In Issa: Kareena Kapoor & Jacqueline Fernandez

Kareena & Jacqueline were both spotted in this Issa dress. Kareena in her upcoming movie Heroine & Jacqueline at a recent event for Lux. Which version of the dress do you like more?

You might also remember the dress on Kate MiddletonYou might also remember the dress on Kate Middleton

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spicylia's picture

Jacqueline Fernandez for sure..she nailed it

lovePConly's picture


Anonymous's picture

Kareena Kapoor

Anonymous's picture

all three are looking nice

Anonymous's picture

Jacqueline, Kareena looks old and lacks class.

barbie girl's picture

Kareena, because she has such confidence on her face and I think she is way prettier than the other two so the dress looks better on her.

Kitty's picture

This is simply the "Kate Middleton Dress". Everybody knows that! Jacquie manages to make it her own in that lovely shade of green but Kareena's is identical to Kate's and it just screams "WANNABE"!

Anonymous's picture

kate!! she is really beautiful and cute at the same time.

PizzaPasta's picture

Kate fits the dress like a glove. She looks stunning here. The other two look meh,though Bebo does ooze confidence and aura.

Catharina Amalia's picture

kate of course and then jackie... the color does no good to kareena..

Anonymous's picture

kate no dout on tht...other two looks a bit cheap

Anonymous's picture

Kareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeena for sure

filmychica's picture


Anonymous's picture

I liked the green color :)

mystic river's picture

kareena kapoor by farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. she is gorgeous. this dress complemented her persona.

Nabby H's picture

They all look good! I guess the dress works well for them. I live what Kate wears everytime. Kareena too looks good. Love the shade of blue. Jacqueline looks good but the green is a bit dull.

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

sigh... Kareena seriously needs to tone those arms. Her body is not at all proportional. Thin waist but flabby arms and HUGE calves. Kate totally outshines them all.

angelicious's picture

Jacqueline Fernandez ... by far

Anonymous's picture

Louis Tomlinson

Anonymous's picture

i like the colour of blue on kareena not kate middleton. the kind of blue kareena is wearing is very hott.

Anonymous's picture

Both suck

Anonymous's picture

kareena of course.. jacqueline lacks class

Anonymous's picture

Kareena kapoor

Anonymous's picture

Jacky and Kate....

kohinoor's picture


Voiceswriter's picture

I agree PCfan, a red version of the dress would have popped in contrast to her pale complexion. Kate Middleton is not as pale as Bebo that's why it worked so well for her in blue + her figure is a designer's dream.

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

I think only Kate looks good.
Jacqueline looks old and Kareena ? i don't know but there's something missin'

pcfan-'s picture

1.kate- cos of the colour
2.jacky-she looks pretty in dat dress
kareena cud have tried a different colour..


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