These are the 5 beauty product you need to store in the refrigerator

From nail polish to your favourite fragrances, check out these beauty products that could benefit from chilling in the fridge.
beauty,Beauty,summer,products,store,fridgeThese are the 5 beauty product you need to store in the refrigerator
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With summer heat waves starting to hit us, with protecting our skin also comes the time for preserving our close-to heart beauty products. This simple act can prove to be beneficial in myriad ways. A refrigerated eye cream can help reduce puffiness, while other products just perform better after being chilled. It is intact a very wise thing to store certain products in the fridge anyway, says top dermatologists around the globe. Especially the ones without preservatives as they can easily become rancid and contaminated when exposed to the summer heat. Here are the top 5 beauty products that are best served chilled.

Eye pencil

If your go-to look involves a sleek winged eye, pop your pencil in the fridge. The low temperature will cause it to harden, which will make it easier to sharpen and help create a more precise tip for application.


You can even store your favourite fragrances in the refrigerator! With constant exposure to sunlight, heat and humidity, the chemicals in your fragrances will start to break down. So, keep your fragrances in the cool, dark environment of a fridge, though, and you’ll protect them from degradation.

Eye creams

It’s no question why you would want to store eye serums or creams in the fridge. Keeping these products in the fridge can enhance the soothing and cooling effect already prompted by most eye care products. In doing so it also assists in reducing swelling which can aid in calming any puffiness.

Nail polish

Warm and hot environments can subject your favourite lacquers to unwanted thickness and discolouration. To save your nail polishes from the summer heat, store them all in a cool dry place like your fridge.

Face mask and sheet masks

You want to pamper your skin as much as possible during the summer to prevent irritation, inflammation and dryness. Pop your face mask and sheet masks in the fridge as when the product is applied to your skin, the temperature causes a reduction in blood flow, which eases redness and numbs the area. Also, the benefits will be boosted further when stored in a lower temperature environment.


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Just to expand on the tip on perfumes being stored in the fridge, this is only advisable for eau de toilette or cologne, not eau de parfum as its too delicate

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