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Of course sushmita , she looks so beautiful and best hair without extensions .she has naturally beautiful , shiny,healthy ,clean hair . she always looks gorgeous even in real life


im a fan of kareena,,,,,she lukz gorgeous......

I'm no fan of Ash but her hair looks gorgeous here....but Kareena has divine hair! It's always thick and no matter what colour she has it, she always looks nice in films/ads/interviews.

I think Raveena's hair looks shiny and healthy and I certainly don't agree with the anonymous person who commented that Sushmita's hair is the worst, she has naturally gorgeous hair and it looks awesome int this pic.

Aawwww Bebo looks soooo cute in that pic.

i wish this websites only had picture!

madhuri all da way!

Sonam kapoor

Ash should cut her hair...................

raveena, she is the only one seems to have some natural shine in her hair...

awwwwwww so cute v....................i............................................p wow xxxaribahxxx


preety looks cute.........

no one
where is priyanka.her hairstyle is always the best not like those all above where is rani from hum tum and priyanka from dostana fashion and last but not the least whats your raashee???????

Raveena's looks awesome!

Aishwarya! And preity, Kareena. BUT MAINLY AISHWARYA, SHE IS THE BEST!

Ash's is the best!

madhuri and aish

bebo and amirta and madhori

Ash has the best hairstyle in here out of the lot.
Katrina has great hair and she has worked very hard on it, because her hair in Boom were quite frizzy. Money baby, money!

all of them look so so sweet
but the best kareena , amirta and ash

kareena priety and amrita looks best

OMG sushmitas hair is this worst - yet this woman advertises hair products! lmao what a joke!

katrinas hair is very simple and boring.

aish's hair is the best but raveenas bob looks very glamourous! good for her!

i think preity luks gorgeous

I think they all look nice

Anonymous on Sun, 2009-01-25 06:47. I agree, Rekha's is the best.

kareena n ayesha

kat, malaika, ayesha
worst - aish

best Aish
worst-katrina & madz

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