Katrina Kaif in Manish Malhotra: Yay or Nay

It was another Manish Malhotra appearance for Katrina Kaif at Kolkata Film Festival. We have seen this look on Katrina previously but nevertheless she looks good. Wish she changed her hairstyle.

Is it a Nay or Yay for this pink Manish Malhotra saree?

Credits: pv

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actually I like her usual hairstyle here!! she looks fresh. so it s a yay!



her lips look like another accessory lol - they keep increasing in size with every movie release:D

i love katrina kaif

she always looks good in traditional get up.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW Amazing. You guys are too harsh. she is hot and looks amazing. Top being mean you dark skinned faaaggooottss


She looks stunning. love the colour on her

wasnt madhuri wearing a saree similer to this?


she looks old..


a big nay nay nay nay nay nay to her, she wore same red saree for a photoshot of gitanjlijeweles

Yay she looks pretty


why do i get the feeling i have seen this saree before?....

this saree is very similar to shilpa shetty's engagement saree.. manish replaced the red with blue!

i was looking at kat and ash's pic in red dress for longiness (hope spelled write) (dont hate me for comparing) but western wear suits kat. here she looks like the rajneeti look washed out nothing sp. ash shines even with one baby and baby wt. she stands out in the crowd

Nay :(

Definitely YAY! :)



I have a same saree with bule combination

nay, simply boring

yayyy for sure..

stunning as always

simply awesome

not even pretty, boring...

SHE IS LOOKING WOWWWWWWWWWW........................

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