5 cheats to make you look like a morning person when you are not

Not a morning person? Following these steps will make you glow and create the illusion that you rise and shine early!
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Getting out of bed at wee hours in the morning to get ready for work or college can be quite a daunting task. How do morning people manage to sleep and wake up on time, head to the gym and complete everything on time? We can't stand them but we'd still like to attempt to be like them! Who wouldn't want to wake up and not be cranky early in the morning and finally get rid of those dark circles, right? These tips are sure to add a little pep in your step and make it seem like you have got a full 9 hours!

Your skin does it its most important job and heals itself when you are getting rest and seeping. Dry and broken skin can't always be cured with bronzer and concealer. For your skin to look clean, despite having less than 6 hours of sleep, ensure you keep sipping on water throughout the day. 8 glasses of water a day is not a myth for it is sure to leave you with bouncy and fresh skin. 


Yes, we know, we know, the side effects of caffeine, but that comes into effect when excess is consumed. A shot of espresso with your breakfast cereal is sure to give you that hit and start the day completely energised. 

Night time therapy
No matter how late it is, the least you could do is give yourself 
five-minute massage. Put adequate pressure on your temple area and around your eyes and your cheeks. Do so with some aloe vera gel for supple skin or some vanilla or lavender essential oil. 

De-puff your face


This is a celebrity-approved technique is one that will help in de-puffing your face almost instantly. Kate Moss dunks her face in a bowl of freezing cold water as soon as she wakes up. This reduces the puffiness around her eyes, closes her pores and gives her skin a bright glow. 

Tightline and curl
A fool-proof way to help you look wide awake even when you 
are not, is to take some kajal which always comes to the rescue, and tight line your upper and lower eyelids. Following this, use that eyelash curler to give those lashes some curls and more oomph, that is sure to make you look wide awake. 



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