Kareena Kapoor in Paule Ka - Hot or Not?

Kareena Kapoor wore a beautiful Paule Ka dress with Dior Peep toe shoes for the last leg of the promotions of her upcoming film, 'Heroine'.

What do you think of this look? Hot or Not?

Credits: twitter

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she is always hot, whatever she wears.

niceee :)

This dress is good for evening out her bottom-heavy body shape. She looks good!

cute and sweet

she looks good in evrythn n anythn she wears , her beautiful face n curvy body is just every guy's dream

HOT!!!! those red pumps are perfect!!!! it lightens up her skin... love it!!

HOT!!!! those red pumps are perfect!!!! it lightens up her skin... love it!!


she looks here great again...and slim!

why does she look one day very chubby and the other day quite lean and toned?

As i say it...this girls has been doing some awesome dresses.....i like ths one too


Yay for this one ! Kareena looks beautiful in this dress!


mindblowing...she is superb yar.....just another word for beauty

neither hot nor not, simply okay.

extremely pretentious.

wow stunning very slimming too. On the model it looks awful.

Finally, she got one western outfit right! Fits her shape and doesn't show her awful knees.

It looks like something Karishma would wear but looks HOT on Kareena nonetheless!



OMG..I have a look alike dress :P & I like her here .. head to toe !!


cute but the red pumps dont do justice for some reason





Hot hot no doubt kareena

super hot

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