Deepika Padukone in Abu Sandeep

Deepika Padukone who attended Rohit Dhawan's wedding yesterday was seen sporting a Abu Sandeep outfit at the aiport.

How do you like this kurta? Does the outfit overpower her?

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Credits: pinkvilla

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i dont like the clothes but she looks fab!

@Mon, 2012-02-20 04:09 — Anonymous

Sounds like your talking so much trash. Talking about your family almost as the third person.. i.e "my indian family". I don't recall anyone saying i am indian and when i go to see my indian family lol. i would suggest correcting your english.

looking like a clown!!!!!!!

what kind of pants has she worn in this ....loose flowy ones or chudi pants ????? can someone please tell

"Thu, 2012-02-16 19:48 — Anonymous
well...i did say correct me if i was thank you for that and i am happy that you are allowed to wear your fashion sense. As for the silhouette if you guys want to take the credit for it please do"

why do narrow-minded indians get so defensive when it comes to pak. there are good innovations on BOTH sides of the border. no one is taking credit. the posters are merely pointing out that this outfit may have been influenced by current pak trends, which i agree with cuz my best friend is from lahore and she has been wearing this style for the past few years. soooo RELAX and please educate urself pak culture is alot like indian culture its not opressive like what is shown in media.

comic relief- its neither paki or indo but looks like the white robe arabic men wear, a white cloth and a black ring for her head and she would not be out of place in an arabic desert, he he

Fri, 2012-02-17 06:41 — Anonymous

WELL SAID! ... no point of arguing!

Indian actresses wear only a few designers because their have a financial and friendly understanding of mutual promotion, so what they wear is very restricted, very sad really for fashion as a whole and fair competition. I think 'jab we met' cottoned on to the patyala and bangles look after it was widely worn by ordinary trendy girls for many many years, so sometimes bollywood is very late and sometimes they dont arrive at all.

well...i did say correct me if i was thank you for that and i am happy that you are allowed to wear your fashion sense. As for the silhouette if you guys want to take the credit for it please far as i can see its a slightly longer anarkali/kameez other than that there is nothing 'high fashion' , innovative or remarkable about it...for me it only works because of how understated and elegant the garment is...abu sandeep are older men with mature taste and generally several decades back in their sensibilities so not many young actresses wear them dont depend on these designers to decide what is Vogue in fact the actress in question wore an overworked kameez with a similar silhouette (also worn by ash in a different cut) and she looked suffocating...

why has deepika spoilt her hair, i remember when she first came to bollywood she had thick,jet, long black hair till her hips, now she has cut very short, colored it so much that it looks dry , lifeless and sun damaged...some things one should never mess with...beautiful hair is one...that farhan khan's wife spoilt her hair for flirting with her husband...

maybe she did not want sanjay dutt to try and cover her up as he did with amisha patel so went ultra conservative...still wondering if paki fashion allows a low v neck with cleavage potential on a semi-transparent kurta..just saying..

is that kameez or gown ??!


Paki fashion is better than india...r u kidding me...they wear same cotton salwar suits even on the offence...

I love this look, its so classy, put together, and the white color in the afternoon looks so relaxing for a summer day, she's not wearing a tight skirt or tight jeans while traveling, its nice to be in something flowy and durable while traveling esp when it's so hot, I guess some of you just like to criticize ppl if they're wearing tight skinny jeans or loose clothes or wait......... maybe they are PREGNANT cause they aren't tightly dressed! shame shame! whatever, i think she looks awesome! Pretty girl.

looks good but she looks too skinny

The top is way too long. looks bad.

its too much...don't like it at all!!


it's terrible!! for the overflowing length, it does seems to have a low neck cut! and i'm too conservative.. it just seems to make no sense! and n the cut is not flattering.. and it's plain white with minimal work.. so just blahh.. deepika still manages to look good.. so hats off!

yay yay indeed.. very graceful !!

I like the outfit, because it is different. Is this style with a churidar type pants underneath or loose?

YAY! Just for tall girls for sure!

Its not that bad.Not too grt either

beautiful outfit, and deepika can carry it off perfectly

when i first saw this look, i thought she may have gone directly from some sort of wedding event to the airport.
but more and more it seems she chose to wear this as a travel outfit.
which is just plain weird.


I love abu sandeep, they have amazing material and emboridery, very traditional yet modern!

i have always preferred the traditional style on Deepika.. it looks more elegant and suitable than western

This woman is sig she needs help. she always looks like a long stick. Nothing suits her anorexic body.

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