Deepika Padukone's Nerdy Glasses! Yay or Nay?

It seems like deepika padukone is starting a new treand of nerdy reading glasses,she has been spotted with glasses at various events.She look nice in them

!Whats your view?Yay for me!
Experiiment with this look!its fun.

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please anyone make a post on bollywood actress using real glassess (cause of vision problems)


totally nay

shades are sun glasses dude, that 'shade' your eyes. These are prescription glasses.

she looks really cute in them!

gorgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeous.. .trendy glasses.

school teacher lol


YAY! She can rock those shades to look super HOT

she's not looking nerdy. looking more like someone working in a corporate office.

she makes the nerdy glasses look cool lol

they aren't nerdy dude, they are sexy.

yay.......suits her!

Absolute YAY! Real men like specs :)


Y to the A to the Y -YAY

Yay! She rocks it!

Definite YAY!

I do like them - they def are trendy here in the states - but that's only if your an academic, not a celeb! So I don't know if Deepika is trying to portay herself as a serious nerdy actress?? But it will hurt her image if shes trying to go for some serious bharatiya naari roles.


totally yay :)



they look freakin sexy



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