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Spectacles are no longer just for the Ugly Bettys. They are being readily embraced by glamazons and flaunted with style. Supremely comfortable and a fashion comfortable, they have been put on by Bollywood darlings too.

Made popular by Preity Zinta in Kal Ho Na Ho, the square shape may not be so in, but specs are worn to events and parties and not just while travelling. Case in point: Kangana Ranaut wore glasses to the AJSK coffee table launch. The most popular style as of now is the cat-eyes spectacles and everyone is keen to jump onto the bandwagon.

Which is your favourite?

Credits: Pinkvilla

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Shraddha and Kangana

kanganas suits hers the best!


Shraddha looks cute! :)


All of them except for Jiah and Jackie (they look like wannabes).

kiran rao, kajol and deepika

Deepika! She looks cute and not wanna-be hipster.

deepika looks best..but u forgot kiran rao! she NEVER takes her specs off!

omg please no

Deepika.. she should always wear glasses... she looks great with them... :)

Kajol n Sonam... Coz they are looking natural with the glasses on

Istha the only pic of sonam with them you could find? She & kangana are all time favourite, with honorary mention for Kajol: red is a fav color & this frame of her never get out of style....

Kangana easily.

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