How I would style - Vidya Balan

I don't know about you guys but am I sick of seeing Vidya Balan replicate Rekha's style and wear saree all the time. She is a very gifted actress and a beautiful full figured woman, I really like her but I can say the same things when it comes to her clothes.

She can easily afford a stylish who would do justice to her curvy figure not just drap saree over her. Anyways while I can't figure out what is keeping her from wearing nice and stylish clothes, I thougt I would so something fun and create few styles for her, keeping her short frame and curvy figure in mind.

For Look 1, I chose a dresseir outfit with some colors(dress and accessories), prints(cardigan) and emblellishment(accessories). It's sofisticated and very ladylike.
For Look 2, I went for a retro theme with soft and neutral colors. I really like the color combo of dark blue and soft beige here, added a statment ring for a pop of colour.
For Look 3, I kept it classy with some timeless peices and goldtone accessories. Peplum blazer gives it a modern flare!

I would love to see her wearing something similar to these outfits, would you ?

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Credits: self

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fine post,it is useful to me and others,please just keep it on....

i dont really like the clothes you have chosen !but if i have to make a choice than its look 1 !

What is wrong with a saree? What is wrong with the Rekha look? Rekha is in her 50s or 60s maybe-you really want her wearing minis and pumps and strutting around?? She is elegant, gorgeous and classy.

hey guys,

Thanks for taking time to browse through my post and comment on it. I didn't mean to criticise Vidya Balan's style on any means, so no hard feeling all you VB's loyal fans......I like her work too!

you've sorted her life out lol now can someone show this to her!

I really like your Look 1 choice for Vidya. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

I think that Vidya should mix up her look a bit but still wear sarees. She should wear sarees that are more age appropriate in style and fit.

I like vidya the way she is 100 percent Indian !!! And I love it !
Gooooo vidya

Absolute love... while I do love her in sarees... this is also a welcome change !!! :D

1.Vidya shud try something new...
2.PC shud do somethng different with her hairstyle...

When I see Vidya I see a confident, intelligent, self-made, mega-talented REAL INDIAN WOMAN, not an American wannabe,starved thin clothes hanger. So while your choices are good, Vidya is Vidya & she doesn't need to follow gimmicks like these & still look perfect in those Sabya saris of her. GO ROCK THE WORLD VIDYA!!!!

Nice effort though i am quite sure she would never try such stuff. Just hope she start doing some experiment.

she luks great in sareeee

@ istylemantra
i like your choices u have put a lot of thinking in this
but i dun t know whether she would carry
them off or not because i saw her wearing these kinda clothes in the past and they were

Agree. Rekha's style is a bad one to emulate. Excessively gaudy

vidya wouldnt wear those heels ihave seen her in clogs

Fri, 2012-04-27 15:43 — Anonymous

Vidya in Sabyasachi cannot compete with anything youve got.


I would love to see Vidya wearing that black and white ensemble, such a classic choice!

I would like to see her in the 1st look with the red cardigan, but honestly is this really necessary???? When I see Vidya I see her as a mega-talented,versatile,strong-minded,game-changer & not as a stick thin,semi-naked,Western wannabe clothes hanger. So Vidya can wear anything she wants & still look pretty inside out.

Your choices are really nice but I don't think it will suit Vidya, she's rather cut up for Sabyaschi saris & Indian wear, & I think she's perfect as she is. You saw what happened when she tried to go all hip & modern in Heyy Baby & Kismat Konnection,she was bashed & hated for her dressing. She's a very beautiful,curvy,subtly sexy woman, & all her beautiful Indian features are enhanced by wearing saris. And she's VIDYA BALAN after all-the only actress who doesn't need surgeries,bikinis,size zero figures,pounds of makeup & who can single handedly make her films work due to her acting alone. She's being talked about her talent & not anything else, & that's exactly how it should be.GO VIDYA!!!!!!!!

Vidya in Sabyasachi cannot compete with anything youve got.

WOW all three looks are just perfect choices...I can also imagine Sonam, Kareena and Karishma in all three looks too lol as it is very classy and to their standards.

i like!!

I sooooo love your idea and I agree with you,a woman looks beautiful in saree no doubt but Vidya babes please let your hair down now its been what 3 yrs since the same look,we need to see the fresh and new Vidya

She's got such a great personality and sense of self she really doesn't need a stylist.

Oh! jeezzzz ppl need to leave her alone and let her wear whatever she wants to

i agree too!!! i love sarees but the one´s she always wears are not appropriate for her age and there are sooo many beautiful ones that she could wear! and i would also like to see her in western clothes sometimes!!! she definetely needs a better stylist!!!!!!!

That'd be refreshing. There are stylists galore in tinseltown-why can't Vidya hire a classy one who could think up of fresh styles for her body shape and tastes. Vidya doesn't like to go modern is what am guessing and feels more comfortable in traditional clothes (they also suit her personality and look better) but it'd just be refreshing if she changed it up for fun and variety both for herself and her audience and fans. Maybe she is afraid of experimentation knowing how much she was mocked for her style and wrong choices and her not carrying off western clothes well. Maybe that has detracted her from putting her feet into it. She wants to be known for her acting skills, and not dressing. Choosing the right stylist would be very very crucial.

Good post! Well done.

I totally agree!!! Those outfit choices are perfect. Look at Chitragandha Singh, she is not a size 0 but she manages to dress really well for her body! I would love to see Balan in these outfits!

Yes plz Thnak u! I would love so much to see her in Look1 esp with red clour contrast to the cardigan she would FaB!
I thought it was only me whose sike of seeing talented beuatiful vidya locked in Sarees all the time

I am glad Vidya is being partial to sarees. Almost everyone else is a starving size 2 glam doll, who wear nothing but western brand names & high heels.
She almost single handedly brought back sarees back into Bollywood circles. Even Nandita das,whom I adore, wears just scarves , kurtis etc. It's good that someone is sticking up for sarees and not being apologetic about it. Good for you, Vidya. Wear what is elegant & comfortable to you.

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