Latest People Magazine: India's Best Dressed Heroines of 2008?

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Anonymous's picture

priyanka is rock

Anonymous's picture

karishma is rocking

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Anonymous's picture

katrina n kareena r da best

Anonymous's picture

even though I like what priyanka but she keeps on wearing same boring dresses that are short, revealing, and tight. She does not experiment with her style. So she is out of the question for best dressed. She is so predictable and not exciting. I luv kareena and sonam only. They experiment and always look freash. I also read from kareena's homepage that zoom voted kareena as the no. 1 most stylish bollywood actress, followed by sonam and then bipasha. I agree with them. Don't know about Bips though.

Anonymous's picture

really?? priyanka/bips/deepika/katrina??? best dressed??? really???

bollyfan's picture

Katrina and Priyanka the best!

yaso_shahidy.rani's picture

the kapoor's

Anonymous's picture

Geneila is 27 not 23 as stated in the magazine

Anonymous's picture

I just want 2 say that in the August issue claims geneila is 23 yrs , shes actually 27 and she does look that old.

Anonymous's picture

i would have to say karisma kapoor, she is always nicely dressed and i have seen her wearing long brimmed hats to traditional salwar kameez.. she mixes it up and looks good as well...for some reason priyanka, bipasha are always in tight fitting short dresses, mallika arora needs to dress her age..

Anonymous's picture

I want to find this magazine in America. The ladies are so much prettier and the fashion is more exciting!

prettyjig's picture

i think it's a toss between Priyanka and Deepika

madhuri's picture

Y deepika is here? She is the worst dressed woman in the bollywood.......... All are looking fab

iluvimrankhan's picture

Karisma, kareena n Priyanka

Anonymous's picture

preity rocks

Anonymous's picture

kareena and lolo all the time fav.

Anonymous's picture

shilpa is always impecably dressed

preityness's picture

preity is best

Anonymous's picture

kareena and karishma always. very classic.

bollywood lover's picture

kareena N katrina

Anonymous's picture

karishma and sonali (although shes not on the list)

Anonymous's picture

karishma and kareena are the best..................

noori's picture

i can't believe that malaika is in here,what has she wore that impresses the people's mag folk

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mahi687's picture

i think only desis add a category like "BEST DRESSED USA"....cant they just deal with their own things? its so cheap...i dont see foreigners even caring about "BEST DRESSED INDIA"! neways my vote goes to none of them because all of them are like major YAWN factor!

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