Kajol's Durga Puja look

Take a look at Kajol's recent Durga Puja looks.

Like the previous two times, Kajol was seen sporting a saree by Sonam and Paras Modi's label, SVA again! She wore the saree, Bengali style and teamed it with jewellery.

The actress was seen sporting another saree by SVA on the third day. This time she tied her hair differently.

Kajol attended the second day of the North Bombay Sarbojanin Durga Puja wearing a saree by SVA. She teamed up her outfit with jewellery by Amrapali.

Which look do you prefer?

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Credits: pinkvilla

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Nayy she looks eww

It's not our business to ask why husbands are not seen with their wives. It's their private life. But I can say that Kajol looks amazing in all the outfits. Such a beauty!

She looks really amazing in all of them!

Unique and beautiful as always :) She's such a treat for the eyes.

Lol I agree with u 100%.

The checked sari looks messed up but she looks lovely in it.

Kajol looks exquisite at the event.
Being a bengali i can tell that she looks perfect :)

yay yay

GORGEOUS!! The black-white and checkered sarees looks are beautiful!! Wow! hair, make-up and earrings perfect!!!

.+100....very true, i believe most of people blindly criticize the actors whom they do not like.


can anyone tell me what is that chessboard kind of saree called???? Love tht one

stunning girl ! u rock kajol

cute ...love her

pray that your sister tanisha gets some akal, and stops behaving like a horny school girl on big boss 7!



Rani wore that sari 3 years ago at the same Durga pooja!

Umm that checked sari is BAD. But her face and hair looks splendid.

amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing looks

she looks stunning

wow ! beautiful ! i like both saree but white saree more

stunniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing !!yay

beautiful !beautiful !beautiful !beautiful !
beautiful !beautiful !beautiful !beautiful !

beautiful ! beautiful ! beautiful ! beautiful !

some people still talking about ajay in every topic of kajol ! its really boring for us ! undestand ?!
kajol is happy with her life ...why u judge about others life ?!!!! she said i trust my husband so she doesnt need ur idia !
why she should attend with her husband in durga puja ! their holiday is over and now he is shooting for a movie !

wow ! she looks Gorgeous!
yay !

She wears cleavage revealing blouse with transparent saree to holy places. What the heck?! Also tries to cover the other end of her shoulder, does that even make a difference? She might as well let it loose.

Also, she got really huge arms so sleeveless wouldn't suit her.

Nice-I like the white, blue and gold sari for myself. She is looking a little chubby but her face is still fresh, young and cute like her. Can someone please please tell me why she married such a douchebag like Ajay?

What's this spaghetti blouse at a puja? Cover up please

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