Best dressed at Farah Khan Ali's store launch?

Our favorite celebrities and Mumbai's page 3 circuit decided to grace Farah Khan Ali's store launch dressed in their glamorous best. Black was the most predominant color as most ladies opted for it. Loved Sushmita Sen's draped orange dress while Genelia seemed like she was trying too hard. Dia Mirza looked cute though we wish Sussanne Roshan would give those fitted dresses a break!

Who look the best?

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Hypatia's picture

none !!!

Voiceswriter's picture

All the ones wearing LBDs.

Anonymous's picture

shushmita because she is sushmita.

Anonymous's picture

tough question.most of them look horrible

Anonymous's picture

how about we pick the worst list?? Fardeen Khan's sister (whatever her name is)....just a mess. some look over dressed and others as though they just walked out of bed.

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Dia, and the last three girls.
WTF is Zayed's wife wearing?!

Anonymous's picture

Worst Dressed : Farah Khan Ali
Best Dressed : Sadly None

gul_panra's picture

Best dress.....?

Anonymous's picture

No one.

Gohar's picture

That woman who was with Kabir Bedi. i don't know her name. I think she was best dressed.

Anonymous's picture

sushmita looks beautiful in orange.

Katrox's picture

is that bhagyashree? OMG. GIRL SORRY AUNTY U R NOT IN UR 30s (40s?) nomore

Anonymous's picture

Sush, mehar and nandita mehtani are best dressed.


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