Preity new Print Ad for Fem - Herbal Bleach Cream

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Preity in a new advertisment. It is a bleach creams which many comments I noticed is
used to bleach your hair on face. It is to cover facial hair. NO FAIRNESS CREAM.


is FEM Herbal Bleach a permanent lightener?

to the moderators, some of the Joel Stein defenders have shouted back that Indians themselves are racists... and like the fairer kind, so they are getting back what they deserve. Isn't it time we clean up our own backyard now to solve bigger issues?

what can we say to comments like these, probably written by teens under 18?:
'indians do believe fair is beautiful and they treat people based on skin color regardless of your education and world travels and regardless of the city or hamlet you live in '.

is this a right message to send to the youth of our Indian community, many of whom will battle racial sterotypes around the globe based on their color . if they have a self-hatred from an early age, they will never develop a proper self esteem. the moderators who are over 18 should think about this before accepting racially charged comments for youths to read...

wow.. et tu Preity? we thought more of you, since you were the educated star.

perpetuating the self-hatred youth will have for their own natural color, which is equally beautiful as a pale color? this is the day and age of the Joel Stiens now.. and having any form of advertisements which indicate racial non-acceptance has got to go.. even if they pay you loads of bucks to do it.


preity looks cute

in this case of fem herbal bleach, yes it is a bleaching cream that bleaches the hair as well as the skin and the end result is fairness ( which the product states). its not the same kinda fairness cream like Fair & Lovely and some Loreal products which other indian stars promote. its a bleaching fairness product which even fair ppl like me use to bleach the unwanted facial hair. Why this cream: because its sensitive than other bleaching cream.

to each his own

no, it's not a hair bleaching cream! it's a "fairness" cream and this is clearly stated on the ad. learn to read.

well, theres nothing wrong if you want to look fair or dark. why be judgmental. here in the US, fair ppl try hard to look dark by tanning themselves even to the point of getting skin cancer. so whats wrong if some ppl want to look fair in india. its their prerogative. i understand that theres plenty of discrimination regarding colors and its our moral duty to stand against those discriminations. however this bleach to me is just like any other cosmetic products we use to enhance our beauty. even fair ppl have facial hairs that they want to remove, and bleaching them is one way to do so.

lol its bleaching cream.. for people who can't wax or shave their face, it helps them because it lightens the face hair!
she looks good btw

someone below said to "chill because this ad is for facial hair bleaching." well, you're simply wrong: read the ad, it's pretty clear that it's a FAIRNESS CREAM.

my original comment: "she is adding to the discrimination of millions of Indians who are not "fair" and therefore are not "beautiful." Shame on you Preity; i thought you were better than this."

someone's post regarding what i said above: "mmm. Just cuz you're not fair, doesnt mean you are not beautiful! ...What kinda baseless statement is that?"

my reply: i think it is pretty obvious that i was alluding to the fact that Indians equate fair skin with beauty and darker skin with unattractiveness; and, for this reason, Preity endorsing a fairness cream is wrong in my opinion since in India darker skinned individuals are therefore relegated to a second class citizenship and systematically discriminated against. i'm sorry that you are not educated enough to have understood my original comment. i by no means believe that fair skin is beautiful and dark skin isn't: i believe that beauty comes in all shapes and colours. period.

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 2009-07-02 19:40.

Ummm. Just cuz you're not fair, doesnt mean you are not beautiful! ...What kinda baseless statement is that?

shes lookin pretty

it is bleach.. which is used to bleach your hair on face. Most indians have facial hair so using a bleach to get rid of this hair is very, very important. Take it easy!

preity luks so pretty

preity luks so pretty

she is adding to the discrimination of millions of Indians who are not "fair" and therefore are not "beautiful." Shame on you Preity; i thought you were better than this.

wats wrong in endorsing fariness products....preity's lookin beautiful as always....dyin 2 c her back on screen....cant wait 2 c her next set of movies......

very pretty! she looks as she did five, ten yrs ago. that may be just photoshop, but whatever, i still love preity!

preity looks cute

it's funny how a girl from himachal pradesh with fair skin's endorsing this

ugh I hate people who endorse fairness products. Bless her heart. I still like preity though!

It's a facial hair bleach cream......they've all just started calling it a fairness cream.

l i believe that for the celebs, its all about the money. no dignity for these ppl, nowhere to draw a line........
its really sad:((((

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