BBB - Bollywood's Bejeweled Brides

A look at Sushmita and Sonakshi's jewellery ads prompted me to track the other Bollywood divas who have donned the 'bridal avatar' for jewellery ads. The bevy of bollywood beauties include Sushmita Sen, Preity Zinta,Kareena Kapoor,Sonakshi Sinha,Priyanka Chopra,Deepika Padukone, Sridevi & Mandira Bedi. So, here we go..

Sushmita Sen - for the Bridal Collections of Kalyan Jewellers & Kiah Diamond Jewellers ( Sush looks every bit, the beauty QUEEN she is!)

Preity Zinta - for d'Damas Vivaaha collection ( Preity's dimple by itself,forms a beautiful jewellery for her!)

Kareena Kapoor - for Gitanjali's Parineeta Wedding Jewellery ( Kareena's eyes spell out the perfect coy bride look)

Sonakshi Sinha - for d'Damas Jewellery ( Another proof for the fact Sonakshi looks her best in Indian attires)

Priyanka Chopra - for Asmi Jewellers The Great Indian Wedding Carnival Collection (Priyanka's versatile face can carry off any look in ease )

Deepika Padukone - for P.C.Chandra Jewellers ( Ooops..I feel this must be an old modelling assignment of DP,na?)

Sridevi - for Traditional Bridal Collection of Alukkas Jewellery ( Sridevi glows as a South Indian Bride,even at this age)

Mandira Bedi - for Gaja Jewellers ! ( Now that is some killer looks from Mandira! I dont know if these peices of jewellery are strictly 'bridal' - may/may not be - but elaborate & exquisite,for sure)

Katrina Kaif - for Bridal Collections of Nakshatra Diamond Jewellery ( Kat does not fit into the decked up bridal look, in this ad. But since requests have come up, I am putting up these pics too. Neverthless,she looks beautiful)

Its poll time now! I agree all of them have jaw-dropping gorgeous looks ! But, my vote goes to Sushmita & Sridevi ! Who looks the best 'Bejeweled Bollywood Bride' to you ?

Credits: pinkvilla

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Sush Sen the best!! Absolutely stunning Sush..

sushmita and nobody else comes close to her.

no one comes close to Kareena, she looks so cute and stunning!!!

sushmita all the way ! no comperission

Priyanka! She looks like a modern bride.

sridevi rocks as usual.give her anything and she carries it with elan.

kareena n siri davi look oeeesmmm n wht the designer tryng 2 do vd such a beautiful girl deepika

Priyanka looks best in the bridal wear

its sonakshi and sridevi...

Preity, Katrina and Sushmita look gorgeous as brides...

mandira bedi is real fashion is way more pro and attractive. second would be sush. the rest of them are ok

i think pc and i have to admit sri devi does look gorgeous

I just can't believe that at this age Sridevi is being approached for endorsing bridal products dressing as a bride herself and Sridevi is looking perfectly like a brand new bride,she is looking MINDBLOWING.

For me the winner here is none other than Sreedevi.

Priyanka ... omg ... she looks so so so ... beautiful !!

anytime ..kareena

SRI and SUSH looks the best.

At this age also Sridevi is breathetakingly beautiful.

In my opinion Katrina and Sridevi are looking great.

katrina bebo n deepika are stunning..specially deepika is looking very beautiful...:)

My goodness,SriDevi is looking splendid!

My vote goes to Kareena,Sushmita and Srideviji.

How Sridevi is so beautiful?Her beauty is increasing with her age.

Sridevi looks too too too beautiful.

Sridevi is looking Dropdead Gorgeous.

Kreena and Sridevi are looking very beautiful.

sushmita and preity zinta for me

To me Sriji is the perfect bride.

Now this is what you call Grace and Sridevi has got loads of Grace,she looks the best.

Srideviji is so pretty.

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