Dress like Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra attended the Nikon press conference all dressed in Zara. Styled by Ami Patel Priyanka looked lovely. So here is a post on how to get her look for less.
Hope you like it.

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Credits: www.pinkvilla.com

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Yay yay yay for the dress. So smoking hot..

Lovely legs.

Perfect girl ...

So hotttttt

Ami patel doing wonders on pc.


The best n beautiful

Pc roxx every outfit.

hey! anon on Fri, 2012-04-13 01:05
its 1 $ = 51 INR

anon on Fri, 2012-04-13 04:59 thank you!! i love you for supporting!! otherwise some ppl don't use their brain!

She is a real roll model
Looks beautiful in all outfits !

Ponte bodycon skirt - not for me as it's way too short.

1,390, 1,390 , 2,790 INR equivalent to in US Dollars??

1,390 27.04
2,790 54.28

Hope this answers ur question, just came back from india and mannnnnnnnn! $1,000 USD goes a lonnnnnnnnnnnnng way. Thinking about starting an Interior Design and a Party Planning Business over there. Even a fashion stylist consultant office.

The anon below who said PC's skirt color doesn't match her black knees:

So, when you wear a maroon skirt do you dye your knees maroon and when u wear a green skirt you color your knees green?

Yes I love these post" dress like star". Please keep them coming! I look forward to it

Junglee Billi Love Ya!

It's so annoying when i see some "anons" post saying not to compare Zara with forever21. Don't you ppl realize that Desigal is NOT comparing the clothes. She is showing ways to get that look at a cheaper price. that's all! Don't comment unless you understand the idea! *some ppl* duh*

Great post. Love her dress.

Great post. Love her dress.

Oh Ok, now I am seeing the post is saying how to get the look for less.

Dessigal please tell me how is 1,390, 1,390 , 2,790 INR equivalent to in US Dollars??

i liked ponte bodycon skirt more than what shes wearing :)

First of all Forever 21 clothes are Far different from Zara. Don't compare them.


Just superb.

Thanks desi gaal look fwd to your posts on dressing like stars :) keep up the good work

She looks like woowww .... Beautiful :-)

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