Hrithik in new John Player's Collection

Hrithik in new John Player's Collection

in casual wear

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Dazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzling And Dasssssssssssssssssshhhhing Look.

hoooooooooott. but I don't really like his hair straightened and down, like the "tom cruise" look. didn't like his curly hair in the first pic, but the second one w/ curly hair was awesome. =D

i LOVE the clothes he's wearing!

KC may b ur definition of hot is different than ours ever thought of that?

I like the 3rd and the 4th pics

vain thats all that comes to mind

There must be something wrong with me cos I dont find these pics "HOT". LOL. But to be honest I have never thought Hrithik was HOT. But I must say he is one talented actor.

Ohhhh 1 more thing---HE ENDS UP LOOKING HOT EVEN WITHOUT CLOTHES!!! clothes do nothing to his sexiness quotient...he sizzles no matter wat!

woow that awesome..he is the best...

lol i agree dlight sure needs help not hrithik!


dlight- he only has two young kids and you need help my dear!

he shuld get nose surgery bcos he got veryyyyyyyyyyyyyylooooooooooong noooooooooose.
it gives snake loooooooooooooks to him.

he was hand some now he is looking a father of manychildrens.
now he is boring to watch...

not Hot.. a copy from his bald father with different hair styles!!


worst clothing on the face of the planet Earth, may be there are some chinese clothing brands which could be worse but officially make sure this is the worst. Meanth for A@#$@%les

handsome, handsome hunk!OMG what would his waistline be- def below 30 I would think! he has an amazing body



drool drool drool..

ya rite he doesn't need to try hard he makes anything look good on him

Looking hot

trying too hard

soo gay

hot...i so hpe he makes movies with kareena

Hot as ever..........

First pic remind me of George Michael.

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