Actress In Manish Malhotra's designer salwar suit

These are the Actress who wore The Manish Malhotra Anarkali's in 2009

Whom did you like more

I was suprised to see aishwaraya rai In manish malhotra's design She is Superabbbbb

1)Aishwaraya Rai
3)Lara duttha
5)Priety Zinta
7)Shilpa shetty
8)Karshma Kapoor


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Karisma looks fab!

kareena is always best not ash and shlipa only karena kapooooooooooooor

shilpa shetty


Ash always!

luved Ash's

ash is the best

nice pick

just to let you know, these are considered "salwars", they're pajamis or churri daars....

Karishma n Ash's

Shilpa Shetty coz her sleeve is cute ,but karishma wins it all

am not fond of Karisma but I have to say she looks the best from the lot!

Lara pulls it off the best. looking very poised and regal. Karishma looks great in that too!

karisma kapoor.....amazing

lara dutta! her neckline and entire outfit is elegant and simple.

only karishma looks good

I just love 2 all designed by manish deepti here by

preity n lara r lukin da best....

ash, lara , preety and shilpa

Nice collection .shah-baaz khan

karishma kapoor's

these are not Salwar suits. Salwar suits normally have a fuller more "patiala" style Salwar. These are simply anarkali's with a pajami bottom....fools

Lara,Urmila and Preity

Manish Malhotra needs to get over this obession of Anarkalis..i think we've seen enough! None of the above are all that..however i did like Karisma Kapoors pink anarkali which isnt posted above :S

Preity, Lara and Aishwarya.


kareena looks like a christmas tree.
only lara, urmila, preity and shilpa look good.

Aish, urmila, n then kareena

preity n aishwarya looks da best

love lara dutta , shilpa and kareena

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