Are gel-manicures a curse or a boon? Here’s the truth

Gel manicures are all the rage but they’re more of a curse than a boon
Are gel-manicures a curse or a boon? Here’s the truthAre gel-manicures a curse or a boon? Here’s the truth
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Let’s all say that self-grooming has reached next level. Also why not? With people running wild with their creativity, it’s clearly gone leaps ahead. I’m sure everyone of you’ll must have definitely heard about the current trending “gel-manicures”. Of course, we’ve seen all the fancy ladies flaunt their gelled manicures away to glory. But is it really all that pretty or just on the face?


Let’s start off with finding if these two really have a difference. Well, no points for guessing, of course they do! Gel technique is applied through the regular manner but before doing that nails are buffed so at to create that stiffness. After the application of the polish we do not have to wait forever but simply place our hands in the heater to let the UV rays do its job.



Although, gel nails look super tasteful it is often believed that when you place your hand under the LED lamp, it contributes to skin damage. However, this is far away from the truth. According  to a study, even if you get gel nails done every week even then you won’t be prone to skin cancer. That in no way means that you should get these done every week. Personally speaking, the paint chips off after a week and what you’re left with is a hard case of unpleasant looking gel nail-paint.


Another major headache with the hard gel is that it takes an army to literally take off the nail paint. It’s not as big a headache as it is with the soft gel. The bottom line in the end is that gel nail paints do lead to nail thinning, leaving them extremely weak and brittle. This in no way means that you do not try these out (no one has ever learnt from hearing someone else until they experience it themselves). So go ahead and try them on, make sure you go back to the salon to get it removed. Post the removal of your nail paint, cut your nails short and let them breathe. Apply nail hardener and let them grow naturally. Avoid opting for gelled nails for a couple of months - I suggest never, but then to each their own.



Hard gels do glimmer and shine but you can achieve the same with a regular polish too (and for much cheaper). Do comment below and tell us how your experience was.


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Just use the base coat that makes it peel off, it comess off with hot water in 7 mins. No trouble no ruining your nails.

Well to solve all cons of gel manicures we at Alps nail art have come up with Reusable gel press on nails which provides all benefits of gel extensions, with no damage to Your real nails. And you get salon like gel manicure within 5 mins. :D

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