Kajol in SVA by Sonam & Paras Modi

Kajol who attended her family's yearly Durga Pujo celebrations was seen dressed in festive fervor.

She was seen in a cream handloom saree from SVA by Sonam & Paras Modi. Kajol kept her look very simple with minimal makeup. A traditional gold necklace was her only accessory.

You like this traditional look of Kajol ?

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Anonymous's picture

She is ma favourite love u kajol

Anonymous's picture

Big Nay! Her blouse seems trying too hard to look young

Anonymous's picture

Wow, beautiful. Kajol rocks!

Anonymous's picture


aamirkajol's picture

she looks cute ! yay

Anonymous's picture

She looks real and fresh

Voiceswriter's picture

YAY 1000000000000000000000000x

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture


thequeen's picture

yay ! beautiful

lauriesa's picture


Anonymous's picture

Beautiful outfit n kajol!!

kkk fan's picture


Anonymous's picture

yay !she looks beautiful

Anonymous's picture

YAY! She looks great!

DorianGray's picture

Gosh, she's gorgeous! Love the saree, too.


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