Fashion Misses of 2012

There were quite a few appearances by our leading ladies in 2012 that made s cringe and wonder if their stylists were on leave. Some of the names who stood out for their not so impressive choices were Priyanka Chopra, Rani Mukherjee and Kajol before she underwent a makeover. Hope they will fare better next year!

Which is the biggest faux pas?

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wtf alia luks perfect

Fashion Misses (my opinion)
1st row: Alia and Jacqueline
2nd row: Chitrangada
3rd row: Anushka and Kangna
4th row: (first 2 pics) Kajol and Kangna
5th row: Rani and Priyanka
6th row: Ekta and Maduri
7th row: all of them
8th row: Amrita
9th row: Aish in second pic

Im from Philippines,,

I love Amisha Patel look Here. so gorgeous..

kajol ekta kangana joya akthar

Ameesha and aliya are looking awesome

LOL!!! Why is Kajol trying so hard with western clothes????????? She does'nt have the body type for these type of clothes. She looks best in Indian clothes. And Rani is the biggest disaster with that inflated gown!!

Madhuri's dress in the first pic and PC's dress at Karan Johar's party DO NOT belong to this list. They look great in it.

Y is malaika on the list?? She looks FAB!

aha Deepika is so not der

Every else den alia is wearing over hyped clothes...Anushka not luking good wid the red gown....Rani in dat white gown is a big ..."YUK"..Kangna ranawat's eye make up has lost...Kajol is not luking good in ny of dese dresses Katrina luking nice in dat black gown but cld hve taken a lighter makeup....!!

Alia Bhatt on the Top...!! -by aayushree
She deserves evry award....!!! Being just 19 nd going on in the ramp wid the head actresses is somethingreally MARVELOUS...!! LUV U Lotsa Luv..!!!

Kajol, Alia, Kareena, Priyanka !!!! OMG the QUEENS of misses !!!!!

Aishwarya and her criminal use of those curtain dresses by abu Sandeep khosla!

Hhahahahah WTF Rani? There is nothing wrong with Malaika's sari it's gorgeous!

why r ppl so jealous of madhuri.
what a Makeover she had this year.
1. lehenga on ramp in devi avatar by anju modi
2. black gown in another ramp walk...every1 ovr here was praising her. i think it was pcj
3. gown at golden petals...easily best dressed
4. gown at hello fame...marvelous
5. evn this anarkali...i remember in original post, evry1 was praising her
6. anarkali in jdj start show /press meet. evry1 here ws asking fr designer ws so beautiful
nd many more. still she is nominated here...sick
evn kangana also shudnt be here. aish only deserves to b here

Kangana is one of the most versatile & experimental dressers in Bollywood.I love the lehenga look & even the golden gown is not too bad.She should rather be in the Fashion Hits list.I also cannot figure out what's wrong with Sridevi's gown except that its a bit tight at the waist;but it looks very glam that way.
The worst dress will have to be Rani's nightie cum gown hands down.I don't know what she was thinking when she wore that hideous thing?Rani my love I adore you;but please never look like that again! Kajol's dress at GQ awards was horrendous as well though she has majorly reinvented her style.And those flashy Abu-Sandeep tents are so hideous;Ash looks way more elegant in Sabyaschi.The others are pretty terrible as well.

Rani's nightie

Kangana's sabya lehenga look was fabulous. And I didn't mind Anushka's gown either, at least it was different from the standard stuff.

But everything else you've picked out certainly was cringeworthy, and agree with others here that Rani's satin nightmare was the worst appearane of 2012. And the biggest disappointment of 2012 was Madhuri, for going from one tacky outfit to another.

Since I saw rani in a Sleeping wear for an event I knew she is a gone case never saw that in history of exposed people and stars who are always in the public eye. Rani definitely deserves an award for this horror that she gave Bollywood audience

Rofl at rani's nightie cum evening gown and just look at the edge!

Kareena's outfit was hideous.

madhuri is guilty of boring, unimaginative, repetitive looks perhaps, but she doesnt deserve to be put in the same category as some of the truly outrageous looks here..

kangana's black choli-lehenga was stylish imho, perhaps just not event-appropriate..this was from the ritesh-genelia wedding right..perhaps the lack of traditional modesty made her standout and be included in this list..

and ash, please please please ditch the abu-jani outfits..i can think of several other disastrous outfits they have dressed her in this year..cringe-worthy bling, tent like cuts..very unflattering..should familial loyalty be projected by wearing such hideous clothes?

eh i thought amisha patel looked really good in that saree and same with kanagana. i thought her 2 outfits were not that bad.

What? Kareena, Sridevi, and PC did NOT have any fashion misses. In fact I really like the sarees and dresses they are wearing.

Anushka's red curtain...

rani's outfit is the worst and I guess no one can ever beat that.

Zoya's, Rani's and Ekta's dress are awful.

Dont you guys think Kangna standsout whatever she wears? In that long skirt and sleeveless blouse, I find her pretty. In these pictures, Malaika is next best.

Rani's inflated nightie is the worst.

Kajol's "unravelled Egyptian mummy" dress was bad.

I thought Kangana looked nice in the black & gold Sabyasachi.

Amrita Arora looks somewhat tackier than she usually does in the above pic.

Pooja Bhatt? I think she gave up long ago.

Zoya Khan's belly and KKAK's camel toe came out to say "hello again".

Aishwarya's Cannes outfit, I found lovely. The other 2 outfits did accentuate her "plus" size but they were still nice regardless.

Alia was pretty much dressed in character so I didn't mind her "toddler princess ballerina" look.

PC's dress she wore to KJO's party would have looked better if it was shorter, it looked too wrinkly at the bottom. She looks good in the other pics on this page.

Ekta Kapoor is a fashion faux pas, period.

yeah.. sometimes i wonder if designers hate aish and give her their ugliest outfits to wear. lol.

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