Fashion hits of 2012

Fashion was a major player in the year 2012 and there were a few who stood out due to their chic sartorial choices. Stealing the show this year were Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Ashwariya Rai Bachchan and Anushka Sharma. Kajol too underwent a major makeover this year. They kept things interesting and gave us many looks to write home about.

Who is your favourite?

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alia luks so sexy

The best is not in d list !!!
Priyanka was looking great in one of d awards ,,, better than all of them !


Bollywood goddess sridevi -all 3 of her dresses r the best,shes a legend, the best!

Of course queen bee Sridevi is the best-classy & can give the younger lot a run forctheir money,hats off to her for looking so good and fit at 49+!

Sonam then Deepika

Asin N Ash but Priyanka was far better than all ...

I think Kangana's fabulous, perfect Burberry dress in a thulian pink/puce shade that she wore at Karan's birthday party should have been included. Now that was a hit! And although Aish didn't have a perfect figure, the dark blue Elie Saab gown she wore on the Cannes redcarpet was really pretty.
Kajol looks so fab in that embroided gown!

kajol lukd stunning in this western avatar !!!alia lukd great and kalki in the saree she carried it with real cuteness i musy say ......deepika in the gowns well with that great height u sure can pull out even ordinary clothes in ssuch a b'tful wayy :)

deepika it is

Aishwarya's Elie Saab gown at Cannes 2012. It was sheer classy and elegant.

@ hypatia.. seriously??? where wd u wear something like that?? to a costume party??? no girl in her right mind wd wear this to some formal occasion n not look like a clown.... she was looking awful.. n with those big jhumkas???? honestly u think she looked good??? she experimented... yes lets give ehr some credit for that.. but it turned out disastrous...

Alia on frst...ever cme sri devi...

sonam looks the worst. horrendous choice of outfits - she thinks she is avante garde, but those outfits only look normal on the runway - in real life, it just looks bad.

sonam kapoor needs to be in the worst dressed category esp the trouser-sari combo..


are you kidding me ??!!! that was one of her very BEST.

Sri steels the show! She's always well dressed and looks so young!

sridevi looks chusa hua aam

Sonam, Kalki and Karisma are the best dressed woman in Bollywood. Sri is an honorable mention.

For me priyanka looked best in arpan vohra and versace outfits. She looked so hot and gorgeous in them.

kajul + asin

DP all the way !!!!!!

For me, it is Sridevi followed by Sonam.


Queen Sridevi & Princess Sonam.


agree they have fabulous Fashion sense

deepika always looks stunning,sonam looks good and sri always looks picture perfect in a sarree.aish will look beautiful once she sheds her weight.

- Deepika and Sridevi had an amazing run this year fashion-wise. I think they got it right the most times. I would also add Kalki to that list. She carried off some great looks.
- Sonam didn't take as many risks as I would've expected, and just can't bring myself to like the Anamika Khanna dhoti sari. But I did LOVE the d&g suit with that amazing hairdo that Sonam gave. That one look alone gave her a safe edge over others.
- Kareena carried some amazing outfits during Heroine promotions, but other than that, haven't seen anything else interesting from her all year.
- Kajol has improved by miles and miles, but I don't think she deserves to be in the same league-- strictly fashion wise--with these other ladies. Just like Kajol, I think Priyanka made some fashion improvements this year and had one or two great outfits, but she also had some major misses.

Speak of fashion and miss Karisma Kapoor .. Not done

sri devi
you missed many more great looks of the year
esp PC ones.

Sonam, Kareena and deepika were very good this year in their own places. They are the definitely the winners for me. I think kareena and deepika especially stepped their game this year and sonam of course is the one who started it all, so she has always had amazing choices. Her mint green masaba sari and pale pink/black anaamika sari were really nice. I loved deepikas red carpet looks (the turquoise and the red). Kareena I think looked fabulous all year round whether it be at her wedding or various movie promotions/premieres!!

Queen Sridevi & Princess Sonam.

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