Kiron Kher - the sari queen

You cant help but notice Kiron kher any event. This lady surely draws your attention with those chunky necklaces and sari - a la rekha minus the makeup.

DO you girls like this sari queen and her sari collection?. i sure do...s

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Credits: self,

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are her eyebrows like shipa

she dresses her age and body size, looks nice. doesn't try to look 16 yrs old with talcum powdered face

her dressin isn't that neat ..........if she would have been well dressed and neater there wud have been more fanz of her !

she looks so graceful but full of fun at the same time....her sarees suit her age and her jewelrys r absolutely gorgeous and right for each of her attire...either she has a keen sense of style or has a great stylist! add this to her great personality and she cud pretty much sweep anyone off their feet! =D

she's one of the most beautiful women ever - but she's so simple at the same time. love her

she looks elegant.

Nice sarees. She looks nice in each sarees. Good post Fashionista

Gorgeous collection of sarees and she know how to dress and carry it off!

i loved the black and cream one....

heyy i luved the 1st black-red saree n 2nd one too i.e. the blue saree...

I love her!...Shes such a intellect and amazing to listen to

gosh never noticed her saris.. now that u have posted , lovely saris...they r not as great as rekha's but good

rekha and kiron kher look classy in sarees, as their sarees r really different and very pretty and they both look pretty too.

she knows how to dress classy in sarees.

she's one of the best dressed people i know. very classy.

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