Milk based hair, face and body masks that are sure to make your skin supple and hair fizz free in the monsoon

Yes, consuming a glass of milk on a daily basis can help your body in multiple ways by adding all necessary nutrients and minerals. But putting it on your body has added benefits!
Beauty,milk,milk face mask,milk hair maskMilk based hair, face and body masks that are sure to make your skin supple and hair fizz free in the monsoon
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Milk is one ingredient that seems to be able to do no wrong. It does everything from adds shine to dull hair, makes skin smooth and supple, hydrates the body, adds calcium and minerals, removes tan and so much more! According to historians, Cleopatra who used to be considered as one of the most beautiful women in the world, used to bathe in milk to boost the glow on her skin and ensure her hair stayed healthy. 

Here are all milk induced hair masks you can make for a healther and cleaner you. 

Milk hair mask

Get rid of those fizzy strands that make your hair look out of place in humid places and especially during the monsoon. 

All you need to do is take some canned milk and pout it into a spray bottle. Spray the milk on your hair from the middle to the the tips and run a wide tooth bomb through the hair to spread it out evenly. 

Let it stay on for 20 minutes and then wash it off and condition as usual. 

Milk bath

Suffering from a sunburn, rash, heatstroke or irritated skin in general? Milk will come to the rescue again as it not only hydrates but also soothes the skin. 

Applying it on the problem area make the skin soft and smooth and also remove the dead skin cells therefore encourage new and clean skin to grow. It also relaxes the muscles. 

Milk toner

Milk contains lactic acid which has exfoliation properties and is known to reduce the size of pores and improve skin quality. 

You need to take some canned milk add rose water and apple cider vinegar and mix it well. Using a cotton pad, wipe this concoction on your face. 

The lactic acid is known to get rid of dirt and grime, apple cider vinegar cleanses the pores and rose water soothes any inflammation caused. 

Milk dandruff hair pack

Baking soda mixed with milk, makes for the best exfoliating mask for dandruff. All you need to do is mix two spoons of baking soda with one cup milk.

It helps with itchy scalp and even helps get rid of dandruff flakes because of the scrubbing of baking soda on the scalp which works as an antiseptic. The lactic acid present in milk helps in getting rid of the excess oil and leaves the head and scalp feeling cleaner and lighter. 

Milk face mask

For perfect skin, there can be no better ingredient than milk. It is known to hydrate the skin and also has properties that soak up the excess oil form oily skin. 

Mix up chickpea flour and turmeric and add a dash of lemon for the most perfect face mask that will not only help get rid of your tan but also acts as an antioxidant with healing properties. 


Are you excited to try out this refrigerator ingredient to help you get the best version of your body yet? Do you know of any other ways milk can be used? Comment below and let us know!

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