that Feroz was shell shocked when she asked for a divorce. He told her that she needs to understand his 'masculine needs' & even worse, that she is a nobody without him. The Khan brothers used to be very pally with Zeenat Aman & Mumtaz. The well read Zeenat Aman may have lived her life like a man. Pity she chose such idiots.

Zeenat comes across as such an intelligent, well read person. how could she make so many bad choices in her life.
just goes to show that heart has a mind of its own. and we tend to listen to emotional heart and not practical brain.

men who beat women are the biggest cowards in this world. God gave it back to him when his face got burnt terribly.

Zeenat was a player. She had soo many married men - Dev Anand, Sanjay, his brother Feroze, Raj Kapoor etc etc. She thought she could do this with no consequences.

What goes around comes around? God gave it to Sanjay when he was burnt while his movie set was on fire! He was totally burnt! Look what happened to him as he is the one who beat up the beautiful lady Zeenat jee's eye!

Wed, 2011-12-28 08:53 — Anonymous
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sombody needs to beat that sanjay khan!
I agree 100%

Sanjay Khan is an abuser and user, I agree with whomever said Zeenat was naive and was looking for a strong male figure in her life. She once said in an interview that she was attracted to Muslim men because of her absentee/deceased Muslim father.
Look at Zeenat in her prime, she was the stuff dreams were made of, so pretty, so sexy, so damn cool. I am sure everyone was attracted to her, but she had a tendency to choose a-holes. Sanjay used and abused her. She did not have a very good head for money either, she gave her money freely to sanjay then when she was married to Mazhar, she spent most of her life savings on his illness, taking him abroad for treatments etc. In return her in-laws filled her sons' heads with lies against her and would not grant her custody after Mazhar's death. Its only when Zeenat went to media and spoke openly about her grief that she was reunited with her sons.
I think as a person Zeenat is/was immensely graceful, naive, trusting and devoted to people in her life, but they did not repay her kindly. For such an astonishingly beautiful lady, she had had a very tough life.

Quote:Wed, 2011-12-28 06:06 — Anonymous

In all of this I feel sorry for the kids it must have been hard. I am sure zarine and sanjay fought alot over this and it would have affected the kids especially zayed because I have heard alot of interviews of zayed were he himself has said that he does not have a good relationship with his father. P.S zayed looks cute/hot and sexy in both pictures love u zayed always and forever xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Had 2 agree w/ this anon. It must been hard especially for the girls(Farah,Simone and Suzanne) 2 deal w/ this situation (well,i must say at least the first 2,cuz suzanne was just 2 young 2 remember this i guess)but at least they got back their parents (and an another brother,in this case real one - also in feroz's family laila was the 1st born and then fardeen got born later so he was the only "brother" til zayed's arrival -)
I'm actually too young and got 2 know about this story just recently but according on what i've been reading here my opinions is neutral on both sides..if Abbas/Sanjay was really a bad person much 2 beat Zeenat,then i despise his attitude towards that. For about Zarine,she has fought like a married woman but if she beat Zeenat up was perhaps the post partum anger (like an another anon has said before) and when it comes 2 Zeenat..well on one hand she has my simpathies but on the another she's also done the mistake..i guess she already knew that sanjay has kids already,so why did she fall 4 him?for love?for the sake of her carrier and money?
Everybody makes mistakes,that's all i can say about this then.

Thank you Bollyprincess for this post.

Now i got just an another question still about the family but switching off to Feroz saab..he got divorced as well in 1985-6 if i'm not wrong,and he did it because of an another situation like this or just between him and his wife Sundari?Cuz i still remember how Fardeen used to talk in KWK about coming from a broken family in his case...

Zeenat was exploited by a lot of her leading men .She was well read ,articulate & not your average filmi actress.Like a lot of other actresses,she too was looking for love,marriage & security.She married a relatively less popular married actor-Sanjay Khan, who beat her up so badly that it visibly damaged her eye. Then she made the mistake of getting into another abusive marriage to Mazhar Khan.He too physically abused her & his parents disapproved of her. Her sons turned against her & after Mazhar's death,she dated an influential businessman as she had no means to support herself. As for Sanjay Khan,he ran back to his wife Zarine.Personally I'd be terrified of a man who'd do such an evil thing. I mean,if Sanjay did not want Zeenat for whatever reason,he could have simply left. Hopefully ,he prays that such a thing never happens to any of his gals. Zeenat has made many mistakes in her life.We none of us know why such an intelligent woman has made the choices she did, so we are in no position to criticise. Besides,she has certainly paid for her mistakes.

I feel bad for Zeenat. Her husband Mazhar also abused her....

I hate this Sanjay Khan!!!!!

sombody needs to beat that sanjay khan!

Zeenat is a kind, almost naive kind of person when it came to love. Not having a strong father figurein her life, she was attracted to pond scum with the exception of Dev who treated her like a lady. But he was too old for her fresh meandering ways. They parted without trashing each other. However, Sanjay Khan was the algae that grows on pond scum. A real low life who hand in glove with his Zarine, made use of Zeenat and totally trashed her. However, Zeenat is larger than life, and is for sure better off without the abusive user that Sanjay was. I was a teenager who avidly followed their lives then, and my heart really broke for Zeenat. Most of all, I felt like puking at the violence this useless couple demonstrated. They really are lowlives, bottom of the feeding chain. What appalled me was that this happened in plain sight in a five star hotel, and no one bothered to come to the lady's rescue. Zeenat's eye has never been the same after this incident. There was so much violence rained on her by Zarine and Sanjay. Zarine had just given birth to her son, and must have unleashed all that postpartum rage on Zeenat.

I've heard Zeenat's husband was alcoholic & would beat her up. That's why the eye is like that.

Yikes! Zahid looks scary in the bottom left photo in black suit. Can't stand this Abbas Khan. Why did he change his name to Sanjay??

In all of this I feel sorry for the kids it must have been hard. I am sure zarine and sanjay fought alot over this and it would have affected the kids especially zayed because I have heard alot of interviews of zayed were he himself has said that he does not have a good relationship with his father. P.S zayed looks cute/hot and sexy in both pictures love u zayed always and forever xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Read Shobha De's autobiography "Selective Memory". She has written in detail about the entire incident. According to her Sanjay Khan beat Zeenat and ground the heel of his boot into her eye, which explains why it is still disfigured today.

wow so many theories. that youtube video of simi garewal's show is not there :(

Sanjay Khan Sucks Balls.........That's Y he abused Zeenat coz he wanted a Sausage not a taco.

I despise Zarine for what she did to Zeenat Aman's isn't all the woman's fault..she got back nicely with her husband and gave birth to a boy...soon after, Sanjay had an accident on the sets of his film where his face was was said that the duo tricked Zeenat to be in his debut directorial venture, Abdullah, as Zeenat was his brother's Feroz actress...until now, he denies that he was married to her..


Zeenat's eye was ruined by her stupid ex (now dead) husband.

Sanjay Khan beat her up NOT Zarine what BS

she couldnt give him a son? U do realize that men and women together make a baby, just because the woman carries the baby it doesn't mean she has control of the gender of the child. SMGDH
FYI it's the men's chromosome's who determine the gender of the child, so no, Zarine wasn't ''unable to give him a son'' but Sanjay's chromosomes were unable to produce a male child.

Sanjay Khan's career was a sunken ship and he needed a revival desperately. His wife was the only bread winner at one point and he being a man wanted to get back at work. The only problem was that no leading lady worth her salt wanted to work with a has been actor and financers/distributors were not keen on having Sanjay as hero of the movie. So Sanjay Khan cooked up a story to Zeenat as how he is fed up with Zarine and wants out. Zeenal being typical 80s starlet was desperate for "true love" who will accept her as his wife. They started spending time together. All this was hands in glove with Zarine. Sanjay signed Zeenat for peanuts as his leading lady. Zeenat being at the pinnacle of her career was a selable actress. Financers brought in money and Sanjay Khan saw light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to sizzling roumors of leading actors ABDULLAH worked at the box office. Sanjay's mission was accomplished. by this time Zarine has delivered a baby boy. Sanjay to Zeenat's horror started spending more time at home with his wife and kids. She met him at a party and confronted him about his so called promises . He slaped her and called her names. That was the end of it. nonetheless his career tanked again.

I admire Zarine Khan she stood by her husband even though he cheated on her and had affairs. Also I hate that Zeenat Aman trying to break up a married mans house, Ive always hated this biaatch.

Pinkvilla post my comments

its over and done ! it was lust and it fizzled out! look where zarine khan is now and where zeenat is.
even zeenat i think acknowledged in several interviews what she did was wrong. why rake up a non

both Sanjay and Zarine beat up Zeenat. people around just kept watching. no one helped Zeenat. this i read somewhere.

Pathetic Sanjay claims Zeenat seduced him. He was innocent in the Simi Garewal show.

hey @bolly princess i love these kind of post about old forgotten stories ,scandeles can u post more posts like these post .......very nice post.............

From what I know, heard and read, the Khan brothers, Sanjay, Feroz, Akbar etc had a lot of clout. When Sajay Khan was filming his ambitious movie Abdullah with his heroine Zeenat, he ran out of funds and his heroine was also besotted with him. So he used this to his advantage. Zeenat not only lost her all her hard earned money for her misplaced love, she also got into a lot of scandal, abuse from the brothers and bad publicity. She was badly beaten up. Suddenly the wife claimed her husband back and said it was all Zeenat's fault. Zeenat I heard was scared to face these brothers' wrath and took refuge in silence. Later she entered into a tumultuous marriage with actor Mazhar Khan who later died leaving her with two sons. Zeenat has had a dramatic life and hope she has peace now.

it's all true why else would simi grill them, i miss rendezvous with simi she got straight to the point and asked the real questions that no one dared to

@Tue, 2011-12-27 15:23 — Anonymous

Wow. You seem to know about his personal life! LOL!

I read somewhere, that it was Sanjay himself who beat up Zeenat at a party.

No one really knws what went down nor will we ever
But one thing that bought a riff between his wife and him was the fact that she couldn't give a son, which is what attracted him to Zeenat more, kinda like a Prince Henry the 8 thing. After Zayed was born things got better
Zeenat being the sex symbol of the time and all attracted him more, He wasn't in love more of a infatuation. And she was very native

Good lord! who else to pull up such scandals but pink panther villa!

ohh. from what i had heard, zarine had accepted the affair quietly..

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