Kareena Kapoor's Manish Malhotra Sarees

Kareena seems to be following the trend of the transparent sari with the short blouse underneath or rather her designer, Manish Malhotra is. I personally think she looks way better in sarees and came across the following three, which are similar looking with the detailing and all and which she has worn to various events. From (L) to (R) Filmfare Awards 2009, Filmfare Awards 2008 and the Gitanjali Event recently. Which one do you like the best on her? I love all three!

Credits: www.pinkvilla.com

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its beautyful....i like d most manish'


I thought this movie is about? RAW Vs ISI.. I am litlte disappointed by Salman Khan (He is my fav. though), I think we have seen enough fights in Bollywood for LOVE! already.. I was hoping a? fight for our country this time I thought Salman will Kick some A**s!! Why all our stars fight for pussy only in all the movies.. We want real heroes like Sunny Deol back.. Border 2.. !!! Thumps up If you agree Jai Hind

its wow

Like thes


i love the design of manish malotra n offocurse kareena looks stunning superb in sarees .shes very cute nice just like her sist

I love her! I wish I had jaw like her and that square face has become in style ever since she has started rocking it. Beautiful chick love her face and beauty. Her sister has an oval face yet both are stunning

She looks best in all there of them ..LOVING THE SAREE AND THE DESIGN!!she knows how to wear a saree !!!ill be getting one of these designs soon :D

she looks the best in a saree no1 can beat her to it

i love the 2 photos, so elegant! go bebo!

kareena looks very elegant.katrina alwaz expose her body watever she wears.but kareena is very gud and i never found her exposing publically.

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She looks great and classy. Unlike PC and Katrina who show their boobs when wearing sari. That is just asking for attention.

Kareena Lookes Beautiful In All :)

left one

Even if she is one of the most desperately undressed heroines n bollywood, she atleast has the decency to wear a saree properly like it should be worn. thank god.
wish she got the fact that clothes make women more beautful, n a figure shows best when it's clothed...

allllllll :D...shes looking soooo gorgeous *drooling*

i love all of them.. she looks beautiful.

i'll give her credit for wearing the sarees gracefully and elegantly, like they should be worn. kudos


love the white one!

same boring saree and plus the same hairstlye!!! gosh her head luks massive

the filmfare 2009(white) saree

Filmfare 2008

i love all these 3 sarees...

all three sarees look good on her

All three are stunning, but the white looks exceptionally well.

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