In glasses - Sonam Kapoor or Deepika padukone?

Who do you think rocked the look with reading glasses?.

Sonam Kapoor spending time with Anganwadi kids during Christmas 2009
Deepika PAdukone at a movie screening in 2010.

I will go with both as they both look cute and nerdy:)

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Credits: pv

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I love this site - its so usefull and helpfull



deepika all the way

deepika looks like a sexy librarian (minus the bun), sonam looks like harry potter

Sonam is too young for middle-aged sized glasses.
she needs to wear the type Deeps is wearing.

i prefer deepika with glasses

Deepika and Sonam are so both beatiful girls .

they both look good

only my D33pika... u rock dear... muahhhh

Sonam wins this round. She's looking super cute, though her look I must say is very inspired by Kiran Rao.

Sonam looks cute too though.

can someone tell Sonam glasses also come in different sizes, just like dresses.. and they need to be fitted???

Sat, 2010-11-20 11:29 — Anonymous --> umm , disagree.

Kiran looks sharp, hip and beautiful in glasses.

Sonam 's glasses are odd & granny.

no comparision.

Deeps looks sharp too.

Dipika is very beatuful with sharp features...Sonam looks like aold aunty

Sonam likes the aunty look... she wants to be an aunty.. therefore, big big hippo glasses

Sonam looks like Kiran Rao

since when did Sonam think granny biggo glasses are hip?
really, this is a fashion icon of India????

Deeps... her glasses are chic, smart, and fit her face. she looks cool in em.

Sonam is to young for granny big glasses... seriously, why did she wear THAT!


deepika is looking really smart.. sonam luks like a grandma in glasses

defo sonam!

deepika looks more like a bussiness woman than an actress and sonam looks a cute girl. but deepika looks like she is wearing no or minimal make-up here unlike sonam.

how big are their glasses... lol wtf.

how big are their glasses... lol wtf.

deepika looks like some one threw gober on her face , sonam looks like juhi too cute

sonam ... deepika looks like MJ

Sonam Kapoor :0

Deeps.. !!

Deepika looks sooo cute!

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