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When in doubt, wear black. And no matter how old this saying gets, it will never go out of style. Classic, chic and timeless-this colour has all the qualities rolled into one.

Off late, we have spotted many a black sightings on B-town ladies. Perfect for formal events and one that lends a formal touch, LBDs remain ever so popular. Many opt for an all black pant-top pr skirt-top combo as well. Colour tends to be added by way of accessories, shoes and make-up.

We heart black. How about you?

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Sush, Preity & Bipasha

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I like Priety's overall look

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Bipasha and Diana Penty

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Bipasha and Preity

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Sushmita Sen is not wearing black. That's blue :p

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Bipasha, Preity, Shazahn. That's all.

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Diana Penty wins this round...Kareena should cover her bulky shoulders

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Diana Penty, Diana Penty and Diana Penty.

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Okay, that pic of Sush isn't even black.. It's navy blue-ish. Whaaa?? But black is elegant and classy. I love it :)


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