Bollywood's Best Fashion Decade?

Which do you consider the BEST decade of Bollywood Fashion?
Which do you consider the WORST decade of Bollywood Fashion?
Be Specific...

1950's- The Golden Era

The Romantic 1960's

The Colorful 1970's

The Full Of life 1990's

The Rocking 2000's


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I think the article is very helpful for us,it has solved my problem,thanks!

Fashion, Devdas, Race & shabd ... had the best fashion sense....

I think the 50s to the 70s,maybe the early 80s,but I adore the 60s trend,very classy and elegant,which is missing right now

People comment without facts. 60'S and early 70's were best years in fashion. Then came 80's and early 90's which
was worst in terms of fashion. What changed the game was movie Rangella. It changed entire meaning of fashion.
We got new designers like Manish Mahlotra etc. Now story ho na ho fashion is very much necessary

ironic how older movies show much bolder dressing sense than now & then ppl critize todays generation lol

i know right snow boots in hot weather like wtf!!

Too much Western clothing now and copying everything Western with no common sense like wearing snow boots in hot Mumbai

The 60's and the 70's

2000s and then 90s

if you will see old era was also very bold..when today also max girls in India dont show cleavage, these heroins were wearing off sholders

90s and 2000's maybe 80's but 2000's is best. there is a mix of tradion and modern

I love the 50' 60' 70' 80' and 90's 20' is too porno type

remember srks 'cool' pendant when KKHH came out and all the boys were trying to sport it and now when you look back at it that ish was SO CORNY!
But that movie also sparked alot of trends

early days were good til ppl bcame tacky vulgar in 70/80s and then 90s was just cover up big time but in a bad time unless they wore saries those were good... n now again the nakedness is bk which is vulgar n tacky as r the films soem still fare well tho

Love the 50's for that classic look - very parisian inspired then
60's also very mod
70's verged to tacky everywhere
80's has to bollywood's most boring decade - sholay remakes, rape scenes galore and the same 7 actors rotating for every movie
90's brought in over the top glamour which in hindsight is tacky
00's coming back to elegance

So i guess 60's (colour) & 50's (classic b/w) were the best.

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