'Chand Bali' Rani!

Rani Mukherjee, the quintessential Bengali beauty of Bollywood has never hesitated in flaunting her love for ethnic jewellery. So, who else can be better christened as "Chand bali Rani" other than her? Don't beleive me? At the end of this post, you are gonna be exhausted, looking at the number of public appearances Rani has made, ornate in such majestic pieces of earrings; most of them being the famous traditional 'Chand Bali' or the hoop earrings of today!So,get set go...!!!

So,now do you agree that Rani is in Love with her 'chand balis'...so much so that she has gone on to repeat them,several times. There are probably many more,which I have'nt covered(or rather uncovered)! So,now comes the tough question...which pair of 'Chand bali' would you fall for,among these?

Add ons :- In the process of compiling the post, I came across a few other stunning peices of 'chand balis' on Bipasha,Karisma & Kajol. So, here they are, for u!

Credits: pinkvilla

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Gorgeous earrings.. Love Rani's looks here.


I NEVER get tired of Rani Mukerji!

absolutely like this post..
love you rani...you rock

i love it and rani is so prettty !

love rani's third earring and kajol's too


A big thank you to anchal.arya & all the 'anonymous' friends, for your generous dose of appreciation :)

rani is a shortie...not very pretty all

Wed, 2011-06-08 14:23 — Anonymous
LOL anchal, i'm sure you flatter people well. your compliments can make anyone reach cloud9.what say pinky2010??

LOL really anon?? might i say flattery is an art that i have mastered well through the years,ROFL. this time it was true appreciation.....
on a serious note, like you said this such a brilliant post, pinky deserves all the praises.

I agree with your view on the temple jewelry pic with the kerala sari..outstanding. That's my favorite.

I like Karishma's earings & look.

Superb post! Very interesting observation girl - way to go!

Cool post pinky2010...:)

rani looks fab. I know this one's about the jewelry but seriously - Rani is one of the best actresses. The comparison with Kajol used to always irk me - Kajol is loud, shrieky and I can't figure out the appeal factor - of course she looks real good/different but acting-wise she is mediocre...Rani on the other hand can really pull off any role- just trying to recall some role where she's made us cringe or underwhelmed us but nothing comes up (even in dil bole/laaga chunari/paheli she was fine). Kudos to Rani...hope she keeps getting roles that match her talents...

Rani is such an underrated beauty. Her genuine sparkling eyes convey a thousand emotions and that smile lights up a room. Gorgeous. My fave earrings are the first ones and the ones she wear on the Being Human ramp.

The earrings are undisputedly gorgeous, but just too heavy looking for my liking. The ones worn by Bips (bottom pic) are super pretty but Kajol's are a bit much for me.

pinky i love your posts :) rani has a lot of beautiful saris

she looks like a queen in every pic, i love her pearl neck peice.i like kajol's earring too.
fab post @pinky2010.

LOL anchal, i'm sure you flatter people well. your compliments can make anyone reach cloud9.what say pinky2010??

i wish i hadnt said i wont compliment again on you posts pinky, this time i'm really tempted to.....
gr8 collection of pics, u must have spend quite some time on this post, which has turned out so well.
i think i love all of them, very difficult to pick one.
i must say rani has a beautiful collection of earrings and sarees. she looks brilliant.

I really adore her smiling, cheerful, innocent face

Though I think Rani looks good in traditional wear, I don't like those chand balis on her because her face is already round and those earrings make her face even rounder and chubbier, her stylist should make her wear longer earrings which will give more shape to her round face.

she's got great taste in ethnic wear....

Oh pinky you made my day. Such a beautiful post and all balias look amazing on stunning queen Rani

superb!they are beautiful!i now notice rani does wear some nice sarees.

Gorgeous lady!

i absolutely adore the pearl chand balis - they are truly majestic.

Beautiful Rani :)

Wow those are a lot of appearances with those same kind of earrings! They suit her face shape a lot though, no wonder sh wears them often!:)

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