Anushka Sharma's casual look: Yay or Nay?

Anushka Sharma is one actress who does not have any qualms about making simply dressed appearances. For a recent event she dressed in denims with a crop top and gladiators. The berry lips did wonders to elevate this look. She looked stunning.

Yay or Nay?

Credits: pinkvilla

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She looks great here! I think the lips work with the hair but it's too dark for such a casual look. Her outfit is cute and i would wear that!

People saying that this is her original lips, google her pictures from Rab Ne Bana di Jodi times and you'll see that she got upper lip enhancement surgery done. I don't understand the reason quite so well because I personally thought her lips before the surgery looked perfect but won't condemn her for this. Its her body and her personal decision. And on a second note she looks fine here.

now she needs some boob job...boobs like juhi or kajol , she will look perfect

yay she is gorgeous!

LooL heR lips job IS very obvions but i dont care she IS à good actress

Yayyy :)
*plus thank god her lip job is not visible*

what a stunning face she has mashallah

definitely YAY. she looks drop dead gorgeous! her hair and lips.. WOW.

I don't know WHY she had a lip job/lip fillers/botox or whatever it is. :'(

The second pic is stunning.

so unattractive

She used to have a wider face.. like those chubby cheeks but now she doesn't.



Yay. But I can't get over whatever is that she did with her upper lip area :(



nayy!! she looks severe!

a big yay.

Pants eww. I think she got a nose plus lip job. Bah




ue, 2012-12-25 17:05 — Anonymous
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About her lips.. that what happens when you hang out with Katrina on the sets ;D (post it PV)

i think her lip look amazing.. they are just the right shade of red... lately some indian actresses have been sporting the ugliest possible shade of orange-red... this color is looking yay on anushka

i hate what she's wearing but love her hair & make up!


About her lips.. that what happens when you hang out with Katrina on the sets ;D (post it PV)

Love it. I think she does casual best among the BW ladies.

YAY but a darker pair of black jeans would have been better. these look as though they have been washed 20 times since 2005

YAYY I hate her pants though. overall she looks STUNNING


she got lips now...yayyy

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