Skincare: Here’s how to protect your skin from fluctuating temperatures

If you are living in a tropical country like India, the ever-changing temperatures and climate can affect the state of your skin. So here are some tip and tricks to protect your skin from the fluctuating temperatures. Check it out
Skincare: Here’s how to protect your skin from fluctuating temperaturesSkincare: Here’s how to protect your skin from fluctuating temperatures
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From a sunny morning to a humid evening, the changing temperatures throughout the day can affect the state of your skin. The alternating humidity and heat can take a toll on the skin affecting it in a way that cannot be repaired. This condition gets worse when people have combination skin i.e skin that is dry in some parts and oily in other. So here are a few tips and tricks you can follow to take care of the fluctuating temperatures. 



No matter what is the temperature outside, never ever forget to wear sunscreen. It protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun while also creating a protective layer over the skin. Sunscreen actually minimizes the penetration of UV rays into the skin that triggers a variety of skin disorders. 


Oily or dry skin, no matter what is your skin type, never forget to wear a moisturiser. It literally works as a protective layer on the skin, blocking the dust and bad rainwater from entering the pores. It also makes sure that the skin is hydrated and nourished all the time.

TIP: Apply the moisturiser within 60 seconds of showering. This will ensure that the outside temperature does not affect the health of your skin. 



Hot showers can open up the pores making it easier for the outside temperatures to affect it easily. Longer showers can strip away the natural oils from the skin making it dull and dry. Even if the cooler weather is tempting you to take a hot shower, just fight the urge to do so. 


Just like hot showers, a heavy-duty cleanser and body wash can strip away all the essential natural oils from the skin making it prone to dry skin. Instead, a simple swap to a creamy cleanser can nourish the skin while also getting rid of the dirt and dry skin cells. 



Dry or oily skin, any amount of makeup will affect the skin and there’s no denying that! It can clog the pores while also resulting in acne and breakouts. So simplify your routine so that the weather does not react with the makeup you are using causing skin problems. 


While the weather is uncontrollable, your skin health is not. So make sure to take care of your skin no matter what! 


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