Aish better in Sabyasachi's or Manish Malhotra's ANARKALI???

Aishwarya Bachchan wore all Sabyasachi Analkalis in raavan & during ravaan promotions
Since Manish Malhotra has designed her cloths in Robot & Action Replay... she sported his Anarkalis in
recent events....

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Neither - I'm not a fan of these tent-like outfits!

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no one does it like manish malhotra !

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both are very nice

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I like Sabyasachi ANARKALI

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I Sabyasachi one's better. She also looks young in that outfit. The other one she looks old

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Sabyasachi all the way

In Manish Malhotras anarkali she looks like a Christmas tree lol

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both!!!! she really pulls of anarkalis good. They suit her body structure....perfection is defined by aishwarya!!!!

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If I had to choose one, Sabya's. But the reality is she looks best when she's dressed down.

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i think she looks divine in sabyasachi.


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