Want clear and supple skin? Here's how you should exfoliate EVERY part of your body

Dead skin cells tend to get stuck on the body for long durations. Exfoliation is the way to get rid of them and here's how to do it correctly.
Beauty,exfoliate skin,exfoliate body,fair skinWant clear and supple skin? Here's how you should exfoliate EVERY part of your body
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When skin cells die, very rarely do they just fall off or float away with the wind. Instead, they stick to the skin and cause it to become grimy and can even lead to infections and breakouts! Which is exactly why you need to get rid of them from all over your body. 

Exfoliation, is the right way to get rid of these rotting skin cells that do harm to your body over time. But the process of exfoliation differs from every part since the sensitivity of each part of the body differs. 

Here is how you can get rid of the dead skin from each part of your body.


Twice a week, wash your face with a face scrub which helps get rid of the dead skin cells and also brightens your complexion. Don't overdo this though, for it can irritate the pores and irritate the skin. 


Your lips have sensitive skin and the way to exfoliate your lips is add a little sugar to your lip balm and scrub your lips. Do this twice a week for smooth and supple lips. 


When you are shampooing your hair, the only way to actually get rid of dead skin cells is to scratch your scalp with all the shampoo. This will increase the blood flow and increase stimulation in the hair follicles and even helps in reducing the hair loss. 


Use a pumice stone or a loofah every two days and scrub your entire body well with the stone. Don't forget to use this on your underarms, behind your knees, on your elbows and your feet. The will help get rid of dark spots, skin pigmentation and make the skin smooth. 


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