Celebrities in Shehlaa by Shehla Khan: Yay or Nay?

Newbie designer Shehla Khan's label 'Shehlaa' has been creating quite a stir with our leading ladies. A host of them have been spotted in Indian wear by the designer. Most of her creations are whites or pastel colours with very sombre Indian wear. Maliaka Arora seems to be a particular fan, having been spotted in her gowns and Indian wear.

Who wears her creations best? Yay or Nay?

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Anonymous's picture

sonam and malaika

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

kareena's looking gorgeous

Anonymous's picture

as much as i hate her, kareena looks divine!

fleur's picture

Sonam looks great in the sari. She basically wore it the way it should be worn, with elegance and old-world charm. Jacqueline looks so-so in hers, and Aishwarya's same 'ol hair doesn't do much for hers. Kareena looks totally washed out in hers and has the most bland makeup and hair possible, which doesn't do justice to the outfit. And the less said about Malaika the better.

Anonymous's picture

sonam looks like a nurse from the 70's movies.

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Sonam!! she's the one that made Shehlaa popular! what a nice friend!

Anonymous's picture

Kareena kapoor-khan The best!!

Miah-freak's picture

I like kareena's outfit !! Pretty elegant

Anonymous's picture

Malaika win

Anonymous's picture

maliaka arora in the yellow. and the pink. and the white. this woman can carry anything.

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

bebo n sonam

onlyrani's picture

sonam's saree and malaika's gowns.

Anonymous's picture

Only those who are styled by Tanya Ghavri wear them, which is all of the above.

Anonymous's picture

Mallika in white dress and then white and yellow dress. Jacqueline comes second. Sonam looks way older with that saree. Poor girl.

falling star's picture

all of the above

Anonymous's picture

I dońt likE kareena , i dońt find heR beautifulL but à bof yaY for thaïs outfiT

Anonymous's picture

Jacqueline , malaika and kareena look amazing .

Anonymous's picture

Malaika and sonam look the best for sure

Catharina Amalia's picture

Malaika in white gown.

Anonymous's picture

Some are hits, some misses. I liked Kareena's pale pink dress and Malaika's white gown( even though it looks more like a wedding gown).

bollywood lover's picture

I love Shehla Khan's work. Just look at Kareena, Sonam & Jackie - Beautiful!!
Love her simple yet elegant designs.

Hypatia's picture

YAYYYY for Kareena, Sonam, Ash, and Malaika (in the yellow one)

Kitty's picture

Top row YaY, bottom row NaY.

Anonymous's picture

Sonam Kapoor's look is very similar to Madhu Bala's from the song 'Accha ji main haari'...it was with Dev Anand ...I dont know the movie....

Pinkvilla_boy's picture

i AGREE Kareena & Malaika for sure!!!

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Sonam for sure


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