In boyfriend blazer:Priyanka/Sonam/Deepika or Katrina?

Boyfriend blazer is really in this season but the trend setter of blazer in bollywood was sonam kapoor and she carries it even better than any other actresses.Do you think rocked the blazer Priyanka Chopra,Sonam Kapoor, Katrina Kaif or Deepika Padukone?boyfriend is any style of women's clothing that was modified from a corresponding men's garment,which are often more looser in appearance and fit than most women's jackets or trousers, though still designed for the female form.

Tips:Wear black blazer with black pants or dark blue denim with nude t-shirt or corset and blue or black pumps.
If you want to try dress with blazer you will look more stylish and chic!!To begin with the boyfriend blazer can be paired with just about every kind of outfit. It’s the coordination that matters.
The most popular and sexiest way of wearing the blazer is to pair it with skinny jeans. If you pair the jeans with a smart shirt or an elegant blouse add nude pumps(your choice), the blazer will add a touch of sophisticated style to your entire look.

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katriiiiina & prianka


Priyanka looks best

Deepika and Katrina got it right!

Sonam's blazer is too loose. PC = YUCK! Katrina and Deepika looks great, chic and stylish!


I m voting for Priyanka !!

priyanka is looking very sexy!!!!!

Kat looks the best in them
Sonam looks like she is wearing a whole tub of makeup

PC is best

Kats rocks the blazer

Sonam ftw...she knows how to wear it. Doesn't matter if you look god in something and the piece of clothing is nice , you need to know how to present it for your body type.

Katrina first...Deepika second...the other two too many mistakes

PC and Sonam. I so want to like Deepika, but she keeps disappointing me. And Katrina creeps me out. She looks like her soul has left her or something: so ro-bo-tro-nic. Scary.

its amazing to me how bollywood manages to get it all wrong, despite having well-paid stylists.
the point of a BOYFRIEND blazer is that its slouchy, it IS suppose to be a little bohemian and definitely chic...its suppose to look effortless and not grip all your curves. So, only sonam got it right. the others look like the show at Forever 21, despite having the budgets to afford Dior. Shame, really. Katrina looks hot anyways, though. She always does. Priyanka looks like she is 13, not flattering. And deepika ordinary.

1 Sonam
2 Deepika
3 Katrina

NAY for Sonam Kapoor , shes always trying to go for the bohemian look and fails miserably , if she wants to be a boho for life, then bollywood is not the place for her

Pri.. she makes any outfit look sweet, sort of like Betty from the Archie's comic series. she has a certain charm in her face which she just 'wears' and it spills to the outfit. she has the best figure in Bollywood - for sure-- but more than that- she has some air of charm in her face that spells a different sort of beauty. she's very unique looking (yes, even with so-so features)-she's super cute.


BTW Could someone pleaseee tell Deepika about her lipstick. She's beautiful and all but I've seen her in many photos using dark or brown-ish lipstick color, it makes her look waay older & not fresh.

Priyanka, she has the best body in bollywood!

anyone please tel me why is katrina kaif holding a guitar? and priyanka chorpa looks amazing like always!


sonam has both a good fashion sense and also knows how to carry the look with right make-up, hairstyle, etc. then deepika and katrina look really nice. i got sick of pri and her mini skirts.


Love it on Katrina


katrina n soman!!!!!!

Everyone wears nice, except PC. Sonam dresses the best though.

i would say katrina and priyanka

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