Best dressed of the day ?

Bollywood has been in a tizzy with events and movie promotions today and style seekers like us sure are happy. Here are some looks which grabbed our attention.

Kareena is working it and how! Love the fringed Osmaan black gown with a pop of metallic green. Hello gorgeous!

Kudos to Kajol for her new chic avatar-the colour is great on her and the hair wins brownie points though we would like to see her in a more fitted silhouette next time.

Sarah Jane Dias looks Mad Men chic in her vintage inspired Victoria Bechkam dress while Sridevi is a vision to behold in the electric blue Manish Malhotra anarkali. Sussanne, Preity and Sophie, all give us classic black looks.

Priyanka owns the casual cool look in an embellished Manish Arora top and blue jeans.

Phew! Keep these exciting looks coming ladies...

Now coming to my question, who looked the best today ?

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Credits: pv

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Kajol! I would die for that face!!!!

and casual is the thing for priyanka.


Sridevi and Kajol

Kajol looks stunning !

Sree Devi

for me kajol is the best


Just give it to Sridevi

Kajol definitely.........
Red jus suit her......
Nd such a cute face ;)
She should make a "COMEBACK" in movies now but plzzzzz not wid DHARMA...........
work wid odr directors n actors.......
Aamir n Hritik r perfect choice 4 u kads ;)

Sridevi and priyanka


kajol is the best

kareena always

i love kajol's look

suzanne is very plain with eyes like a beagle. Its OK but its funny that she is seen as this beauty. Sridevi looks shrivelled up like a prune. Again I would not make this comment if people were not raving about her. I mean compare Sri with Kaajol or Madhuri and and her face really falls short. ANd I was a huge fan of Sri, but the zing is gone.

sridevi looks beautiful she is the best dressed she rocked her outfit from head to toe:)

Sirdevi rocks in that color

Sridevi looks fab! She's the winner here! Amazing dress sense!

pc and kajol

priyanka has such a huge face on such a delicate body. everything about her face is over the top.

worst : suzzane and sophie..
kajol has such a pretty face!

Sridevi is the true diva

everyone but kareena and suzanne

For best:-
(1)Sri Devi
(2) Sarah Jane

Worst :-
(1) Kareena , her hair pulled back like that makes her face more square looking and she has flabby arms for that dress

kajol looks amazing

kajol looks the best among all

Sri in the salwar is the best; Sarah Jane's dress is yummy & Priyanka's casual outfit. Kareena's outfit looks like somebody's been at it with a pair of scissors.

kajol kareena n sri

bad= pc

either the legs are chicken sticks ( sonal chauhan, suzaane, woman in yellow dress, preity)
or they are elephant trunks ( sophie, Kajol)

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